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Shao Yunduans Reaction

When Ms. Niu was gone, Ms. Fang could not help but mention the topic about returning to Qiao Xuans family on the next day.

Qiao Xuan kept consoling her, telling her that her family did not care for presents, so Ms. Fang really felt assured.

By this point, Ms. Fang loved Qiao Xuan even more. She felt really happy for her.

The next morning, Shao Yunduan took Qiao Xuan back to her family.

There was no wagon in the village, so they spent 20 wen in borrowing a bullock cart to ride back.

Qiao Xuan had not prepared any presents. She decided to buy some on the street.

She did not want to give away the arrogant roosters and fat hens which she had been feeding for two days, let alone the efforts done by Ms. Fang and Ms. Xu earlier on them.

Ms. Fang decided that they should go to the street to buy some stuff, when she truly could not find anything at home to offer.

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She gave Qiao Xuan 2 liang. That was what she had saved till this point from her private earnings.

They just could not save any money openly. The other two sections of the family were all staring at the savings!

But for Shao Yunduan who was going to school, she would not have any private money either!

Qiao Xuan had not intended to take it, but she accepted it when she failed to turn down the kind offer.

As they walked into the county, they bought four boxes of pastry, two jars of rice wine and two boxes of tea leaves.

Those were very ordinary things, and were cheap.

Qiao Xuan intentionally bought some beautiful wrappings to repack them.

So, every present looked really amazing and expensive!

Shao Yunduan was totally dumbfounded.

Seeing her achievement, Qiao Xuan could not help but feel that she had taken revenge, when she thought of how Madame Qiao was going to react to that.

“Before we go there, I have a few words to share with you.”

Anyway, as long as they arrived at the Qiao Family, all the evil inside the mansion would be revealed in front of him.

Madame Qiao, her lineal sister, Qiao Wei and her second sister, Qiao Kou as well as Concubine Du would definitely laugh and sneer at her. They might even humiliate her as well as her husband, Shao Yunduan.

She decided to give Shao Yunduan a warning before he entered the mansion.

Shao Yunduan was surprised, but not that surprised after all.

He was a Cultivated Talent and had more knowledge than the others.

He clearly understood the conflicts that were bound to exist between the lineal mother and the concubines children.

When Qiao Xuan was rescued by him, he had found it to be very strange as to how there could be no maids next to this noble lady when she fell into the water. How did she fall into the water so easily

But he did not delve deep into the reason, when right afterwards, their wedding happened.

But hearing what Qiao Xuan said, he suddenly felt that everything made sense.

No wonder the marriage went on so easily.

Madame Qiao was hoping that Qiao Xuan could marry a farmers son!

He was a Cultivated Talent, but there were many talents out there, and Shao Yunduan never believed that he could make it through all the imperial examinations. He might remain as just a Cultivated Talent for the rest of his life.

No wonder Qiao Xuan committed suicide on their wedding night.

Shao Yunduan suddenly felt sorry for Qiao Xuan and threw a sympathetic look at her.

She wasnt living an easy life either.

“We are not going to be received well today, but dont take any of their words to heart. We wont have much communication with them from this day on. We can just get the ceremony done as soon as possible, and can go home soon!”


The couple held a very strange conversation, which did not make them look like a newly-wedding couple on their way back to the brides home.

The couple came to the back street of the county mansion with gifts in each of their hands.

No one was there to greet them at the door, which didnt even open until a long while later.

Even the housekeepers, and a few aunties were nowhere to be seen, let alone the master. The door was opened, as a lazy sound ofSecond Miss and Second Sir Son-in-law are back here!

Then the sound disappeared.



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