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Chapter 610: Transfer Student

Sometimes, the more resolutely you deny a thing, the easier the thing would be noticed.

After Hua Yue said it, the girls around her also found out about this.

“Really! Mei looks like Qian!”

“They look like sisters.

Mei is the older sister and Qian is the young sister.”

“One is a singer in the Mechanus God’s Domain, and the other is a disciple of the Sword Palace, what an incredible coincidence!”

“I’ve heard that there will always be ten people who look like you in the world.

That’s true.”

The girls chattered around Yun Xi excitedly.

“I can’t sing that kind of song.” Yun Xi shook his head and presented the best evidence for himself.

It’s not a lie.

This “Qian” is not him, but a quantum ghost in a dream.

In the real world, he didn’t have that voice.

“Oh, it’s true, that kind of singing is amazing.

I really want to know how Qian has such a wonderful voice.”

“Mei, do you want to be a singer, too” The girls of the Starwing Knights looked with interest at Yun Xi.

“No!” Yun Xi firmly refused this proposal.

Are you kidding me What kind of punishment is this I don’t want to experience this anymore!

“It’s a pity.

I think Mei could be a singer too.”

“Well, well, I think so too.”

“Mei, you must look beautiful in a white dress.”

The girls laughed and joked with Yun Xi, which made Yun Xi have an inexplicable sense of sadness.

Before I practiced the “Closed-mouth Zen”, before the days I went to the Starry Sky Chessboard, they didn’t behave like this.

After returning from the Starry Sky Chessboard, everyone’s attitude towards him changed, as if they suddenly became more intimate.

Now, they all took the initiative to get close to him, pulling his hand, and leaning their bodies over him.

As for the invitation to take a bath together… Yun Xi had refused them hundreds of times.

And why do girls like to go to the toilet collectively Why can girls stay in it for fifteen minutes

What’s more, why do you dress so exposed and casual in the girl’s dorm

Shouldn’t girls be more reserved Why can I always pick up unknown panties near the door of my room

Why can girls hold each other’s hands and nestle close to each other so easily Do you know how hard I have to restrain my desire

“If Mei doesn’t like it, we shouldn’t force her.” Eventually, Hua Yue came out and rescued Yun Xi.

As the head of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue was much more dignified than Yun Xi.

“I want to drop out of the Sword Palace…” Yun Xi’s eyes became dull and listless.

Hua Huo, it’s all your fault!

In this way, sooner or later, I will be unable to restrain my desire.

Like a big gray wolf in a flock of sheep, he doubted how long he could keep pretending.

Especially after accepting Teacher Casina’s “Seed of the Battle God”, his vitality was increasing day by day, which was like adding fuel to the fire in this situation.

“Cough…” As Yun Xi was desperately thinking about how to suppress his own impulse, the history teacher finally walked into the classroom.

“Today, I will talk about the history of Casina, the Battle God, the sixth Sky Sword.”

“But before that, I will introduce a transfer student to you.”

Transfer student At this time Yun Xi looked at the pale-haired history teacher with some surprise.

“The transfer student is from the Heaven’s Road Palace, she is one of the best students in the Heaven’s Road Palace.” The history teacher said proudly.

The Heaven’s Road Palace and the Sword Palace were equally famous in the Eastern God’s Domain.

The creed of the Heaven’s Road Palace was “unification of all rules”.

The history of the Heaven’s Road Palace was even longer than the Sword Palace.

The Sky Sword God’s Domain was a god’s domain with “sword” as its veneration.

Even so, the influence of the Heaven’s Road Palace wasn’t inferior to the Sword Palace in the Sky Sword God’s Domain.

From the scope of the entire Eastern God’s Domain, the influence of the Heaven’s Road Palace was even higher than the Sword Palace.

The disciples of the Heaven’s Road Palace were hundreds of times more than the disciples of the Sword Palace.

As one of the best disciples of the Heaven’s Road Palace, no matter who the transfer student is, she is indeed qualified to be a transfer student of the Sword Palace.

“Come on, Robin.” The history teacher looked outside the door.

He didn’t know why this genius of the Heaven’s Road Palace suddenly visited the White Lotus Sword Palace and wanted to be a transfer student, but from the attitude of the twin witches towards her, she must be an extraordinary genius.

Oh, probably she came for the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

He thought.

“…” Dressed in a bright red cloak, a girl Yun Xi felt very familiar with walked up to the podium and then stared at Yun Xi and the girls of the Starwing Knights.

Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights.

Xiao Cao, the deputy leader of the Starwing Knights.

Except for the “little rabbit”, the people who appeared in her prophecy were all here.

Oh, let me see if the future I choose can come true.

“My name is Robin, a transfer student from the Heaven’s Road Palace.”

“I’m good at divination, no matter what you want to divine, I can divine for you.”

“I came here because I saw the future.”

Oh, it’s her! Yun Xi soon recalled who she was.

She was the first augur he met, and her divination was very accurate!

So, she was a disciple of the Heaven’s Road Palace.


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