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Chapter 753: Blood Moon Wedding (7)

Until the moment before Yun Xi pulled out Starwings, Desert Dragon Zaka watched the wedding farce with a kind of pleasure, or even a sense of schadenfreude.

Human beings are hopelessly stupid.

Even if we dont invade them, they will fight each other themselves.

As expected, it is better for the world to be ruled by dragons.

Only the world where the dragons are located at the top of all creatures is the perfect world.

Maybe she can give herself the title of “Virtuous Dragon”.

Well, well, Virtuous Dragon Zaka, thats not bad.

However, such a leisurely and happy mood completely collapsed at the moment of seeing Starwings.

That sword!

The god weapon, who has destructive power, Shaheens sword!

Why does the prince of this kingdom have this sword

This sword has a more beautiful and shining shape than the sun, moon, and stars.

Its Shaheens god weapon!

As soon as she saw Starwings, by comparing the size of Yun Xi and Starwings, she immediately figured out the truth.

Shaheen, in fact, is the prince of this kingdom!

Shaheen = prince.

This unprecedented truth blew the whole person of Desert Dragon Zaka into a blur of consciousness.

Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!

That Shaheen, who proposed to her and had a happy date with her, finally let her admit the engagement, was the prince

“Ah, that Shaheen, ah, it is said that she went back to her hometown to get married.”

“She is in a hurry.”

“I envy such a talented swordsman.”

In the chest, there is some kind of burning feeling in the surging!

If you cant bear it, you dont need to!

“Shaheen! Its you! ” Desert Dragon Zaka tore open her cloak, pulled out her god weapon, the Star of the Sand, and gave a shocking roar to the prince who dared to be unfaithful.

“Ha, sister, is he your Shaheen” Ice Dragon Zaka stared at her irrational sister.

It was the first time that she had seen the expression that was about to eat people on her sisters face.

As proud dragons, they dont have the habit of eating intelligent creatures.

It can make her elder sister show the expression of wanting to eat people, which means her mood has reached an uncontrollable state.

“Shaheen, answer me, why do you break our engagement” Even if the blood moon is high in the sky, Desert Dragon Zaka rushes forward without hesitation and roars at Yun Xi, who is sweating in the back.

This is not spiritual pollution like the blood moon, but the real dragon roar.

The human beings on the ground are stunned just by the aftershocks.

“Well, its a very difficult day.”

On the astrological tower at the top of the kings city, Robin helplessly started the magic shield that the city would only launch in an emergency, and temporarily isolated the horrible battleground that was enough to destroy the whole kingdom into the sky.

“…” Yun Xis forehead drops huge sweat.

Why does “Zaro” appear at this time

Has she not been bombarded away by his Starwings, flying to the far end of the horizon

Whats more, whats the engagement Where did it come from

“Engagement Dad, who is this”

“Where did this rude woman come from”

The sudden appearance of Zaka made the mother and daughter who were going to fight slightly distract their attention.

The giant stupid spider and the Black Flame Demon Beetle also watched the unexpected guest.

“We dont have an engagement, Zaro, and Im not called Shaheen.” Yun Xi never thought that pulling out Starwings would cause such a disaster.

When did he have an engagement with “Zaro” Its totally Zaros own mistake.

When he unleashed Starwings to blow Zaro to the other side of the horizon, he thought that they should never meet again.

Even if they met, she would hate himself.

After all, he almost killed Zaro.

When he pulled out Starwings, Yun Xi knew that he had to face his own black history.

People would know that their prince went to the Champion Knight Competition and also won the championship.

Its really a history that he doesnt want anyone to know.

“I know you are the prince of this kingdom.” Desert Dragon Zaka grins at the Starwings in Yun Xis hand.

With this sword as evidence, even Yun Xi cant make an explanation.

“Ah, its this guy who cheated on my sisters feelings and abandoned her.”

“Human beings are hopelessly bad.” Ice Dragon Zakas sneer made the scene fall into a more terrible state.

“They are lying, because dad likes me.” White Moon looks at Desert Dragon Zaka with dismissive eyes.

At a glance, she knows Desert Dragon Zaka hasnt experienced a good education.

Dad wont like such a person!

This kind of person is absolutely not worthy of my dad.

Shes not even qualified to be my dads maid!

“This taste… You are…” The Queen of Assyria smelt some familiar taste from Desert Dragon Zaka and frowned a little.

“Shaheen, answer me a question!” Desert Dragon Zaka completely ignored the Assyrian Queen and White Moon.

Now, she felt that her body was boiling with infinite power.

The endless wild power gave her the courage to challenge everything.

Ancient gods F**k off! Im the child of the original dragon, Desert Dragon Zaka who dominates the fate of the world!

“Zaro…” Yun Xi looks at Desert Dragon Zakas angry face with a sense of inexplicable emptiness.

This sense of oppression, this fierce momentum, and, most importantly, the silent complaints in the vertical pupil always make Yun Xis mind emerge a familiar figure.

In the middle of the distant continent, a green light rose to the sky, and the original giant dragon in deep sleep, the source of the most terrible disaster in the world, gave out a roar that shocked the world.

“Shaheen, you promised to marry me!”

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