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Chapter 511: Two Suns

Numerous golden-red flames covered the sky and the earth and were still diffusing infinitely.

It was a real solar flare, an astronomical explosion.

The angry Sunwalker, Hura Azda finally revealed his real, horrible power after being provoked.

No one could escape from the diffused blazing light wave, which was an all-around attack that had covered the entire world.

The so-called Forbidden Magic of human beings was a joke compared to the solar flare, a real astronomical phenomenon.

In the light wave, countless fire and light spirits began to fly, they were parts of the sun, they were the manifestation of the rules of the universe.

These beautiful, young spirits happily opened their little wings, danced and eulogized the sun.

They were the only inhabitants who kept company with the lonely Sunwalker, but they didn’t have wisdom, they only knew to move along the sun, appearing in the solar flares and sunspots that could lead to the end of the world.

The crust of the battlefield vaporized in an instant, like butter in a great fire.

The endless solar particle storms covered and devoured the entire battlefield of gods, and this was only the beginning.

Thousands of mushroom clouds rose into the sky, countless hot magma and flames shot into the sky and then were evaporated.

The solar flare had just started erupting, and the whole battlefield of gods had reached the end stage.

“Leave! It’s my sacrifice.” Hura Azda showed his last mercy as a god, launching an ultimatum to the other ten gods on the battlefield.

Once the solar flare really broke out, it would trigger a battle that could totally eliminate the entire White Lotus Sword Domain!

“Ha ha… Ancient Sun God… Aren’t you too confident” One of the seven human gods slowly extended his hand, and the hand gradually became distorted black and proliferated sucker-like organs on it.

“A fake god” Hura Azda despised looking at the fake god who dared to offend him.

These fake gods weren’t friendly, compared to the sacrifice, they preferred to eat the witches who were holding the sacrificial ceremony.

However, they were like a joke in the eyes of a Sunwalker.

Hura himself had barbecued more than one “squid” who disguised as a god.

The so-called fake god was just a larger polypod extraordinary creature.

Only very few fake gods were strong enough to face a Sunwalker’s sun fire.

Most fake gods had tentacles and loved eating people, in Hura’s eyes, the only value they had was to become a “squid string” baked by himself.

According to his experience, the “squid string” made by fake god’s body tasted good.

Before becoming the God of the Persian God’s Domain, Hura Azda had played the role as a “Star Squid Hunter” for a long time.

To a lonely Sunwalker, it was a luxury to eat something decent, and “fake god squid string” was a classic cuisine to Sunwalkers.

“Gu…” Hura Azda swallowed.

He recalled the time when he hunted and roasted squid before he became the Sun God.

The temperature on the battlefield was still rising, from hundreds to thousands of degrees, soon reaching a value that no normal living creature could survive.

However, none of the gods on the battlefield was a “normal living creature”! Therefore, they could still withstand the temperature.

“His god power isn’t easy to deal with… why is it this guy” Yinglong shrank its huge body and carefully protected the egg, looking at Hura Azda with knitted brows.

“Hura Azda, the God of the Persian God’s Domain… Compared with his identity, his god power is more troublesome.” Bifang stood on the shivering egg.

It just felt curious and came to see what the sacrifice was, but now, it realized that it was involved in big trouble!

That egg! It was the West Queen’s unborn daughter.

Why did it come with Yinglong

If the West Queen’s little daughter was injured here, all people here would be killed by the angry West Queen!

Almost all the fantastic creatures knew that the West Queen loved her unborn daughter very much.

She had prepared to pass the crown to this little princess, even though it was still an unhatched egg!

If something happened to the egg… she and Yinglong didn’t even dare to imagine what would happen!

If she knew that the egg would also come, she and Yinglong would never dared to leave the Kunlun God’s Domain, trying to scramble for the sacrifice.

Unlike other human gods and fake gods, she and Yinglong clearly knew how terrible and powerful an angry Sunwalker could be.

Tens of thousands of degrees of heat was just a beginning for a Sunwalker!

