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Chapter 99: Sister Tea relies on herself to kill the whole alliance (28)


The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and there were not many pedestrians in the empty square.

In order to get into the car as soon as possible, Meng Xishang walked quickly with an umbrella.

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Meng Dongliu, who was holding a large bag of hot food by his side, rolled his eyes at his brother: "Are you rushing to reincarnate, don't you see the rain falling on my shoulders"


Meng Xishang was too lazy to pay attention to him.


Li Dingbei held an umbrella alone, wore a hat, and wrapped a pair of masks, holding a cup of hot coffee in his hand.


The manager and team leader walked at the back and expressed their thanks to the driver with a smile.


The umbrella was delivered on time.

Because of the rain, many people at the convenience store took shelter from the rain, and there was a long queue at the checkout.

They thought they would have to wait for a long time, but the thoughtful driver solved their urgent need.


"Shi Zhong and Lin Nan have already boarded the car, oh, did they pass in the rain" After listening to the driver's description, the team leader couldn't help but tut, "Go back and get some hot soup, so that they don't catch a cold."


The manager frowned when he heard it.

The finals will be in a few days, but they made trouble with this rain.


By the time they got in the car, the heating system in the cabin had been turned on, in stark contrast to the cold and wet temperature outside.


"Sister, you are so cunning, why did you sneak here" Meng Dongliu glanced at Shi Zhong who was sitting beside Bi Ming, and hummed a little aggrievedly, "I even bought you delicious food, you didn't wait for me."


The woman leaned lazily on the sofa seat by the window, her eyelashes blinking lightly: "Sorry Dongliu, you are too slow."


Meng Dongliu noticed that her lips seemed to be a little redder than usual, and her short hair behind her ears was a little messy.

He became silent.


"Forget it, forget it, you can take it." The young man looked away with a hot face and handed over the cheese pizza he bought especially for her.




Meng Xishang followed behind his brother, and his eyes fell on Shi Zhong, who was not wearing a coat and had a half-loose neckline.

He was a little puzzled: "Brother Zhong, where's your coat"


The man tidied up the slightly open collar, and his face was as calm as a deep lake: "It's too hot, I took it off." After speaking, he glanced at the girl next to him.

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Meng Xishang followed his line of sight and found that Bi Ming was wearing a coat that was obviously one size larger.


There was a subtle flash in the twins' hearts, but they didn't think much about it, because Li Dingbei also arrived and handed Bi Ming the freshly ground coffee he bought as soon as he got in the car.


"Try this."


Bi Ming was already holding a large bag of food in her hand, but at that moment she looked at the man with some helplessness:


"There are some coffee machines here also, so there's no need to buy them specially."


Meng Xishang next to him stared at the label of the paper cup containing the coffee: "BlueBottle You are quite attentive, Brother Bei."


BlueBottle is a newly opened Internet celebrity coffee shop near the square, which has been very popular on Instagram recently.


Meng Dongliu also looked at Li Dingbei vigilantly: "Little Bei, why did you only buy one cup"


Li Dingbei replied calmly: "It takes six minutes to make a cup now, I don't want to waste time."


"Oh, why didn't you drink it yourself" Shi Zhong suddenly asked.


"I don't..." Li Dingbei was about to respond, but suddenly got stuck in the meaningful sight of the other party.


How should I put it, he went to the coffee shop and only bought her share, which is simply his heart's wish, and everyone knows it.


"I remember Dingbei, don't you like coffee very much" Bi Ming raised her eyebrows and handed back the cup in her hand, "You don't need to give up your love, you can drink it yourself."


"It's okay, I've had it." Because he didn't want to be rejected, Li Dingbei could only lie with difficulty, "In the store."


Bi Ming stared at his thin red face and couldn't help but smile.


It turns out that there are still people in the world who are so bad at lying.

Li Dingbei was like a big wolf dog at the moment, he was so nervous that it couldn't be helped that his ears turned so red.


Shi Zhong glanced sideways at the smiling girl who seemed to get along well, but in his mind, he remembered the scene of intertwining with her earlier.


The passionate kiss made him naturally want to ask for commitment and redefine their relationship.


But the wild rose in his arms lit up with thorns—




He had expected it, but asked her calmly: "Then what are we doing like this"


"Little game to release stress," she branded a kiss on the corner of his lips, her sweet voice like a lover's soothing, "Don't take it too seriously."


He stroked her back, thinking she really is an abyss full of malice.


