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Data.205 – Old Bowman, Cat Girl’s Resolve



What can you tell us about your aunt and her party


This time, I had to specifically ask Necoco.


“As you know, my aunt fights with a boomerang.

It’s a ranged weapon that deals physical attacks.

Its most distinct feature is that it draws an arch through the air and returns to the player’s hand.

It’s possible to knock it out of the air by attacking it, but it will have to be very strong to prevent it from returning.

Veteran boomerang users can use multiple boomerangs at once, and they alter the trajectory so that it’s difficult to dodge them.”


During the Charin fight, not only did she have a large boomerang that was a transformed Unison, but two others as well…

It had been like a dance, and a rear guard like me would die easily if they were in range of it.

This time, I would have to stay as far away as possible so that it would be one-sided attacks.


As I was also using a ranged weapon, I had looked up the characteristics of other ranged weapons.

And boomerangs were among the weapons with higher attack power.

Furthermore, they could be used like swords in your hand, which meant they could also be used in close range combat.


On top of that, Macoco had used an effect during the preliminary where she and her boomerang switched places.

It wasn’t like Buckler’s Parry Warp, where he needed to wait for me to attack.

And so it was possible for her to close a gap at will.

So it would not be realistic to read her movements and use Stardust Arrow.

In any case, I needed to remember to stay away from her at all cost.


As long as I could maintain a distance, I should do well as an archer.

My max Range would be much farther, and with boomerangs, you had to wait for them to return before you could attack again.

While with a bow, I could shoot rapidly no matter how many arrows miss or get knocked out of the air.

And so I had more opportunities to hit.

However, depending on her status, ordinary attacks might be meaningless.

If I couldn’t deal damage without using charge attacks, then it wouldn’t be enough that I had more moves than her.

It would be like the Buckler fight…


“Do you know anything about strength point distribution or jobs Also, skills and charge attacks…”


“Uh, hmm.

I don’t…”


Ah, maybe I shouldn’t have asked that.

Her aunt was a veteran pro gamer.

And so even if it was a relative, she was not likely to pass over such information easily…!

That was the pride of a professional…


“I think she was actually going to tell me all of that when we were adventuring together.

But my pride got the better of me and I said that she didn’t have too…”


“I see…”


Well, I suppose they both wanted to fight without knowing.

I could understand that.

Especially since this was someone that she really looked up to.

Still, Macoco didn’t even mind…

Was she so confident that she could win 


“Oh, but I have an idea about her strength points, just by watching how she moves.

I think she is balanced but leans towards Attack…! In other words, pretty normal!”


Indeed, most people would try to spread it out but have a little extra in Attack…!

Anyone who had a little experience with games would think of doing that.

A balance type might be playing it too safe, but there were risks to having obvious weaknesses.

And so while having solid durability and speed, you would want to extend attack ability, which was necessary in games about defeating enemies.

It should result in a character that wasn’t flashy, but was able to deal with any kind of situation.


“My aunt takes this classical style and does something revolutionary with it.

When she attacks, you take more damage than you expect, and when you attack, it does less damage than expected.

She moves faster than you expect, and she’s harder to deal with than you expect…! Unfortunately, there is no one in this party who can beat her 1 vs 1.”


“So, what about 2 vs 1…”


“That’s why I want you to leave her to me.”


Everyone was surprised by Necoco’s words.

She had just said that it wouldn’t work like that.


“Don’t worry, I’m not delusional.

I don’t think that I can win either.

But if two of us take her on from the beginning, then that means the other two will have to take on three of them.

That would put you at a disadvantage.

We should start by making it a goal to kill one person, and the person who kills someone first can join me in the battle against my aunt.”


Well, that was certainly a more simple strategy.

And if we could do it, it seemed like we would have a better chance of winning.

The problem was…if Necoco could survive that long by herself.




But I decided to not ask her about that.

After all, I thought that more than anyone, Necoco wanted to know the answer to that.

She didn’t know if she could survive that long.

But she had to if we wanted to win.

And it was clear that she wanted to know how close she had gotten to the person that she admired.



We’ll leave Macoco to Necoco! But don’t do anything reckless.

You’re just trying to buy time until someone can join you.”

“Thank you.

You won’t regret this!”


“So, what kind of players are the other three”


As we had to defeat the others, information about them was important as well.

If they were the friends of Macoco, they must be pretty amazing as well…


“In my opinion…”


Necoco glanced around and then whispered.


“They’re not very strong.

It’s just my aunt…”




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