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That was the sound of something hitting the window of the cafeteria. Han quickly went to see what it was and he became confused when he saw a group of men standing below. They were all rough looking with either cliche spiked vests or dark sunglasses that they were not meant to be wearing at night. The one in front was a big man with bulging muscles and a frown on his face.

“Kim Park! I know youre in there!”

Han looked back at Miss Kim to see that she was just looking down at them with bored eyes. She didnt even care about them at all!

“Come down here! I wont leave like last time! Today I either take you with me, or you die!”

Who was this idiot shouting in the middle of this night Did he want to attract every zombie around the city to this place Han went to grab a bottle of soda from the stock they got from the supermarket. The man was standing directly below the window, so when Han opened the bottle and poured the liquid out the window, it dropped right on his head!

Dont bring your stupidity near my new hideout.

“What! Who dares disrespect me like this!”

“Shut up you idiot! Were trying to sleep!”

The big idiot swiped his head with his hand and took off his sunglasses angrily. His eyes were squinted and Han couldnt help but laugh at the sight of it. Was this man trying to court Miss Kim Should he not look in a mirror and fix himself first Maybe it was the removal of modesty that gave him the idea that he could get any woman he wanted. This worlds dynamics was really skewed now.

“Kim Park. Who is this dead man that you have in your shelter! Is he the one you want to use to replace me! if this is all you can settle for after five years of chasing away people, then you are shallow!”

Han saw Miss Kim narrow her eyes at the man and he realized that the man mustve struck a nerve with her. So she was still chaste even after losing all her modesty This was surprising. Han didnt expect much from her seeing her like this made him respect her a little bit… just a little.

If this man was going to keep doing this then Han would never get any sleep. He needed to make him leave so Han pretended like he was angry at him for talking to Miss Kim.

“If you think you are man enough then come up here! Ill teach you a good lesson!”

Han shouted down at the man with confidence. He was going to make the man lose his head then beat him to a pulp when he came here. This world only respected the strong, so if he wanted this man to leave, then he had to show he was stronger.

The mans face turned an unhealthy shade of blue and Han saw he was already about to come up, but then there was a roar of a zombie from the side and the man frowned and turned to his boys.

“Well come back tomorrow! If you think you are man enough then wait here till then!”

Th man entered a car and they all drove off just as a hoard of zombies arrived at the school. But these zombies were very slow! Han was even sure he could have outrun them in his previous state easily.

“The zombies gain energy from sunlight.”

Miss Kim began to explain to him when she saw the confusion on his face. She was surprised by the way he protected her, even though he just met her. She did not remember meeting someone like him before, so why would he go out of his way to protect her.

Han nodded and watched one of the zombies bite into a telephone pole. He suddenly had a very crazy idea in his head. If the zombies were slow now, wouldnt it be easier to go hunting at night They would be easier targets and he didnt have to worry about outrunning them.

He turned to Miss Kim and asked, “Do you have any weapons Like a bat or a knife”

When Miss Kim heard this the first thought she had was that he wanted to chase after the big idiot and hunt him down. She wasnt against killing people, but she didnt think it was a good idea to chase him back to his shelter. The men there numbered in the hundreds. They would easily overwhelm Han.

Han noticed her reluctance and tried reassured her with a smile, “I just want to go hunting. I wont chase the idiot down.”

Miss Kim couldnt understand what Han meant by hunting. Was he going to catch a wild animal They already had enough food to last them for a while. But if he wanted to do something dangerous then she wasnt going to stop him, he could probably take care of himself.

Miss Kim gave Han a metal bat and then watched as Han jumped down from the window ad disappeared into the night. She thought he was a very strange man.

Han became busy killing the many zombies that were lumbering around. He was already very strong with how high his strength and agility was, so it was no problem for him to take off their heads or tear their body apart with only one swing. In the time he had been killing these monsters, he had received an extra ten free points. He was now at a point where killing a hundred regular zombies would probably make no difference for him anymore.

Name – Han Luo

Level – 6

Strength – 14

Stamina – 20

Agility – 15

Intelligence – 25

Free Points – 17

Skills – [Critical Hit – 10] [Crowd Control – 5]

He also managed to upgrade his passive skill and increase them by five points each. Han bashed in the head of another zombie – this one must have been number two hundred – when he finally received a new notification.

[You have leveled up to level 7. You have gained a new passive skill [Critical Thinking]]

[[Critical Thinking] – When activated, it grants you a 50% boost intelligence. Chances of activation vary with level]

Oh, another critical skill. Han was ecstatic to see what he could do with his new skill. Would he be able to remember things better than before! Or maybe it will give him a brain boost for difficult situations! the possibilities were endless!

Han also didnt want to use his free points up yet. Then he had been high on adrenaline and needed the boosts at the start of the journey, but now that he was already this strong he didnt need to use it all without thinking. Han decided that he was going to keep his free points till he got into a difficult situation where he needed a massive boost.

Ha suddenly sighed as he felt fatigue wash over him. He had been hunting for a long time, and even though he had far more stamina than ever before he was still tired. He wanted to rest before morning came. So Han went back to the school they were using as a shelter and got some rest.

The next day Han and Miss Kim were moving across the streets of City C, trying to find a radio to use. Han told Miss Kim that they needed to know what was going on out there before they would be able to find a safe route out of the city. The only place that had the sort of radio he was looking for was on the other side of the city in a security camp that had been overrun by Zombies a long time ago.

People have been trying to get into the camp to use the radio for a long time now, but the number of zombies here was too much! Miss Kim had even gathered a team once to raid it, but most of them were wiped out and the rest of them were forced to run for their lives when the zombies became too much. That was where she was gotten the injury on her hand and after that day she never tried going near it again.

At least until today.

With Han here, she was sure she would be able to get into the base. His strength was above that of normal men. She didnt know anybody that could take out an entire hoard of zombies the way he could so she was going to trust in him.

Han led the way towards the base and kept his eyes peeled for any movement of Zombies around him.

“What department did you work in, Han”

Miss Kim asked this as they were walking toward the base, surprising Han. He wasnt expecting her to suddenly ask about his life. Han wondered if he should tell her the truth about working in a department right under her. He didnt want a situation where he could no longer use her because she became hairy or started thunk she was bigger than him. She was still useful for now.

But Han didnt think anything would change even if he told her. This Miss Kim was different from the one from the past. And besides, he could still manipulate her even if she remembers him.

“I worked under Jin Ham,” Han said while looking around to make sure they werent being followed by any zombies.

Miss Kims face suddenly changed to one of surprise. How can someone this extraordinary work directly under her and not be recognized There was no way!

“Did you never meet me”

“I met you sometimes. But we never really had any conversation,”

Unless you were slapping me. Han was still angry about the last time he had met Miss Kim. He knew he had messed up her meeting with some important people, but the way she handled it was very rude! He was a human being who could make mistakes too!

Miss Kim noticed how Han became quiet and decided to stop asking questions. He did not look like he wanted to talk about his time at her company. Was she a terrible boss She didnt remember ever treating any of her employees badly.

Maybe Han was bullied by some of his coworkers


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