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Chapter 97: Sister Tea relies on herself to kill the whole alliance (26)


With the three LPL teams entering the Quarter-finals, the domestic discussion of the World Championship remains high.

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In the Knockout round, the most attention was not PG, but the third seed WOW who were to face the Korean team VT.


For the LPL division, the shadow brought by the LCK cannot be offset even if they have won the championship, especially in the face of VT who have won two consecutive championships.


Therefore, the slogan of "Anti-Korean" was repeatedly mentioned in the World Championship every year, and LPL audiences also have great expectations for WOW.

After all, this year's VT is no longer the "World First Team", which was reborn in the summer competition.

The generation of the KL team kicked off VT's throne, and now it was only the second seed.


WOW against VT, most people feel that there was still a competitive edge.


The PG game was on the next day, so while the Sino-Korea war was happening, Bi Ming and the others were watching the live broadcast together in the hotel.


The TV in the hotel room was on, the coach and the manager were sitting on the high stool, the two PG substitutes who were brought to see the world were also sitting at the foot of the bed, and the hard and cool wooden floor was under their buttocks, and they were still holding the PSP game console brought from the twin's villa.


The twins sat cross-legged directly on the bed, with two similar handsome faces looking at the door from time to time as if waiting for something.


After a while, the door that was not closed was gently pushed open, and the laughter of men and woman talking came from outside the door.


"Dingbei be careful, don't hit the doorpost." This was Shi Zhong's voice.


"Give me the drinks, the lids are not stable, you might spill them." This was Bi Ming's voice.


The first person to come in was Li Dingbei, holding several boxes of overweight pizzas of different flavors.

The tower-like figure came in with the food carefully from the door, and the two little substitutes smiled.


"Brother Bei, I'll help you get it." The top order's junior substitute is Chi Yi, whose ID is Flywing, and has a good relationship with Li Dingbei.


At the back was Shi Zhong, who was holding a dozen glasses of orange juice and cola in both hands.

His beautiful face contained a helpless smile, and he looks back at the woman behind him:

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

"Lin Nan, ladies first, here you may enter."


"What kind of gentleman's demeanor are you paying attention to at this time" Bi Ming was amused by him, and pushed him through the door with a finger, "Hurry up and send out the drinks."


After everyone entered, she grabbed a large bag of hot fried chicken and closed the door—


"Satisfied Junk food lovers," she shook her head at the twins.

"Why do you two love these things so much"


"You have worked hard sister, come and sit here."


"Sister Lin, we have reserved the best viewing spot for you."


The two teenagers on the bed graciously stepped out of the middle of the bed.


Li Dingbei, who had finished delivering the pizza, and Shi Zhong, who was delivering drinks: "...What are these two stinking brats planning to do"


"Dongliu, didn't you say that you are obsessed with cleanliness, and you can't sleep on it if others sleep on it" Shi Zhong said lightly.


"That's not it, there are no chairs in here, so I can't let my sister sit on the ground, can I Cough, right" Meng Dong coughed repeatedly, his face flushed.


The two little substitutes laughed: "Meng Dongliu, we are sitting on the ground."


"Don't talk, give me that pizza." Meng Dongliu glared at them.


The substitute brothers immediately closed their mouths and went back to their nests.


In order to make the atmosphere less embarrassing and to make Bi Ming at ease, Meng Xishang responded calmly: "Okay, Brother Zhong and Brother Bei can also come over, the bed has enough space."


The coach and manager looked at this scene and wanted to say something, but they felt it was even more strange.


They were just sitting together to watch a game, although...

it was a bed, but it didn't matter, right


Bi Ming doesn't mind where she sits, she is just an enjoyer.

Since there are no other seats in the room, of course, she will choose a comfortable big soft bed to settle down on.


It's just that she was wearing ultra-short jeans today, with a loose white long T on her upper body.

Sitting at the end of the bed, those snow-white and clean long legs hanging down might make people dazzled and tremble from any angle.


Li Dingbei, a straight man of steel, stared at her and said decisively, "I'll sit on the ground with them."


Shi Zhong glanced at the two red-faced children with a rebuke.


Soon, he took off his coat from the hanger and walked towards Bi Ming: "The air conditioner in the room is running so much, don't you feel cold"


Bi Ming said with a hint of doubt: "Huh It's okay, it's not cold."


Shi Zhong smiled gently, and put his coat on her lap to hide the sultry snow-like legs: "The air-conditioning from the air conditioner can easily penetrate the skin and cause body cold, so be careful."


Bi Ming looked down at her legs, which were tightly blocked by his coat, and couldn't help laughing.


Shi Zhong avoided her teasing, his long black eyelashes swayed, and said slowly, "What do you want to eat, I'll get it for you."


