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As he walked, he suddenly heard a shout from down the street. But this one wasnt like all the other ones. It sounded like a woman screaming. Han quickly ran towards the store at his full speed. He found that he could jump over cars and perform other tricky skills easier now that he increased his agility and stamina. If he tried some of the things before he came here then he was sure he would have broken his legs!

The scream came from inside a convenience store and Han threw the door open and entered inside. He immediately had to duck as a zombie tried to swipe his head off his shoulder. Han smashed the metal pole into the zombies jaw and it died immediately. There were many more zombies around and Han immediately went about killing them. They were only advanced and regular zombies and Han had become an expert at taking their lives.

He slammed his pole into the last zombie and its skull smashed into pieces.

[You have leveled up to level 6. you have gained 7 free points. You have gained 2 Stamina. You have unlocked passive skill [Crowd Control]]

[[Crowd Control] – Grants user a 1% extra chance of activating [Critical Hit] for every one extra enemy attacking. User is also granted 5% stats for every member working with him]

Han smiled when he saw these notifications. This meant he was getting even stronger!

“Oh, thats right. wasnt there a woman here before”

Han looked around the room and finally saw her hiding behind one of the shelves. He didnt want to scare her so he put down the metal rod.

“Hey. Are you okay”

The woman looked out from behind the shelf and Hans eyes flew wide open.

This was Miss Kim Park!!

What happened to her! The woman he knew had a haughty expression on her face at all times. She always wore regal clothing and her skin was without a blemish, but this woman had scars all along her arm. Her trouser looked like they had seen far better days and her hair was in disarray. It was scattered all over the place like she hadnt brushed it in a long time. She looked scared.

Miss Kim looked out from her hiding place and looked at all the dead zombies on the ground before looking back at Han. Did this man kill all of them How was that even possible! it usually took a full grown man to take care of a single Regular Zombie. How can this simple-looking man kill all these Zombies with only a metal pole

“Uh… Miss Kim”

Miss Kims eyes snapped towards Han and he blinked at the glare she was giving him. Didnt she recognize him

“How do you know my name”

Miss Kim said this while moving back cautiously. Han rose his hand up to show her he didnt have anything there. He didnt know what this woman had gone through, but it was obvious that she didnt recognize him at all. What sort of lie could he tell here He could say he just guessed, but he knew that would be stupid. The guess was too accurate. So instead he decided to go with something obvious.

“I… I just thought you looked a lot like Miss Kim. I remember you from H&C advertisement,”

Han waited to see her reaction, and just like he expected, she calmed down a little. This was interesting. This meant he was in a world that also had H&C advertisement firm., or at least it used to. And this Miss Kim was also the owner of this H&C advertisement firm.

‘Just what happened to you

Miss Kim calmed down once she heard that the man had been in H&C advertisement. That means he wasnt stalkng her. She could use him if he was this strong. She had to get on his good side now that he recognized her.

“Oh, were you a worker there. Thank you for helping me. I wanted to get some food from here but I didnt know there was a zombie hiding in the store. I managed to kill it but the noise brought in many more”

Han nodded. He understood that these things were drawn to noise a lot. He was still a bit on guard with this Miss Kim though, after all, this was the woman that slapped and fired him no more than twelve hours ago. His first thought was to get revenge on her, but with how she was looking, would he be able to get any revenge. She looks like she already went through hell itself

‘But I dont think she recognises me yet. Should I test her and see if she is just acting to gain favor But who can act that well This woman looks like she has been through hell, I dont think she would even know how to hide her emotions that well

Han dropped his hands and picked up the metal rod from the ground. This time Miss Kim didnt flinch or step back since she believed him to be a friend.

“You dont remember me, Miss Kim”

Han said this with a frown on his face and Miss Kim frowned as well. She could lose favor with him if she didnt remember him. But how could she remember everyone that worked at her firm before That was five years ago!

“Im sorry. But I really dont remember you. Were you a member of Jin Hams team”

Han felt anger rising in him once again at the mention of that mans name. She managed to remember that bastard but she didnt remember the person she slapped and threw out.

But there was no use in getting angry because of something like that. Han needed to first find out where he was and what exactly happened here. He will definitely have his revenge. For now he would just use her to his advantage.

“You said you came to get food. Why would you need to get food”

Miss Kim eyed Han strangely. He didnt think his question was strange so he didnt know why she was looking at him like that. It was weird for a woman who once owned a large firm like H&C to be gathering food. Even in a situation like this wouldnt she be in some safe haven with her family

“You. Where are you from Where did you learn to fight like this”

Han was surprised by her question. She did not answer his own and even added her own question on top of it. This was more like the Miss Kim he knew. The woman who was called the most influential woman of the century. What an opportunistic leach.

But Han wasnt going to just let her get what she wanted. He wasnt the same person he was before that just allowed anyone walk over him. Gaining power and intelligence always changes a man. And for Han, it gave him courage unlike never before!

“I will answer your question if you answer mine”

Miss Kim smiled. This was obviously the outcome she was hoping for.. It seems the man wasnt so simple.


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