"The time limit for this game"


"Depends on my mood." The woman fiddled with his Adam's apple badly, and then chuckled, "Have fun, won't you"


"Lin Nan," under her provocation, Shi Zhong tried his best to stabilize the frequency of his breathing, "Why me"


"Because you are Shi Zhong."


Gentle and forbearant, a little prince, who came out of the mud and is not stained, is the type she wants to taste patiently.


When Shi Zhong saw her sweet smile and the strong interest in her deep pupils, his heart jumped.


This sucks-


He wanted to reject such an ambiguous and frivolous relationship, his mouth opened, but he couldn't say a word.


Because his red lips have been pressed down again.


When they fit together, it seems to melt his heart.


All limbs and bones were screaming and sinking, Shi Zhong narrowed his eyes and finally satisfied her willfulness.


Even drinking poison to quench his thirst would at least ease his thirst.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

As for more, he will slowly ask her for it little by little.


After all, they still have enough time, don't they




The finals were to be held in Los Angeles.


This metropolis known as the "City of Angels" is also the birthplace of the twins, so once they got here, they encouraged Guo Xiong to let everyone play here for a few days before leaving after the game.


"Sister Lin's birthday, I remember it's in November," Meng Xishang thought about it on the way to the hotel, "Big Bear, I think since we are just here let's just help her have a birthday party."


"Let's talk after the game." Guo Xiong didn't give a clear answer, "It mainly depends on your performance in the final."


After all, the final is a Sino-Korea war, and their PG represents the whole Chinese class.

If they lose, let alone stay and play, things can become so serious that the angry LPL fans may directly tear them apart.


Coach Pyo, who stayed up late to analyze the video of the game, rubbed his dark circles and yawned tiredly: "Don't even think about partying, prepare for the battle, VT is not so easy to play against."


In the semi-finals, KL, who relied on their new routine of black technology to win by surprise, still lost to VT, who had prepared and played steadily and lost to the opponent with a score of 2-3.


The LCK No.1 seed could not beat the No.2 seed, which also surprised the audience.


But after thinking about it again, KL in the Summer game got a narrow victory over VT, and the strength between the two was 45:55%.


And as the version of the World Championship changes, it is not so difficult to accept that team VT who is more adaptable to the wild-core version won.


Originally ambitious, KL, who wanted to compete with the "Cosmos team" PG, finally failed to meet PG.


This has probably become a big regret for KL, so in interviews with the media of various major regions after the game, the team members also mentioned this point.


"After the Semi-finals were grouped out, we agreed with PG to meet in the finals.

Now we have broken our promise so we apologize to our PG's friends.

Brother Seung Hyun also said that he wanted to shake hands with Lin, which is really regrettable."


"Hope VT cheers up and brings back that trophy for the LCK."


However, such a speech caused dissatisfaction in the LCK division.

Many Korean fans thought that KL, as the No.

1 seed, had such a gentle attitude towards PG and lacked an aggressive spirit, no wonder they lost to VT.


In contrast, VT's post-match interview won the hearts of South Korean "Wolf Warriors":


"We are here to recast the glory of the LCK."


"I want to tell the world that the dynasty belonging to VT will come again."


"We face PG with full confidence."


In front of the camera, everyone in VT paused word by word and spoke with serious expressions.

They looked confident as if the championship was already theirs.


The LPL audience was also a little worried because VT has never lost in a big game, and this World Championship version is very suitable for a team like VT that relies on operations and strict control of resources.


If PG is a sharp spear that pierces three-way aggressively, then VT is a strong shield that integrates offense and defense.


Contradiction is also a major highlight of the final.


In the past few days, the LPL division was also going all out to provide the players with the best support.


The officials invited big-name stars to record videos and offer blessings for the finals.


Fans made aerial drone videos and cheered for PG.


Team Super also held a support competition, and all the gods of painting, editing and even composing music, big and small, were dispatched to produce a lot of support works with heart.


At the same time, PG, as the only All-China class that has entered the finals for so many years, has repeatedly surpassed the peaks of previous sessions.

The collective sense of honor of the Chinese people is particularly evident in competitive events.


The most obvious is the influx of newcomers to the game forums.

They don't even know the rules of League of Legends, but it does not affect their enthusiasm for learning about PG.


The sponsors who signed advertisements with PG in advance couldn't wait to act, and the promotion of soft advertising spreads in major cities like spiderwebs.

With the hot search of Weibo finals and the subway promotional videos of eight major cities in China, the overwhelming posture also made this situation overwhelming.

The heat of the final was unprecedented in history.


For this kind of grand occasion, the PG training in the hotel had no time to pay attention and no time to respond.


These days, they even have meals in the "Training room" specially provided by the hotel.