"Brother Zhong, is there something good" Meng Dongliu leaned over and smiled, "Then bring it for me too, my sister and I can have one."


Bi Ming felt that when the boy behind her was talking, the heat wrapped around his ears rushed towards his ear tips, and he kept tilting his head to the side.


"Sister Lin, do you want a drink" The handsome mixed-race boy held the orange juice and handed it to her.

The cold fingertips seemed to touch her fingers unintentionally.

"This one has no carbonation content, it's freshly squeezed, and it's very healthy."


Seeing the two scheming boys surrounding the girl, Shi Zhong narrowed his eyes.


Li Dingbei looked back and asked a very "Simple and honest" question: "Shi Zhong, there is still a seat on the ground, do you want to come and sit"


Coach Pyo started coughing violently: "Hey, the game has started, hurry up and watch the BPs on both sides."


And the manager Guo Xiong was still thinking about the interaction of the team members...

No wonder there are more and more CP fans, each operation is so showy, should he just let it go, or remind them a little


But it's probably useless to remind them.

People may have been ignorant at first.

If the matter is mentioned, their interactions might have an effect later.


Forget it, these young people, as long as there is no problem with the results, and won't overdo it, the club would not get involved.


On the television, the live game was going on, VT was playing a typical Korean style of operation.

It was called the peak of tactics in the past few years.

It has a very strong operation level while playing steadily and has a clear division of labor.

Basically, it is like a strict and seamless operation of steel walls.


As for WOW against this team, they used the wild core system that they are good at, but just relying on Big Daddy Bee alone they could not resist VT.


In the eyes of the audience, WOW was beaten in the line, their operations were played to death, and the game cannot be ended when the advantage is there, but here currently the team's operation was dead at disadvantage, like a fish on a chopping board.


"It feels like dreaming back to three years ago!" This is the feeling of all LPL viewers after watching it.


The No.2 seed's VT was already so strong, what about the No.1 seed's KL


The huge LCK shadow was back again, pressing on their hearts.


"Can PG beat this VT I was full of confidence, but now I'm a little scared."


"VT has reinforced the talented Little support Blue this year.

It looks as strong as it was three years ago.

The final loss to KL was just because the first set was taken lightly.

The BP was too bad, otherwise, do you think KL could win"


"KL is a novelty, and VT is stable and ruthless.

I really envy the LCK teams with all styles."


"Don't be a bad guy, it's WOW who couldn't beat the Korean team, don't drag PG and KD into the water too."


The smoky barrage spread in the live broadcast room, and everyone in the room also thought about it.


"Who made the screencast Turn off the barrage." Pyo didn't want the worries of these netizens to become pressure on his own team members.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

The little substitute Flywing stretched out his hand: "I'll get it."


Everyone frowned.

The first two rounds of WOW were hung and played, which made people feel very aggrieved.


The coach asked them: "Who do you think if WOW loses has the biggest pot"


Judging from the record, it should be the "Old AD" with 0-6, the Korean aid Sneaky.


But Meng Xishang subconsciously wanted to excuse the players in the same position: "Sneaky was beaten by the jungler in front of him, how did he develop Bee didn't go down, and he didn't catch anyone..."


Bi Ming smiled beside him: "Xishang, Bee didn't catch anyone and wasted his time, so he had to eat troops to supplement his growth.

After all, WOW was fighting with the wild cores method."


Meng Xishang turned his head to look at her.

He wanted to refute, but suddenly a flash of thought appeared in his mind.

Could it be that she suspects that he is insinuating


Heaven and earth conscience, he never thought about it!


"Sister Lin is right," Meng Xishang resolutely abandoned what he had just said and switched camps in desperation, "If WOW loses, it is because of the support that they will lose, as he failed to help Bee retain people, and there is no one to make money from, so I am aggrieved.

Naturally, it's jungler and AD."


Meng Dongliu, who felt that he was being connoted, frowned, and couldn't help but say, "Auxiliary's record is much better than the AD's, brother worked very hard at ganking, and unfortunately WOW didn't seize the opportunity, you blame the auxiliary, why don't you blame the commander"


Shi Zhong was sitting on the edge of the bed, and when he heard the words, he turned around and said, "Command is very important, and so is for our team.

We can win if we listen to Lin Nan's words.

WOW's commander should be the jungler and support, which is a bit chaotic, so in the fight, they lost the ground and kept attacking while having no strong purpose to escape."


Bi Ming shook her legs at this time, agreeing: "I want to say, they still have a problem with vision, have you found that WOW's assistants basically didn't buy eyes This leads to limited vision on their side, and against an experienced old monster like VT, after testing it a few times, they will naturally take advantage of this to give WOW a heavy blow."


The coach watched them discuss with satisfaction.

