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Soft Water Palm.

With the support of the Battle Gods Seed, they were the two strongest attacks Yun Xi had mastered.

The past little baker had become a strong fighter.

And it was only a few months after he began to practice himself.

If he had more time, even if the king had ten times the souls to burn, he wouldnt be matched for Yun Xi, who had the talents from all the members of the Starwing Knights.

Unfortunately, what Yun Xi lacked most now was time.

Knowing that there were “monsters” like Hua Huo and the twin witches in the world, Yun Xi never felt self-satisfied about his power.

Now, facing such a strong monster, the degenerated king, Yun Xi was more depressed about his combat power.

What should I do

Nothing to do but just try it!

With the support of Casinas seed, and now with a stronger body, Yun Xi could finally try to reach the highest level of power he had obtained.

God Sword Skill: Sky Flying Sword.

God Sword Skill: Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

These two sword skills were far beyond the limits of any hero ranked beings.

Without the Battle Gods Seed, Yun Xi couldnt even meet the basic requirements to use the two god sword skills.

This also made him underestimate his achievements, because it was clear that Hua Huo could use the Sky Flying Sword at ease, although she hadnt reached the hero rank too!

“Calculating…” “Calculation” was the foundation to use Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

He needed to calculate all the elements around him in order to get the track of the sword.

What Yun Xi was doing now was to launch the most basic start-up of this god sword skill.

No, he wasnt calculating the kings attack trajectory.

That was like predicting the future.

Yun Xi couldnt do it with his current computing power.

What Yun Xi was calculating now wasnt complicated, but it was an answer only he could figure out.

Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

It could interpret the world rules from the most basic point of view.

Yun Xi couldnt do that.

In fact, he was still at the beginning stage of learning this god sword skill.

There was still a long way he needed to go, before he could master it.

Introduction to Yun Hais Quadrant Sword

“Probability Calculus.”

“Introduction to Calculus – Even a Monkey can Understand it!”

“Theory of Real Number.”

He hadnt finished a book yet.

Probably in the world of Yun Hais Quadrant Sword, he was not smarter than a monkey.

However, he also read other books after that.

“Is the Cat Dead or Alive”

“I Will Kill that Damned Cat!”

“The Ghost Cat of Mathematics, Two Theories about the Question of Yun Hai the Sky Sword.”

“36 Proof Techniques to Verify if the Cat is Dead or Alive.”

“Its Wrong to Torment the Cat!”

“I Will Eat that Cat!”

“I Dont Believe this Theory! I Prefer to Believe that Cats never Exist in this World!”

“Yun Hai, F**k You and Your Cat!”

It was amazing, but he understood some of them, especially the part about cats.

Well, although he didnt know what the cat was that made countless scholars and even gods curse it, he understood some of the ideas.

That was, even if he didnt understand “real number”, “imaginary number”, and “probability”, it didnt matter.

At least, he could imagine himself as a “cat”.

A cat exists and none exists.

A cat can go anywhere and cant go anywhere.

Yun Xi himself didnt know whether it was right or wrong, but after doing so, he understood the essence of Yun Hais Quadrant Sword more or less.

Now he was arousing his “cat”.

Even though he couldnt calculate the kings trajectory, at least, he could calculate his own “trajectory”, calculating his strongest “self”.

Input elements.

Arouse the cat.

The Battle Gods Seed, the Rigid Body, the Soft Body, the Crane Wings Twin Sword… all the elements become countless numbers floating in front of Yun Xis eyes one after another.

Yun Xi didnt understand the meaning of these values at all, but it didnt prevent him from filling them in the cat.

When numerous chaotic values finally pieced together a petite cat, countless waterfalls of values in Yun Xis eyes solidified in an instant.

Thats it!

The requirement to achieve the god sword skill – Sky Flying Sword.

Yes, he couldnt calculate all things like Yun Hai the Sword Master.

He could only figure out the answers about himself.

This was one of the inspirations he got from the Starry Sky Chessboard.

He didnt know what the formalized series of moves were, but he could play Star Go.

He didnt understand the formulas of Yun Hais Quadrant Sword, but he could put his “values” into these formulas to get the solution of himself.

It was like a special key, letting Yun Xi touch the strength that didnt belong to him now.

This power was something he had observed and recorded, but he had no idea how to use it.

Yun Hais Quadrant Sword opened this mysterious door for him.

Numerous complex elements were lit up one by one and interlinked.

Finally, at the cost of consuming the energy of the Battle Gods Seed, Yun Xi depicted a future belonging to him.

In a quadrant that only Yun Xi could see, something glowed fiercely.

The cat appeared.

A sword pattern with wings was lit up.

God Sword Skill, Sky Flying Sword was unlocked!


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