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“I have a shelter outside the city. I am running out of food and I had to get more. That is why I came to this store. What about you”

Han nodded at her answer. It seems this wasnt the only place like this in the city. Was the entire world like this

“I came from outside the city also. But I dont know how to fight, I am just stronger than most people”

Han didnt want to tell Miss Kim that he was using a system. She would probably not even believe him. So he just gave her enough to satisfy her curiosity. From the way Miss Kim frowned, she was not pleased with his answer, but Han knew she would accept it. She couldnt tell he was lying at all!

Now he needed to know what happened to this world.

“Do you know what happened to these people”

Han pointed to the men lying dead on the floor. He couldnt ignore it any longer. He figured it out a long time ago, but the need for survival pushed his remorse out of the way to allow him to kill them easily. But now that he was no longer fighting, he couldnt deny that what he was killing used to be real people.

Miss Kim was uncomfortable and it showed on her face, “I dont know. This all started five years ago and people just started turning into monsters. It was like the end of the world!”

‘Wow, so she survived all this for five years

Han was actually impressed. He knew Miss Kim was part of the upper section of society, so for someone like her to survive all these things for five years was impressive.

Han also realized that he was not in another world at all. He was been sent to the future. What was it that beautiful woman said in the void I have to find the answer to go back. Was this how things would be in five years!

What happened to the world

“You said you have a shelter,” Han asked and Miss Kim nodded, “Ill help you carry some of the food back if youll give me shelter for some time.”

Han saw how Miss Kim immediately became guarded and he could understand her fear. She was a lone woman living in this apocalypse and he was a lone man asking to live in her shelter. I could be a rapist or even a thief who would attack her when she was vulnerable.

Han didnt know it, but he had already begun thinking at an even faster rate than before. His intelligence was now at 25 and his mind had risen to even higher levels, allowing him to think far deeper about things.

Han rose his hand again.

“I just want to stay for a few days. I promise I wont attack you. I just need a place to form a plan for getting out of the city”

Miss Kim perked up at what he said and Han knew he had her right here he wanted her. Hahaha!!

“Youre leaving the city C-Can you take me with you Ill only allow you to stay if you take me with you!”

Miss Kim was now standing directly in front of Han and Hans eyes trailed down into her shirt. Han couldnt believe it. it was right in front of him, but he still couldnt believe it.

Did these babies get bigger!!!

It was like a dream come true. The ever-growing breasts! Miss Kim who was once a 36D now had to be at least 45D!!

Was it normal for breasts to grow like this It was quite scary actually… haha!

Han nodded to Miss Kim and she clapped happily!

“Oh, youll do it! That great! Come on! Lets take as many as we can!”

Miss Kim was very happy because Han agreed to take her with him. She has been trying to get out of the city for a while now, but she could never fight off the hoards of zombies alone. Now that this strong man was agreeing to help her, she was very sure she could get out.

The two of them packed many boxes of food into their hands and they went out to the back of the store. There was a car parked there and Miss Kim put all the boxes inside before they drove off.

Her shelter was a small school on the outside of the city.

Miss Kim parked the car she brought far from it so the noise wouldnt attract any zombies and they carried the boxes the rest of the way. Throughout the journey, Han asked a lot of questions about what happened to the world.

He learned that this Miss Kim had been the CEO of H&C till five years ago when the zombies arrived. The world governments had tried immediately to quarantine the zombies into only CIty C, but they werent fast enough and the zombies managed to overrun most of the world. The only safe place was a small city east of City C where most of the humans had run to for safety.

The governments abandoned everyone else to their fates.

Miss Kim had been together with some people who were all trying to survive here when the governments left them, but she fell out of favor with them for some reason and she left on her own.

Han was gaining more and more reasons to believe that this world was not another world but instead the future of his world.

‘But if this was the future, then what happened with Rina What even happened to me Was I killed Or is this body my future self

The two scavengers entered the school and made their way to the main cafeteria. This was Miss Kims main hiding spot. There were a bunch of clothes to one side that acted as a bed and a blanket over it all.

Although they were the same person, Han still thought this Kim was very different from the one Han knew. She wasnt afraid to get her hands dirty and she wasnt up-tight and snobbish like the other one. Ths Miss Kim was the very definition of a street girl.

“I never got your name,”

Miss Kim said this while taking the boxes Han brought with him. She dropped them to one side of the room and began taking things out and sorting them.

“My name is Han. Han Luo,”

Han went to look outside the window and saw that the city was getting dark. It was almost nighttime. He heard shuffling from behind him and he turned around to see heavens gate standing before him. In the form of Miss Kims naked chest!!!

“What are you doing!”

Miss Kim frowned at Han and grabbed another shirt from the side. She threw it on and crossed her hands.

“Why are you acting like that. Where did you come from for this to be something big for you”

Miss Kim was more shocked by Hans reaction. In this world, they had already gotten rid of things like modesty and shyness. When you were hiding in a room with thirty people and had to use the toilet, you either get rid of your shyness or you do the deed on yourself. Modesty has never helped anyone!

Han sighed when he saw that she had worn her top. He couldnt believe this. This was normal for them! Since when was Miss Kims glorious chest a feast for all eyes! How dare those monsters do this to modesty!!

“I dont care what you think but you should have more respect for your body!”

Miss Kim scoffed, shocking Han intensely. Was he the weird one here Was this so normal that it was now weird to even have any form of modesty at all!

“Those monsters out there dont care about your modesty. If you think using your clothes to hide your body is more important than your life then theyll just use those clothes to drag you to your death!”

Miss Kim said something that shocked Han to the core. He wondered if all the people here were like this. If they were, then he would probably never fit in.

Dont get him wrong, there was nothing wrong with Han. It would normally be his greatest dream to have every woman around him flashing their babies with careless abandon! But then it would no longer have any mystery!

The most important aspects of breasts were their mystery! The fact that imagination would always be greater than reality gave the mind even greater power to imagine what they looked like when uncovered. Every new one was a new mystery to be unlocked! Every layer of cloth that covers it only gives it one more layer of mystery to be uncovered!

How could they take that away by simply flashing all these zombies!!

Han cried tears of blood!!

“H-Hey! Whats all this now! Why are you crying!!”

Miss Kim frantically tried to get Han to calm down but Han was inconsolable! This lack of modesty could mean the end of his libido as he knew it!! And he was only just beginning to live life too!!

It was truly the apocalypse!!


After some time, Han calmed down and they sat down to talk about what to do next. Han still had the idea of leaving the city, but now that he knew there was only one settlement around, he would have to change his destination to that place.

The woman in the void told him that he needed to find the answer. Han didnt know why, but he was sure the woman had been talking about the zombie invasion. If he found the answer to why these zombies were here, then he would be able to go back home.

Or at least he hoped so.


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