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Chapter 120: Silver-haired Girl


“Hmm” Yun Xi stopped, looking at the place the voice came from.


Are there other people on the island


Yes, it is possible.

Although Yun Xi had only found these female swordsmen on the island through his seeds, but it was possible that other people on the ship, White Lotus, also drifted to this island.


After all, White Lotus carried over a thousand of people.

Except for the twin witches and Hua Huo, who he had confirmed that weren’t on this island, it was very likely that there were other survivors here.


“Xiao Cao, let’s go to save her!” Since he had already saved thirty-seven people, then there was no reason for him not to save more.


“Eh!” Xiao Cao nodded, but her eyes looked very vigilant.


Soon after, Yun Xi followed the voice and found the only survivor apart from the thirty-seven female swordsmen.


“…” Yun Xi looked at the girl with a weird look, because the girl was gingerly hiding on a tree, and the monsters around the tree were… several little animals Yun Xi was very familiar with: squirrels.


“…” Xiao Cao grasped Yun Xi’s hands, motioning him to wait for a while.


Don’t misunderstand.

She wasn’t fear of the several little animals, who looked not dangerous at all and just surrounded the tree with curiosity.

She was on guard against the girl, who should be their save target at first.


This was the same reason why Yun Xi stopped.


“Well… Who are you” Yun Xi asked with a careful look.


That was a girl whose clothes looked very exotic.

No people in the Whole Eastern God’s Domain would wear like that.


She wore a big silver headwear on her head, which looked like a pair of silver bunny ears.

Three silver blue gems were studded on her forehead and her ears.


Yun Xi saw a big necklace on her neck, which said “No.

001” on it.

He could saw a broken chain that was still hanging on it.


Not only her neck.

Her shoulders, arms and waist were all constrained with similar restraints, which made her look like a prisoner who just escaped from the jail.


In addition to these restraints, she only wore a dress which was as thin as a nightclothes.

She didn’t even wear shoes!


Her naked feet were restricted by a pair of cold fetters.

Maybe she felt cold, her cute toes curled like cat’s paws.

She looked shy and cute.


Her translucent legs were smooth and soft.

Yun Xi looked down and noticed her feet, which were so perfect and flawless.


Her five toes curled, forming four slightly bent curves, as if they were five flower buds in early puberty.


Under her strange, big silver headwear, her face looked as delicate as a cute porcelain doll.

Plus her innocent eyes and timid expression, she was as lovely as a timid rabbit.


Yun Xi noticed that there was a blue trace in the middle of her chest.

It was a condensed ice crystal, which shouldn’t have appeared in this season.


“Whoooh! Help!” The girl didn’t see Yun Xi and Xiao Cao.

She covered her head in her hands, crouching like a hedgehog on the tree.


“…” Yun Xi looked at the small tree, which was about two meters tall and was shaking due to the girl’s weight and action, then looked at the several squirrels, who were merrily jumping up and licking the girl’s soles.


Well, did she really need help


“That’s strange…” Xiao Cao murmured.


Yes, that was too strange.

Yun Xi was sure that this girl wasn’t one of Sword Palace’s candidates.


Her exotic clothes and ruby-like eyes were too conspicuous.

He would have noticed her if she was on the ship.


Yun Xi didn’t think that she was a native.

In his view, her headwear should be very valuable.

Probably it wouldn’t be cheaper than White Lotus’s Star and Moon’s Ring.


Besides, the ice blue trace on her chest was also suspicious.

This was a tropical island but it was still frozen here.

It couldn’t be something ordinary.


Although Yun Xi couldn’t judge her power with his naked eyes, however, he didn’t think that the several squirrels, who actually could do no harm to her and seemingly just wanted to play with her, would be a threat to her.


Even if a three-year-old child wouldn’t be scared by squirrels.

Why was she so scared


“Whoooh! Help me! That’s tickling! What monsters they are! Terrible!” The silver-haired girl finally noticed Yun Xi and Xiao Cao.

She gazed at them with a pathetic look.


“Sigh…” Finally, Yun Xi couldn’t bear to see girl’s tears.

He whistled and tapped the ground with his feet.


“Hiss!” The squirrels happily ran to Yun Xi.

They were not afraid of human at all.


Yun Xi picked off several wild fruits from the tree.

The several squirrels joyfully ate them and ran away.


“Whoooh! They are finally gone!” After seeing the squirrels leaving, the silver-haired girl finally had the guts to climb down the tree.


“They are just squirrels.

You don’t need to afraid of them,” Yun Xi comforted her, but still didn’t relax his vigilance, because he didn’t see a speck of dust on her body.

No person would be still spotless after falling from the sky.


Hua Yue broke her bones and Xiao Cao lost her clothes.

If the silver-haired girl fell down from the ship, she couldn’t be unscathed.


“No, no, no! They are horrible demons! They got in my dress, did this thing and that thing to me! Whoooooh.

They were bullying me!” The silver-haired alleged these squirrels’ crimes with tears in her eyes.


“They are just squirrels…” Yun Xi was dumb and didn’t know how to comment her words.

Were you a princess, living like a flower in the greenhouse in your life Why are you so innocent and timid


However, judging from her headwear, probably she was really a princess.

This headwear… was she from Western God’s Domain


“Thank you.

I’m Mumu.

Can you tell me where I am”


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