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“Eat you, eat you, eat you!”

“Marry you, marry you, marry you!”

Obviously, Red Dragon Zaka inherits the tradition of the great four sisters of Zaka and is very easy to get into a state of chaos when dealing with things that are too complicated.

After a while, Red Dragon Zakas eyes were already full of confusion, holding her head in her hands and looking at Yun Xi with an extremely fierce and hesitant look.

It looks like a beast ready to kill its prey and a girl looking at her lover.

This is the first time that Yun Xi sees someone who can mix these two kinds of expressions on their face.

She is really a fierce and lovely girl.

In order to avoid burning his sister-in-laws mind out because of excessive thinking, Yun Xi felt that the joke should be over.

Its enough for him to marry Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka.

He doesnt want to gather together the four dragons!

Even if he had collected the four Zaka sisters together, it would only be at the rage of the most terrible dragons waiting for him.

“Its just a joke.”

“Dont mind.”

“I dont want you to return anything.

You are free.”

Yun Xi tries to smile gently, ready to coax Red Dragon Zaka, who is a little bit grumpy.

Compared with her sisters, her temperament seems to be particularly impatient.

Should he say that “no wonder she is the red dragon incarnated by fire”

“Joke” Red Dragon Zaka doesnt think so.

It is impossible for ordinary human beings to dare to refuse a dragons wishes.

That is to say, the proposal just now is real

How dare this human being propose to a dragon!

Sure enough, I should eat him! Red Dragon Zaka licked her lips.

From the beginning, she felt that the human being in front of her was very delicious food.

What kind of taste is it Red Dragon Zaka cant describe it in words.

In her memory, she has never smelt such a sweet and delicious smell.

Just smelling him makes her intoxicated.

If she licks and tastes him, she will be more reluctant to stop.

“Goo!” Red Dragon Zakas stomach suddenly became hungry.

I want to eat him! The worlds most delicious food may be in front of me! Red Dragon Zaka cant help it.

“Hungry” Yun Xi snapped his finger, and the hero ranked Bakers ability was launched.

A golden bread with soft golden light, wheat flavor, and rich cream flavor appears in Yun Xis hand, which is one of the 100 limited loaves of bread in his bread storeroom.

This ability is an additional ability of his own hero rank, so it can be used even in the trial world, while the light refining furnace, the water gods three god weapons, and hydras wine cannot appear in this trial world.

Of course, if he can integrate the light refining furnace and hydras wine into his soul like Starwings, they can also be used like the bread storeroom, which he cant do at present.

“Bread… Is it edible” Red Dragon Zaka looks at the bread in Yun Xis hands with disgust.

She is not a herbivorous dragon.

Feeding bread to her is like an insult.

Compared with bread, its better to eat human beings.

Its strange to say that she doesnt eat intelligent creatures.

However, she is always full of appetite when she sees this little human in front of her.

“Try it.” Yun Xi guides the hungry Red Dragon Zaka by coaxing.

“Just take a bite.

It doesnt matter.”

“Well, I will just take a bit, this bread doesnt look good…” Hungry Red Dragon Zaka tore a small piece of the golden bread and put it in her mouth.

The next second, her cheeks instantly suffused with excitement, and even the snow-white skin in the red bow gap was dyed with lovely scarlet.

Whats that taste!

Too, too strange, why just eat such a small piece of bread, I will feel warm all over the body.

No, its not warm.

Its hot.




The heart beat fiercely, cheering, demanding more of these ingredients.

By the way, this kind of smell is the kind of “smell” that she smelled on the human body in front of her eyes, with the smell of his soul and life.

Its so delicious, so incredible that its melting the tongue and heart together.

She wants more, more of these ingredients, she wants to eat more, more!

“Ah Hoo!” Red Dragon Zaka grabs Yun Xis golden bread and takes a big bite.

At the same time, she stares at Yun Xi with a look that makes Yun Xi feel very wary.

She should like it very much Yun Xi is still confident in his highest masterpiece, which is the golden bread that even the twin witches and the Golden Crow Princess praised.

Just, why does she look at him so covetously, seems to be more than just eating the delicious bread.

Yun Xi has seen this kind of eyes in the pupil of Desert Dragon Zaka.

They really are sisters of the same family.

They are also very similar at this point.

She bit Yun Xis golden bread in a wild animal way.

Red Dragon Zaka revealed her small fangs, which could even crunch steel.

Unimaginably delicious, that is a wonderful feeling from the tip of the tongue to the depth of the heart, not only taste but also vision, touch, hearing have been greatly enjoyed.

While biting the bread, it seems that she can see countless golden brilliance wrapped in herself.

It is so warm and so comfortable that the fatigue after the battle with the twin witches disappeared without a trace, and even her toes were stretched straight because of strong stimulation.

Ah, there is such delicious food in the world! This is Red Dragon Zakas exclamation, and at the same time, she cant help hesitating again.

How about raising this human as an edible pet

Eat him a little bit every day, and eat a little more in the festival.

If I cant eat him every day, then lick him every day to meet her appetite.

Whether he is poor or rich, health or disease, she will protect him, take care of him, and regard him as her most important treasure.

On sunny days, she would take him out for a walk.

On rainy days, she would let him lie on her feet and lick her toes.

When eating him, she will try to be gentle and careful, and will not hurt him.

Well, it seems to be a good idea.

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