Players in each position have their own ideas.

Only by communicating with each other can they understand each other.


"Dingbei, what do you think" the coach called out to the man who seemed to be in a daze.


"Uh, oh, I think...

VT's top laner is aggressive, but WOW is too cowardly.

In fact, many opportunities could have been seized, but they were all missed." Li Dingbei sat on the ground, glanced at the long legs beside him, and saw that the jacket had slipped to the ground because of the shaking.

Was she a little absent-minded


Could he...

pick it up and put it on her


"The top laner is okay, no fault." Shi Zhong lowered his eyes and saw the woman's clean thighs and the fallen coat.


When Bi Ming was blown by the air conditioner, she finally realized that there was something missing from her leg, so she bent down to pick it up.


The twins in the back were also a little worried when they saw her move, because the bed was relatively high, and the girl's movements might cause the center of gravity to become unstable.


At this moment, God seemed to be playing tricks on purpose, and the hotel got the same old problem again, and the power was suddenly cut off in the room.


The TV switched off and the room turned dark.


Because the line of sight suddenly darkened, the atmosphere suddenly changed.


"Hey, what's wrong"


"Looks like a power outage..."


"This hotel is a thief.

The power went out only a few days ago!"


In the dark, people will look around subconsciously, and their bodies will move accordingly.


"Be careful!"


When Bi Ming's fingers touched the jacket, she felt her arm being pulled, her waist being dragged, her back slammed into a hot embrace, and her leg being held by a palm.


There was skin-to-skin contact on different parts of the body.


In the pitch-dark environment, the men's breathing was particularly pronounced, rapid and deep.


Bi Ming felt as if she was surrounded by scorching heat, which made her a little suspicious.


Ha, what are they playing


Logically, they don't have the guts.


In fact, the men in the dark did not do anything strange.


The twins dragged her back by the waist because they were afraid that she would fall off the bed, so after confirming that the person was all right, they both blushed and let go, and retreated to the back with a guilty conscience.


Shi Zhong pulled her arm, was also because he was afraid that she would not be able to maintain her balance because of the darkness.

Hearing her scolding, he also let go and said softly, "Are you alright"


Li Dingbei blushed so much that he was about to go smoke.

He wanted to help her pick up her jacket, but the power went out as soon as he reached out, and instead he held her leg.


The boys had a very pure mentality, at least when they shot, they all had kind intentions.


In a few seconds of darkness, the temperature in the room rose rapidly, but fortunately, the darkness helped people cover their faces.

Their panic, deep, and stunned appearance could only be proved by their own heartbeats.


Bi Ming also realized that their action just now was not the bold and ambiguous as she thought, but in fact, it was a coincidence that she was just a touch away.


[Host, you scared me to death just now.] The small system bubbled up secretly.


Bi Ming lightly rubbed her temples and wrapped the coat tightly around her legs.

How can she say...


Probably an accident caused by a coat.


At this point, the manager and coach who were ignorant of everything and only saw a sway over the bed stood up and announced that they were going to the front desk to ask about the situation.


The two little substitutes also raised their phones and turned on their flashlights.


"Brother, are you hot" One of the substitutes looked at Li Dingbei next to him curiously, "Why are you sweating on your neck"


The other lad on the jungle bench just didn't feel right.


Did Brother Zhong just say "Are you alright"


That voice was so soft, it made him think.


The young man turned back secretly, but heard Shi Zhong's cold, slightly hoarse voice:


"What's the matter, Whisky"


"No, it's fine, Brother Zhong." The little substitute called "Whisky" shrank back.


He seemed to have noticed something when the light from the phone just shone through.


Brother Zhong, who never shows his emotions...is actually shy


Uh, this must be his delusion.


The next day, R9, who played against PG, found that several people on the opposite side seemed to be holding back their energy and needed to vent.



it's over, did you really piss them off so badly"


The little golden retriever's eyes widened in grievance: "I haven't seen Lin for several days!"



they look like they're going to tear us apart."

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

"No, no, I think it's more like my girlfriend and I haven't made out for a few days, and I'm so suffocated that I want to play games like crazy."


"God, what the ** are you describing"


After the official game, they found that their guess was correct.


PG played more aggressively today than they have seen in the game video, 


Purely aggressive and thunderous.


Their coaches also seem to have adjusted the BP for their state, and today's PG was completely on fire.


As the only good team in North America, R9's original pride was crushed in front of PG.


The violent beasts came out, causing them to be completely split into three lines.


What Fight operation were these Like a dream, PG's three lines are all top-level operational players.


Working together No use, PG's jungler will steal all the rhythm.


Hardworking R9 didn't realize it at all, and the usual lax training made them completely unable to stabilize their mentality for such a disadvantageous situation.