Compared to Sunwalkers, evil and fake gods were nothing.

Why did people regard the Sunwalker as the Sun God Because they felt frightened.

If an evil god descended into a mortal world, there was still a chance to drive it away.

However, if it was a Sunwalker who descended into the mortal world, the world would immediately be ignited, there would never be any chance for any hero to save the world.

“Let’s go, we shouldn’t be here.” Finding that the sacrifice was in the Sunwalker’s hand, Bifang and Yinglong made the same choice.

Not all legend ranked beings had an immortal body like Phoenix.

Bifang and Yinglong clearly knew that a Sunwalker was too strong to be their opponent.

“Bang!” Just as Yinglong and Bifang were ready to leave, from the egg that was well-protected by them, a strange and powerful heartbeat suddenly came.

“How could it be!”

“The princess hasn’t formed a body yet!”

Bifang and Yinglong shouted at the same time.

Yinglong’s body tightly wrapped around the egg, and Bifang’s wings raised high, using its strongest skill to protect the egg.



No mistake.

In the egg they protected, the smallest daughter of the West Queen, the unborn princess’s heart was pounding heavily.

At the same time, opposite the Door of Dusk, Yun Xi’s heart also suddenly began to beat faster, as if there was a voice calling him in the blurred world opposite the door.

“Bang! Bang!” His strong heartbeat quickly attracted White Lotus’s attention.

She looked at the world behind the door, which was covered by endless light and fire, and lost in thought.

My Prince, have you summoned two real suns

Which of the two suns will you choose


Hura Azda also sensed it, there was a familiar odor coming from the direction of the two fantastic creatures.

He vaguely recalled that these two fantastic creatures were the descendants of the West Queen.

They were strong fire-type fantastic creatures, of course, they were no match for him.

Why are they protecting the egg carefully Why did I feel a familiar odor from the egg

Is it another fire-type fantastic creature

Yinglong was a fire-type dragon and the totem of emperors.

Bifang was also a fire-type fantastic creature, but it was slightly weaker than Yinglong.

Phoenix was an exception.

It was also a fire-type fantastic creature, but it wouldn’t die in any situation.

Even though Hura Azda was a Sunwalker, he felt a headache when facing Phoenix.

So, what is the fantastic creature in that egg

At this time, the fake gods finally found something wrong!

They come from a world called “Abyss”, which was located in the dark side of the infinite god’s domains, in the gap connected with endless nightmare worlds.

These fake gods, or “squid string” in Hura’s eyes liked to pretend to be a god.

Deceive witches and eat them in the sacrificial ceremony was one of their favorite games.

It was their happiest entertainment to see helpless witches turn into their food.

To this end, they specially learned various tricks and deceptions and studied the loopholes in the sacrificial ceremony.

For them, deceiving a witch and eating her had almost become a ritual, a proof of being recognized by the Abyss.

“No… Impossible! Why can’t we leave’

“My body… is burning…”

They were confused and frightened, because they just came to this place in the form of projections! Even if their projections were burnt to ashes, they wouldn’t feel any pain.

Why can’t they leave

“After all these years, you squids still cheat people in the same old way.”

“You can pretend to be gods to deceive ignorant little girls, how dare you to think that this will also work in front of me” Hura Azda looked at the struggling fake gods with a happy smile, “Catching squid was once one of my duties.

The coordinates of your true bodies have already been exposed!”

The golden Sun Disk spun and flew out, dragging out several big squids, who liked the mixture of cuttlefish, King squash and pig squid from the endless Abyss.

They thought that they didn’t need to worry about anything, because they just came using their projections.

However, as a “Star Squid Hunter” who had caught hundreds of “squids”, Hura Azda had rich experience in finding their true bodies by tracing their projections!

Without the protection of the Abyss, these squids’ combat power was barely worth mentioning.

They could only pretend to be fake gods in front of common hero ranked witches.

If they met a legend ranked witch, their only fate was to be caught and become dried squids!


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