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Chapter 767: The Burning Sky

In the end, Yun Xi accepted his fate.

“Why, I’m just here to beat down the dragon, just to have a cruel and bloody trial of death.”

“Clearly I want to carry out such a great trial, but why did it come to this point”

In the forest, Yun Xi is advancing through all kinds of difficulties.

Today is the third day of his journey alone.

In the name of “cultivation and seclusion”, he temporarily got rid of his four princesses and left his kingdom alone to carry out one of the most important trials of the dragon’s war.

Goal – to marry the twin witches and gain their power.

This is also one of the branch tasks he has to complete.

According to Robin, without the power of the twin witches, he will not be able to defeat the terrible original dragon.

Indeed, the power of Red Lotus and White Lotus is absolutely strong, which is recognized by his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.

His childhood sweetheart didn’t even praise the first master of the White Lotus Sword Domain, the White Lotus Sword Master, who was at the sixth rank.

However, she only praises the twin witches.

This is the first time Yun Xi sees Hua Huo recognizing her peers.

Yun Xi still doesn’t know how strong Hua Huo really is.

Her strength is that the stronger you become, the more you can find the gap with her.

The only twin witches recognized by Hua Huo also has the God’s talent, and it is a special God’s talent that Yun Xi still does not know.

Even his teacher, Casina the Battle God has said that this generation of twin witches in the White Lotus Sword Domain is unfathomable and has unlimited potential.

Yun Xi also believes that if he can get the help of the twin witches, it will be absolutely useful to defeat the terrible dragon.

Just, why should we take marriage as the premise!

And, before he came to the world, the marriage contract was written

Why has the first king who has been devoted to her Majesty, the Queen of Assyria, make such a strange agreement with the witches

Yun Xi sniffed out the smell of conspiracy and felt the malice of the world line.

“Well, there must be a choice not to get married.”

“The future can be changed!” Yun Xi cheers himself on.

Didn’t he change the future of the kingdom by marrying four princesses

“Shua!” Yun Xi walked out of the dense forest and saw a magnificent river in front of him.

Seeing the river, Yun Xi couldn’t help but think of the memory of sinking into the river with Desert Dragon Zaka, intertwined with each other, and finally Zaka drowned and fainted.

It was just a few days ago, but it gave him a strange feeling of nostalgia.

Today’s Desert Dragon Zaka is probably still eating and drinking in the palace.

Although she is a bit impatient and has a little deviation in her world outlook, she is the best to get along with and feed amongst the four princesses.

“Take a little rest.” Yun Xi takes out his kitchen utensils and points to the river at will.

A transparent air current pierces the turbulent River, bounces several fish up and falls into Yun Xi’s hands.

“Fish, fish, come to my pot.” Yun Xi cleanly handled the fish and began to take care of his lunch.

Originally, as a king, he should take a large team to marry the twin witches.

However, if he did, he would have killed himself.

The four princesses will never let him in the new honeymoon period to marry unknown twin witches.

If he dares to say that, Yun Xi can imagine what will happen to him.

“Darling, do you want to eat apples” The Queen of Assyria will prepare delicious apples, which will make him unconscious.

“Dad, it’s not right to be unfaithful!” White Moon will call the black flame demon bug and make a big scene.

“Shaheen, where is my dragon’s nest”

“Yes, sister, I’ll kill him for you!”

Zaka sisters will go mad in an instant.

Originally, it’s wrong to marry other princesses when they get married.

“I am innocent!” Yun Xi wanted to tell his four princesses in tears that he was forced by the terrible dragon.

Yes, it’s the dragon’s fault!

“Well, the sky looks strange” As soon as he was ready for his lunch, Yun Xi found that there was a very strange scene in the sky.

The blue sky was covered by countless fire clouds.

These fire clouds continue to spread out, almost half of the sky is dyed dark red, and the edge of the fire clouds showing a lava-like dark red.

Yun Xi has never seen such a burning sky in his life.

The creatures on the ground and the fish in the water seem to sense something and start a crazy escape.

Rabbits, fawn, cheetah, black bear… all of these animals ran away.

The fish in the water gathered together into a huge school of fish, scurrying in the direction of downstream, some of them even jumped to the shore regardless of the direction, like suicide.




In the burning clouds in the sky, there were sounds of thunder, but there was no lightning at all, as if some terrible natural disaster was breaking out.

More and more massive fire clouds appear in the sky, and some of them even start to burn directly.

The sky is lit!

“What a terrible smell.” Yun Xi finally realized that the force of this natural disaster was not natural, but more like some terrible creature fighting there.

What kind of creature can make the sky burn over thousands of miles And what is this terrible creature fighting with

In a second, all the clouds in the sky suddenly burst into flames.

Along with these cascading waves is the roar of a terror creature, which makes the whole sky tremble.

Looking down, Yun Xi saw the stars falling.

It’s daytime, but countless stars tear the edge of the sky from the distant sky, smashing the countless crimson ripples in an extremely gorgeous and shocking way.

The magnificent and shining scene makes Yun Xi feel the great will from the stars.

In the starlight, something seems to have been knocked down.


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