What kind of team is PG Even the toughest LPL team, KD, could only grind for forty or fifty minutes and die with dignity under this high pressure.


What's more, the North American team whose training volume is far less than the LPL


In the knockout round, PG and R9 played the second 3-0 in this year's World Championship bo5.


The North American forum went silent.

Those posts that predicted how fierce this battle would be and who would lose the pot were no longer discussed.


The schadenfreude European region began to play tricks and ridicule.


Especially the FQ who were angry due to the Group stage battle before, they officially tweeted @R9:


"Brother, we only lost two games in Quarterfinals, and you have lost one more game than us.

So, FQ>R9!"


The North American Division was furious: "But FQ was also killed by KD, and you are also the top eight!"


Yes, the North American and European divisions of the difficult team had to get out of the match together in the Quarter-finals.


After the semi-finals list came out, the qualifying teams were: KD, PG, VT, and KL.


They are all group-stage winners.


The European and American divisions were already laying flat, and now they can do nothing but hurt each other.


In the Korean division, they were still immersed in the joy of their own VT's 3-0 victory over WOW yesterday.


"From the perspective of strength, our No.2 seed = No.1 seed of LPL, so this year's champion must be ours!"


The LPL division was too lazy to take care of LCK's self-healing.

They swept away the frustration of WOW's defeat and became full of confidence again.


"Come on, PG, kill them hard!"


"Finally made it to the semi-finals, woohoo, I, an all-China class, will watch PG now."


"And KD, although KD is not all China, but as long as the LPL team wins, I am happy."


"God forbid, never have a civil war."


The most interesting thing about the Semi-finals is the draw.


If PG draws the South Korean team, it will be a foreign war.


If the old friend KD is drawn, it will be a civil war.


Selfishly, neither China nor South Korea wants a civil war, but a civil war can ensure that a team of their own will definitely make it to the finals, so they are very tangled.


However, the reality does not depend on human will, and the result of the lottery came out.


It's the most unpleasant thing to see-


PG vs KD, VT vs KL.


People couldn't help but complain: "So the Final Four is another summer final The official must have done it on purpose, there is something shady in this draw!"


The LPL audience has no choice.

The palms and backs of the hands are their own meat, so they can only choose their preferred team.


In terms of popularity, it is natural that PG is far better than KD.


One must know that even the first place in the domestic club voting list has changed from BU to PG.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

PG, who had the attention from the World Championship, was attracting fans like a storm with their high appearance and aggressive operation of all members.


From the start of the Group-stage to the current Semi-finals, PG's official Weibo has gained nearly one million new followers.


More people began to pay attention to the tidbits and the team members, especially the combination of four men and one woman in the PG team, which made countless CP parties go crazy.


The "Older age Group", "Same age Group", "Young age Group" and "All Group" have all emerged with high-quality fandom output, and the scale of their popularity on Chaohua has continued to expand.


The PG official staff were also very good at playing.

They know how a traffic club should operate, so they have not suppressed any CP parties, and even occasionally send "tidbits".


The current composition of PG fans is extremely complicated.

Only fans often fight against CP fans, but the noise turns to even more noise.

Whenever they encounter a contest or voting event that they support, they will do their best to give.


In this World Championship, Bi Ming, as the coolest and craziest "Brain" and "Baton" of PG, has become the goddess of countless game nerds, and also made more girls crazy to treat her as a wife, husband, or even daughter.


People can't resist her delicate and fierce goddess-level figure and face, and her past with Chen Zeyang has been mentioned again and again.

Many people think that Chen Zeyang was crazy to give up on Bi Ming to flirt with newcomer.


And Mu Yu couldn't stand the pressure of being compared with Bi Ming by netizens all the time and broke up with Chen Zeyang.


However, Chen Zeyang felt that Mu Yu abandoned him because he was down and out.

She disliked the poor and loved the rich and abandoned him, so backhandedly he posted the high expenses he spent on her on the Internet, saying that he had "Lost his eyes".


Mu Yu was dumbfounded when she saw the insults against her on the Internet, saying that she was a "Green tea woman who worships gold".


In her head, she remembered the connotation of her "understatement" of another girl in the live broadcast room and the audience half a year ago:


"Is Zeyang's ex-girlfriend a Green tea I don't know, but Zeyang is so sad, something must have happened behind the scenes."


Every seemingly unintentional remark at the beginning turned into harm to Lin Nan in public opinion.


Mu Yu finally understood that from that time on, she became a knife in Chen Zeyang's hand, stabbing another innocent girl.


"Chen Zeyang...haha...I'm such a fool."


She put her fingers on the phone and took a deep breath.


Fortunately, I am not Lin Nan, and I will not let this man slander her with empty words.


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