In less than five days of preparation time, the talented PG once again digested the experience of playing against various major teams recently, and integrated it into their training, checking for leaks and filling vacancies, and the entire team also seemed to be tightly fitted after lubrication.

Their gears turned faster and faster.


On Finale day.


The organizer specially invited a super popular pop band for the opening ceremony of the S competition, with beautiful stage special effects, creating a visual feast.


Passionate songs, a colorful stage, and the audience holding red and white fluorescent inflatable sticks with hopeful eyes together built a magnificent scene.


The mature 3D projection technology makes the heroes of LOL appear real, together with their gorgeous and dazzling skills, causing round after round of screams on the stage, and the atmosphere is so hot that it seems like a little fire.


At the end of the performance, the players gradually walked out from the white fog, and the cheers at the scene reached a climax.


After the PG and VT players stood on the left and right, in the center of the stage, the blond host started to introduce the participating teams and players with a high and enthusiastic voice—


"First, representing the LPL, PeakGlory!"


Along with his voice, the spotlight above PG's head snapped on, illuminating the figures of the five people.


One has to admit, the face is really important.


The tall and handsome men and women had smiles on their lips, and they looked confident and calm.

Even in the most critical LCK live broadcast room, no gangster dares to belittle their appearance.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

According to the words of the LPL side, just looking at their appearance, they have already won.


Sure enough, when it was time to introduce VT, the bulky top laner, and the pimple-ridden jungler...

Even if they look aggressive with their arms up, it still makes people feel short out of thin air.


At this time, domestic fans seemed to have forgotten the black history of spraying PG as the "Idol team" in the past but instead said proudly: "No way, these people are more dead looking than our people.

Our children who grow flowers are more handsome than these.

We are better, even if we want to keep a low profile."


Of course, this little episode soon disappeared after the two sides were seated in their game seats, and was replaced by a screen full of "PG Come on".


In the first game, VT first banned PG's few heroes who could swing up, middle and bottom lanes, as it was very difficult to deal with Qinggang.


But PG didn't care about it, and the Qinggang tactics was just one of their choices.


However, VT second-hand chose to ban Syndra, who was recently played brilliantly by Shi Zhong.

Obviously, they had studied the hero pool from the World Championship about the PG side.


As the holder of the Dark Lord's champion skin, Shi Zhong can make his opponents tremble as soon as he gets this hero, although,, in the current version, this hero is not very popular.


"Clock's Syndra is not in the same concept as other people's Syndra." This was the evaluation given to Shi Zhong by European and American commentators in the last Semi-finals match.


But it was very interesting that, out of contempt for Bi Ming, they actually left out from banning the most powerful hero the Leopard Girl for the jungler.


PG couldn't believe that such a good thing would happen in the World Championship and grabbed it decisively.


LPL's barrage also frantically raised question marks.


[Is VT crazy Leopard women, they dare to let go]


[No, haven't they heard that Leopard woman hero is Sister Nan's main force]


[PG also laughed here, probably didn't expect the other side to be so tough.]


VT's jungler saw that the male gun was banned by PG, they couldn't help but swallow, and felt a little uneasy: "Well, if the opponent is the leopard girl, the jungle area doesn't seem to be very easy to fight."


"Boy, do you think you can't beat a woman" VT's top laner sneered, "Are you scared"


"No, no—"


"Her Leopard Girl relies heavily on the strength of her teammates' lanes, but we will hold back the other PGs, and you still have Kindred." Coach VT looked at the youngest jungler and reassured him, "As long as you don’t give away the jungles' economy in the early stage, everything will be good.

It’s more useful for you to play in a group in later stages.”


"And we will support you then."


"But Brother Junying...

The opposite side is Shi Zhong."


As the LCK No.1 mid laner, VT's mid laner calmly glanced at the little jungler beside him: "Don't worry, I can handle Clock's side."


However, having been on the field for many years, looking at the Leopard Girl who was released, a hint of worry flashed in his heart.


Can things really go as smoothly as the Coach says


The jungler Lin on the opposite side, he has met her in the Hanbok rankings, the opponent is by no means simply aggressive and reckless, and her mind is terrifyingly meticulous.


But because of the unpleasantness of the elevator that day, the teammates wanted to teach her a lesson.


The reason for releasing Leopard Girl this time is to tell the opposite party—


Even if you have a strong jungler, you can't beat us.


This is a proud declaration that VT hides in their hearts, they never thought about losing.


After all, how can a man from the Republic of Korea lose to a woman Just for the men's faces, they will go all out.


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