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Her Dragon Roar Wave can destroy the whole continent in five minutes, and this is far from her full strength.

If she transforms back to the real dragon form, her power could even be stronger.

In fact, his holy Dragon Roar Wave is also a forbidden skill which can only be performed with Red Dragon Zakas vitality.

It is not a field that he can enter now.

“They are strange…” Looking back on the battle with the twin witches not long ago, the more Red Dragon Zaka thought about it, the more wrong it was.

“The witch in red is very powerful in swordsmanship.

She should be the strongest swordsman in human beings.”

“The witch in white doesnt seem to be good at fighting head-on, but she has a god weapon with very strong attributes.”

“I wont be afraid of either one of them if its a one on one fight.”

“But facing them two at the same time…”

Recalling the moment when she finally lost the battle, Red Dragon Zakas pupil glowed with a red halo, and then projected a scene that Yun Xi did not see:

“Look, this is what they were like then.”

Yun Xi is engrossed in the light curtain that appears in front of Red Dragon Zaka and sees the twin witches he has never seen so far.

He can see that this is from the perspective of the dragon.

At this time, the sky has been ignited, and the domineering crimson Dragon Roar Wave covers almost the whole sky and is still spreading.

In a deep red, Red Lotus, dressed in a maple leaf witch costume, guards White Lotus with a sword, and her face seems to show a trace of hesitation.

White Lotus opened her mouth and said something softly.

Red Lotus closed her eyes and shook her head as if she didnt want to accept White Lotuss advice.

White Lotus gently shakes her Ring of Star and Moon, and countless light spots are flying out of the god weapon made by Yun Xis gift to her.

The next second, the light dots turn into coordinates, summoning thousands of stars from the sky.

Thats exactly what Yun Xi sees from the ground, the stars falling from the sky and bombarding Red Dragon Zakas Dragon Roar Wave.

However, this move did not defeat the powerful Red Dragon Princess, but infuriated her.

The Red Dragon Princess accelerates the attack.

For a moment, the magic shield performed by Red Lotus is a little shaky, and it looks like it will break apart in the next second.

At this time, Yun Xi even thought that Red Dragon Zaka had a huge advantage and was only one step away from defeating the twin witches.

In the world of the dragons war, the power shown by Red Dragon Zaka has undoubtedly reached the highest level!

At this time, White Lotus made an action, she put her own Ring of Star and Moon gently on her sisters head, then the two face to face, ten fingers clasped.

“Look carefully, this is where I feel strange.” Looking back on this scene again, Red Dragon Zakas breath suddenly becomes fast.

It was totally unexpected, and it was proof that she thought it was absolutely impossible for the twin witches to be human.

Behind them, the altar appeared.

Step on the altar, the twin witches bodies gradually disappeared.

Next, the witch in white suddenly appears, turns around and claps at Red Dragon Zaka.

In her hands, there is a golden balance.

At one end of the scale is an unknown golden feather.

At the other end of the scale is a beating heart.

After comparing the weight of these two things, the witch in white showed a mysterious smile.

At this moment, Yun Xi also felt the fear of Red Dragon Zaka at that time.

It cant be White Lotus, its … something else.

Obviously, she has the same appearance as White Lotus and Red Lotus, but observing carefully, the clothes on the witch are different.

What Red Lotus is wearing is a witchs dress with red maple leaves.

White Lotus is wearing is a pure white witchs dress.

The witch with the golden balance has decorations that dont belong to White Lotus or Red Lotus.

That kind of decoration seems to be older, the pale gold lines of the corner of the dress presents a kind of vicissitudes of life as if it had been washed by time.

Her figure also gives people a fragile and beautiful feeling that seems to disappear at any time.

Holding a small gold balance, she seemed to weigh something else instead of weight.

“It was… my heart.” Red Dragon Zaka is still in a state of palpitation when she recalls the emptiness of her heart at that moment.

Its not a force that she can resist.

The witch in white and with golden lines on the corner of her dress is absolutely impossible to be human, or even the thing of the world.

The power of the golden balance she took out completely ignored the magic and physical resistance of Red Dragon Zaka, and took her heart directly.

Its like karma or fate, a force that even Red Dragon Zaka cant fight.

Yun Xi saw all the following things.

Red Dragon Zaka fell from the sky and her Dragon Roar Wave disappeared.

The irresistible Red Dragon Princess fell into a dying state and was finally rescued by Yun Xi.

“That witch cant be human.”

“The magic they use doesnt belong to this world.”

“The golden balance, Im afraid, is the weapon of the gods.”

Red Dragon Zaka is afraid of the last inhuman gesture of the twin witches.

“Probably, only my sister, Black Dragon Zaka, could resist that attack.”

“Black Dragon Zaka Can she do it” After witnessing the secret skill of the twin witches, Yun Xi has some guesses about the power.

Its the power of the god witch, and Yun Xi has been in contact with a fraction of this mysterious power before.

This kind of power can really attract gods.

The Golden Crow Princess was called to the world by them, by this secret skill.

“Yes, my sister, Black Dragon Zaka is the strongest Zaka.”

“Even in the face of the real God, she can kill God!” Red has absolute confidence in Black Dragon Zaka.

The unborn Black Dragon Zaka is the ultimate trump card bred as a god killer.

Her power is much more terrifying than the three sisters put together.

What the original giant dragon mother gave her is the most powerful “deicide” god weapon!


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