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Dont Run

“Whats going on here Do you not want to earn money” A man said impatiently.

He and his friend had come today because of the reputation of the clubhouse. When they arrived, they wanted a private room. They did not expect the waiter to say that there were no more private rooms.

The waiter smiled apologetically and carefully explained, “Sir, please dont misunderstand. Our private rooms are indeed full today. How can we chase the two bosses out Dont you think so”

When the two men heard the waiter say that they were bosses, their expressions improved a little.

However, the male guest continued to pester the waiter. “Since you know that our status is not low, why dont you hurry up and get us a private room Dont worry, youll get a tip.”

With that, he took out a stack of cash from his clutch. It looked like a few thousand yuan. He threw it on the table without any heartache.

The waiter quickly moved aside and refused repeatedly. “Im sorry, sir. We are not allowed to collect tips in private. Moreover, we really cant arrange a private room, but we cant chase guests away either, right”

At this moment, a female attendant from another private room also walked out. After asking about the situation, she said, “There are no more private rooms, but there are still seats in the hall, right”

The hall of the Purple Cloud Clubhouse was like a fairyland. Many guests specified that they wanted to eat in the hall.

Before the waiter could say anything, the two men stopped and said aggressively, “What are you talking about Are you looking down on us Were going to discuss business later, and youre asking us to eat in the hall Do you think its reasonable”

After a while, the waiter said helplessly, “You two are famous bosses, but were just a few nameless waiters. Arent you making things difficult for us by asking us to reserve a private room for you Even if we dont want this job, we cant afford to offend the distinguished guests in the private room. Dont you think so”

The more the female attendant spoke, the more aggrieved she felt.

Those who could become attendants in the Purple Cloud Clubhouse were all great beauties.

Most men would not bear to hurt her when they saw her pitiful look.

Seeing this, the two men immediately nodded and restrained themselves a little to show that they understood.

One of the men rolled his eyes and asked, “Tell us the truth. Will you arrange a private room for us if someone vacates the room”

The female attendant nodded and said, “Yes, sir! Youre here to spend money. If theres a room, Ill naturally arrange it for you!”

After receiving the assurance, the man patted his chest and looked high-spirited. “Thats good. Well just wait. Arrange a room for us later. Ill go up.”

After the man finished speaking, he walked upstairs. After looking left and right, he immediately saw the private room where Ye Xuan and Liu Yanran were.

He knew that there were guests inside. He didnt even knock on the door before pushing it open and walking in.


Ye Xuan and Liu Yanran were eating when a man in a suit walked in. They paused.

“Who are you”

Liu Yanran asked warily.

The man looked at the situation in front of him and chuckled. Before he came in, he was worried that he would encounter some high-ranking officials. However, there was only a woman and a child. It was obvious that this young married woman had brought her child for a meal.

Such people were best to deal with.

She quickly said, “Sister, listen to me. I want to give you a chance to get rich.”

Liu Yanran subconsciously looked at Ye Xuan.

With Young Masters status, did she need this person to give him a chance to get rich

Was this a new type of scam

Or was he a multi-level marketing agent

The man pulled a chair and sat down. “Ill sit down and tell you so that you wont feel pressured.”

Liu Yanran was confused.

What was this person doing!

Why was he talking about feeling pressured

“How about this Give me this private room. Ill cover your expenses and give you some compensation. How about that” As the man spoke, he patted his chest hard.

Ye Xuan felt that this action was extremely familiar.

After thinking for a long time, it seemed like the action of a chimpanzee from the animal kingdom.

As long as it got excited, it would show its muscles!

Liu Yanran crossed her arms over her chest and said coldly, “Oh, really How much compensation do you plan to give”

“Ten times. How about it” The man said proudly, “Ill give you ten times the cost of your meal today. I only ask for you to give up this private room.”

He looked at the plates in front of him and felt that it was just a few plates. How much could it be

They should cost a few thousand at most, right

So what if he gave them ten times the cost of their meal It would only cost tens of thousands.

He could afford it!

Liu Yanran was about to scold him for being rude when she heard Ye Xuan call out to the waiter.

The female attendant was afraid that something had happened, so she quickly came up to take a look. Then, she heard their voices and walked in. When she saw the man who was causing trouble enter the private room she had previously served, she immediately said, “Sir, you…”

Ye Xuan simply interrupted her and said, “Help me calculate the amount we spent. This gentleman said that he wants to compensate us ten times the cost of our meal.”

The female attendant was shocked and looked at the man in surprise.

Was he crazy

Liu Yanran, who was opposite Ye Xuan, instantly understood what her Young Master meant.

Was her Young Master trying to scam them

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Indeed, this table of dishes should cost tens of thousands of yuan, right

Ten times the cost of this meal was equal to hundreds of thousands!

It was enough to make them suffer!

Soon, the female attendant brought over the bill.

Seeing this, the man went up and snatched the bill from the female attendants hand. At the same time, he said, “Well cover the expenses. Let me see…”

As the man spoke, he stopped.

His expression was unprecedentedly ugly.

He could not believe his eyes.

He rubbed his eyes hard. The number was exactly the same — 1,800,000.

“Ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million…”

The meal cost 1.8 million!

The two of them had spent 1.8 million on just a few empty plates!

Did they eat dragon meat

The mans hands were trembling. “So much money Is this a scam!”

To spend so much money on a meal, this wasnt asking for money, it was simply asking for his life!

The attendant explained with a straight face, “This includes the cost of the tea, the food, and the service.”

The man wanted to probe further but Ye Xuan continued, “Ten times of 1.8 million times that is 18 million. Do you want to swipe your card or pay by check Alipay and WeChat are fine too, but please include the processing fee. I am still short of money.”

Liu Yanran was silent. Her Young Master really knew how to joke. Was he really short of money

However, after complaining, Liu Yanran was stunned. She seemed to have missed out on some key information just now. After thinking for a moment, she gasped and widened her eyes. She could not believe what she had just heard.

She thought, “Young Master, how much did you say this meal cost”

How much did it cost

It cost 1.8 million

She suddenly looked at the dishes on the table. Had she just eaten something worth hundreds of thousands or millions

For a moment, she felt as if she were eating gold instead of food. What was the most painful thing in the world

It was that after one finished eating, others said that the food one just ate was priceless, but one would no longer have the chance to taste it properly…

On the other side, the mans eyes almost popped out.

A person who spent 1.8 million yuan on a meal actually asked him for a handling fee!

Was he really short of money!

It would be difficult for them to gather 1.8 million now, let alone 18 million!

It was true that he was working on a project, but most of the money was in the project funds. He could not withdraw it at all.

Even if he could get the money, he couldnt afford such an expensive delicacy!

“Whats wrong Hurry up and transfer the money.”

Ye Xuan smiled.

“Aiyo!” The mans expression turned even uglier. Then, he covered his stomach. “Im sorry, Im sorry. Im not feeling well. Ill go out first. I wont disturb the two of you anymore. See you later.”

Then, they heard the sound of someone running out and going downstairs.




Rumble rumble rumble…

“Sir, are… are you alright”

“How did you fall down the stairs”

“Should I call 120”

Various voices sounded. In the private room, Ye Xuan looked at Liu Yanran and said, “Alright, no one will pay for our lunch today.”

“Hello, Ill order some more dishes. Help me pack them. I want to take them away.” Ye Xuan looked at the waiter and spoke.

“Yes, sir.”

After all, he had eaten his fill. However, his Second Sister should not have eaten yet.

With the takeaway box in hand, Ye Xuan brought Liu Yanran out and headed towards Jinling Hospital.



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