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Chapter 2135 Revealing Light (Part 1)

Lith and Solus exchanged a puzzled look, both finding it odd that so many people in Lutia had started to worship Dragons to generate a revenue big enough to affect the lifestyle of someone as stingy as the blacksmith.

\'This is odd.\' She thought.

\'Zekell always reinvests the profits of his business in his own shops or to increase the quality of his house.

He and Sirma never cared for expensive clothes except when we gifted them to Rena and the babies.\'

\'Yeah, but at least it\'s nothing to worry about.

We\'ll see it for ourselves tomorrow.\' Lith replied.

How is Lutia now Just mentioning it made Raaz\'s voice shaky as the images of Orpal\'s broadcast flashed in front of his eyes.

I bet that after what happened back when we escaped, a lot of people have moved somewhere safer.

I wouldn\'t be surprised if our city went back to being just a big village. He cleared his throat multiple times until his voice sounded normal.

And you\'d lose the bet. Zekell patted Raaz\'s back, happy to see him in a much better condition than he had expected from Rena\'s reports.

It\'s livelier than ever and if it keeps up like this, in a few years Lutia will become a medium-sized city.

How is it possible Elina was flabbergasted by the news and by Tyris using magic to cook.

Water magic washed the ingredients, air magic cut them in cute or funny shapes for the children, and fire magic made the various pots boil in a harmonious choir.

The heat of each stove was strong enough to evenly cook everything but not enough to make the food become dry or burn the bottom of the pots.

Tyris moved between the stoves like a goddess with at least twenty hands.

She left Elina and Kamila enough to do so that they wouldn\'t feel useless while also giving them the time and focus to take part in the conversation.

Well, between Lith and Meln, Lutia got a really bad reputation and a lot of people left, but that lasted only until Morn\'s execution.

The Royals and Brinja did one heck of a job to clean your name during your absence and they succeeded. Zekell replied.

On top of that, with the war going badly, people finally experienced what your absence meant.

The Queen\'s Corps left and the magical beasts retreated to the woods, leaving Lutia exposed to the attack of brigands like it didn\'t happen before Nana.

People are afraid of being conscripted, of starving once winter comes, and of what might happen if the battlefront reaches our land.

The crime rate has exploded throughout the country since those without anything to lose are less afraid of the law than of the future.

Those ungrateful Lutian bastards had no one to blame but themselves and learned the hard way what it means to not have the guardian deity that they had taken for granted.

Once the Royals started to negotiate for Lith\'s return, however, the Corps returned and the rumors about him becoming a Magus started to spread.

A lot of people moved to Lutia in search of safety, in the hope that he would live there again.

After Lith was crowned Supreme Magus and the battle of Belius was broadcasted, we have three newcomers for every person who leaves.

The blacksmith winked at Zinya who chuckled in reply.

The two seemed in much greater confidence than in the past but when Lith asked Kamila for an explanation, she knew even less than he did.

I\'m a bit busy here! She pointed at the six burners covered by pots and pans.

Gods, why did I invite so many people I\'m already forgetting what goes where.

She had several spice jars in her hands and no idea what to do with them.

Don\'t worry, I took the liberty of writing this for you. Tyris handed her what Lith recognized as a cookbook.

The ingredients for every dish were listed at the beginning of the recipe, followed by a step-by-step tutorial complete with drawings.

Thank the gods for your good heart! Kamila hugged the Guardian who looked at her with a confused expression on her face.

Why should I thank myself Tyris asked, making Kamila giggle.

This joke never gets old.

What joke

The dinner went smoothly as the Verhens talked about their stay in the Desert, the Proudhammers about life in Lutia, and Zinya about her new life in the Royal Court.

The food was beyond delicious and with each mouthful, the mood of both hosts and guests improved.

Tyris just sat with them, eating and listening, but her presence did wonders for everyone and especially for the kids.

She exuded an aura of purity and serenity that made Mogar look like a better place.

By the end of the meal, all the bad thoughts had faded like the memories of a nightmare.

Zekell and Sirma were tired from the long day at work and left first, asking Lith for a quick Warp home.

What do you say if we all take a digestive walk Tyris asked once only those who knew about her true identity remained.

You\'ve been holed up in the house since your arrival and you could use a bit of movement after eating so much.

Aran and Leria looked at the door like a monster was about to barge in, Raaz became as pale as a ghost, and Frey and Filia clung to Zinya in fear.

Back when Orpal had attacked them, their magical beasts had sacrificed their lives to save them.

They had never come back to Lutia since that day, still scared by the sight of the ruins of their old house.

I don\'t think it\'s a good idea. Raaz said, his voice quivering until Elina held his hand.

It\'s almost sundown and there\'s nothing that we haven\'t seen a million times anyway.

You are wrong, child. Tyris shook her head.

There\'s your whole life out there, waiting for you.

I know what you have gone through and I understand your feelings, but your house is supposed to be your castle, not your fortress.

If you people don\'t find the strength to take back what Narchat stole from you, you\'ll live as prisoners even once all of your enemies are dead.

She stood up, offering her hands to Frey and Filia who took them after a second of hesitation.

The Guardian walked in front of the door that opened by itself, letting the fresh air of the evening in along with the familiar smells and sounds of the countryside.

The wind brushing through the crops reminded Raaz of the countless hours he had spent tending the fields ever since he was a boy.

The scent of wet grass aroused the good memories of when he had played in the woods with his friends and of the time spent watching his children playing.

He stood up as well, almost without noticing, and followed the Guardian.

Once Tyris stepped outside, the radiance she exuded and that until that moment they could only feel became visible, illuminating the surroundings of the farm as bright as day.

Come, children.

This place is still your home, but only if you stop seeing it as a cage.

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