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Inside the base, Miss Kim and Han were running away when the carnivore suddenly landed in front of them. Han pushed Miss Kim to one side and stood his ground with a frown on his face. This woman wanted him right Then she was going to have to work for it! Didnt she know that his life was no longer so cheap!

The carnivore looked Han from top to bottom with a calculative look. She was a bit surprised by Hans appearance. Unlike she had heard about the [Unchanged] he wasnt large or bulky and he didnt even have that aura that they all had, he was very thin. Was this man an [Unchanged] She would have to cut him open and find out before some other carnivore realized that he was here.

She kicked off the ground and slammed into Han and Han felt his knee buckle as he caught her hands in his. They tried to push each other back, but the carnivore was surprised again when she found it difficult to make Han budge. His strength was not small!

Han Luo, meanwhile, was having a hard time even holding her back.. he couldnt believe her strength was this much! Was there some sort of drug that made her like this! he felt her increase her effort and his legs buckled under him. If he did not do anything then he would surely fall here. Han quickly dropped some points into strength.

[you have used 8 free points. You have gained 8 strength]

Name – Han Luo

Level – 9

Strength – 22

Stamina – 23

Agility – 15

Intelligence – 25

Free Points – 16

Skills – [Critical Hit – 10] [Crowd Control – 5] [Critical thinking – 2]

The carnivore immediately felt the increase in strength and her shock was not small. She could see that Han was now able to push her back, even though he couldnt even hold her in place before. Did this man have some sort of hidden power She had never heard of a man awakening in the middle of a battle! Maybe he was the sort to get stronger by fighting! this was good. She had to train him to make sure he would get as strong as possible here. That would mean his meat would be even sweeter now!

The carnivore grunted as she let go of Hans hand and kicked him into the wall. She looked around and saw that Miss Kim had disappeared. It didnt matter to her. there was only one exit from this place and she was going t be here till the woman comes out again!

“You got stronger,”

The carnivore said this to Han Luo while walking up to him and taking a sniff of his skin. Her entire body shivered like she was in the cold wind. His smell was too good! His meat would be like candy for her!

Han was shocked that his increase in strength did not even change the outcome of the battle at all Was this woman that strong How did she get so strong!

“How did you get your strength”

The woman asked Han while releasing a menacing aura. Han was not going to answer her. He was more interested in increasing his strength once more!

Now that he knew he was at a disadvantage, he was going to have to go all out. He had sixteen free points left, so he took them and added them to various attributes.

[You have used 15 free points. You have gained 5 Strength. You have gained 5 Stamina. You have gained 5 Agility]

Han felt his body grow even stronger to the point where he now knew professional wrestlers would not be a match for him. The shock on the carnivores face was not small. She could smell that he had just become even sweeter. Was this man not fermenting meat How is he getting even more delicious as time goes on! Han lashed a hand out and slammed it into the face of the carnivore. She stumbled back and Han climbed out from the wall.

She massaged her jaw for a moment before smiling at him. So this was how he wanted to play She had been willing to let him live before. Maybe he could serve as a brooding mare to make more children that smelt and tasted like him. But now that he challenged her, she is going to kill him and store his met in a freezer! She didnt have any patience for brooding mares who were only rebellious!

“I am going to use your body to decorate my nest!”

The two titans clashed in the hall and they began tearing up the place. Their strength was now equal and the carnivore could only watch in shock as many of her punches did nothing to Han Luo. Was this man even an [Unchanged] she had never heard of this sort of growth in them!

Even among the carnivores, her strength was not small. So how was this man able to keep up with her so easily when he couldnt even hold her back before. She was now using her full strength to battle him and the shock didnt stop. Han Luo was matching her blow for blow. Every kick she lashed out would be countered by a kick from him. Every punch she brought out was dodged and returned.





Han Luo was not conscious of anything happening around him. He only had the thought of winning. If her fell there then it would be the end for him! He would never get to go back and fornicate with beautiful women!! This woman was stopping the natural course of history from occurring!!!

Hans punches became even heavier and the woman had to retreat before she became overwhelmed. This man was not ordinary at all. Did he have another awakening in the middle of the battle! How is he able to dish out heavier punches that a carnivore cannot even match!!

“You are very strong. But do you think this is enough to take me down I have lived here for five years ad everything here belongs to me. Natural selection has given me enough strength to be the top predator here for these five years. There is nothing that can contest my strength! If you value the life of the woman you came here with, then you will surrender to me!”

The woman said this while stretching her hand out. Han Luo could only stare at her in shock. Was this woman a B-List villain from all those horrible shows his sister always watches! Like that Frieza that always has a log monologue before failing to beat even one person on earth She was not embarrassed to do something like this!

“I dont care if you go for her, buy do you think you can just turn your back to me You better focus on the battle here or I will stab you in the back!”

Han Luo ran towards the woman and tackled her into a wall. He bashed her face in, but she managed to throw him off and jump away from him. Then suddenly, there was another change. Her eyes flashed aggressively and Han Luo realized that she was no longer playing around with him! She has gotten serious now! She ran towards him and Han Luo raised his left hand to block her punch.




Han Luo did not know that the woman still had more strength than when he blocked it, his hand immediately bent and cracked at the bone. Han Luo was tackled to the ground and the carnivore tried to take a bite to from his skin, but he wasnt going to die so easily! He already lived a bitter life where luck ran away from him like his high school girlfriends! This world was going to b different! Han Luo swore to make this world his bitch!

The carnivore was shocked when Han Luo suddenly kicked her off him and pushed her to the ground. She didnt expect him to even move with that injury he had. Was this man a monster!

She saw him get off the ground quickly before his smell suddenly increased. It became even sweeter! This man did not have a limit! Was he just going to keep o getting better and better!

Han Luo slammed his fist into her chest while increasing his strength by 1 at the same time. This sudden increase allowed his hand to travel past her chest and into her heart. The carnivore looked at Han with disbelief on her face. Did she lose to this green bean Was this going to be the end for her After all the meat she saved up all these years to survive. Was this how she died Alone

Han Luo fell on top f the woman as he felt his strength leave him. He didnt care that he just took a life. She was going to kill his ad for him there was no law like jungle law.

If you want to kill him then be prepared to lose your life as well. His life was not so cheap!!

“You have done well. Never did I think a mere [Unchanged] would be able to take me down. But you better watch out. Now that I am dead, the others will not wait anymore. I was the only thing keeping them away, but now, they all will come for you. Goodluck.. young.. [Unchanged]”

The woman said this just before her eyes closed and she passed away.

[You have defeated one Carnivore. You have leveled up three times to level 11. You have gained 10 Strength. You have gained 5 Stamina. You have gained 5 Intelligence. You have gained 5 Free points. You have gained the active skill [Blood Lust]]

Han wasnt able to do anything more because he was so tired.. He just fell unconscious while lying on top of the woman and cursing the fact that the first woman he slept on was a mad carnivore! Ha, what a cruel world.


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