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“Yes, Im sorry I couldnt pay this months installment. I promise to pay them all next month. No, Im not trying to cheat you out of your money! I Swear!”

Han cut the phone and threw himself back on his bed. That had been the loan sharks that his parents had borrowed money from asking about the installment for this month. Han didnt have any money on him to pay, so he could only beg them to give him more time.

He was embarrassed to go see Rina like he would always do. He didnt know how to tell her that he lost his job. To think that his little sister would now be the breadwinner of the family. Was he not a failure of a brother

Departure time – 00:05:00

Han sighed and he felt the fatigue from everything that happened today coming all at once. Once he closed his eyes he was already asleep.

Depature time – 00:04:00

Departure time – 00:02:00

Departure time – 00:00:00.

[Time of departure reached. Host will now be transported]

“H..n! ..an! H..an! Han!”

Hans eyes flew open at the mention of his name and he stood up slowly from the ground. This place Where was he Hadnt he been in his room just a second ago! What was going on!

Han looked around him to see only a white void surrounding him. He looked down at himself and he realized that he was naked! What sort of kinky dreams has he been having since last night! First that weird screen and now this!

“Wait. The weird screen. Is it still there”

Han had completely ignored the screen since he first saw it yesterday and only thought about it now that he was in trouble.

Departure time – 00:00:00

Was this where he would depart to There was nothing here!

“Its rude to ignore people, you know”

Han turned round in freight and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen standing there. She had on black leather pants and a tight top with a lab coat covering everything. But even with all that, Han could tell that her breasts were even larger than Rinas! This woman was a first-class beauty.

“Fufufuf! Thank you!”

The woman laughed like shre had heard exactly what Han thought and Han took a step back in surprise. Did she just read his mind

“Yes, I did. And dont worry, I wont be here for long. If youre wondering where you are, this is the Multi-dimensional Analyser and Projection Scape. But you can call it the Multiscape for short.”

That wasnt the first thing Han wanted to know actually. He would have been far happier knowing where his clothes were!

“Where are my clothes!”

The woman looked at him like he was speaking a foreign language. She waved a hand and her clothes changed to a long red gown with a long slit a the side. Hans little buddy immediately began to react at the sight of her long legs. He was a twenty six year old man who has never even touched a girl before, talk less of having any kind of sex with them. This was too stimulating.


The woman laughed again and Han felt his little buddy jump even higher at her sultry nature.

‘No! Stay down little buddy! Stop this!

“You can will clothes to appear and they will. This is the multi scape, anything you can imagine here becomes a reality,”

Han immediately thought of a shirt and trousers and he sighed in relief when it appeared. His little buddy was still excited, but at least he wasnt flashing the beautiful woman.

Now that Han wasnt naked anymore, he finally managed to get his brain to start thinking about important things, like why he was here at all. He probably wasnt dreaming. He never had this level of control in his dreams. He would have definitely abused it if he did. And he has never met any woman as beautiful as this one in his life. How can he dream of something he has never seen before.

“Am I dead” Han asked this with all seriousness. It was the only explanation he could come up with. This woman was probably his gift for all the bad luck he endured in the previous life. He would have to thank whatever deity was looking after him!

“Fufufuf!” the woman laughed again with her hand over her moth. The way she moved did beautiful things to her breasts and now that she was no longer wearing the lab coat, Hans eyes feasted on it all.

“You are really a strange one, arent you Even with all the bad luck you have, you can still joke and see the bright side to things. No wonder you were chosen”

Chosen Han thought.

“What was I chosen for”

The words the woman said next was said with such seriousness that Han couldnt even entertain the thought of her messing with him. This woman looked him right in the eye and told him.

“You are going to save the world. Or die trying,”

Han could only stare at her in shock.

“Save the world! Me!”

Han just heard something crazy coming out from this womans mouth. She was telling him he had to save the world! How can a useless person like him save the world!

“It is that uselessness that makes you the perfect candidate,”

The woman said while walking up to Han. Her red dress changed back into the trouser and top with a lab coat and Han felt a pang of disappointment run through him. But this wasnt the time for such nonsense! What was this woman talking about!

“Look I dont know who you are, but how do you expect me to save the world I dont even know how to save my own job. I am a useless person who cant take care of himself properly. Please dont joke with me like this,”

Hans hands were clenched and he glared at the woman. He didnt want anybody trucking him like this.

Han saw the womans expression turn solemn. She looked down and sighed before nodding. He didnt know if she was nodding to what he said or if she was thinking of something in her mind, but what she said next surprised him even more.

“We know. We have been monitoring you for a long time and we decided you are the perfect candidate for saving the world.After all, the power wouldnt choose anyone but you,”

Han couldnt believe she was still trying to joke around like this. Didnt this woman hear a single word he said. He was trash whose only purpose in life was survival. He didnt care about what other people did so long as it didnt affect his own life. Why would they choose to put the world in his hands

And what power were they talking about

Beep! Beep! Beep!

There was suddenly a beeping from all around the void and the woman looked around frantically. She reached her hand into her pocket and brought out a seed.

“Eat this!” she cried.



“Just eat it! It is a bionic plant made from seventy years of research. It is the only thing you will need on this journey. If you dont eat it then you will die the second you get to where you are going!”

Han only heard the word die before he swallowed the seed whole. The woman nodded and then pressed a button on her phone.

“Find the answer. It is the only way you can come back home. Please find the answer!”

“What answ -!!”

Han felt a pull on his naval and his world went black. The next time he opened his eyes, he was lying face down on the floor. He was in the middle of the road beside a parked car. But there was something wrong. There was nobody here. There were cars parked everywhere on the street, but they were arranged like the drivers were running away from something and left their cars anywhere they could.

What is all this Where was everyone

Name – Han Luo

Level – 1

Strength – 10

Stamina – 10

Agility – 10

Intelligence – 5

Skills – Null

Han stared at the screen that was once empty but now had all these things written on it. Was this his statistics Did he enter into something weird Han didnt read or watch a lot of manga or manhwa, but he could remember his sister telling him all about a particular manhwa she once read calledThe Gamer. Apparently, the boy there had gotten the ability of a game and could see things like statistics and levels above his head. But why was something like this happening with him

He wasnt in a trashy manhwa. This was real life right!


A loud roar broke Han out of his thoughts. He saw a man running towards him at full speed. The man had his hands outstretched and seemed like he wanted to hug Han.

But wasnt there something wrong with this!

‘This man is too fast! Is he an Olympic runner or something!

Han turned to the side just as the man was about to grab him and allowed him face plant into the pavement. If it was a woman he would have allowed her to hug him, but he didnt do guys.

“Sorry, but Im straight!”


The man turned around and Han finally got a good look at his face. The man was pale and his eyes bleached white. His skin looked like he had used sandpaper to rub all over it, making it very rough.

Han began taking steps back as the man got to his feet. Even though he had face planted on the pavement, there wasnt a single injury on him. Was this man even human



Han screamed and dodged the mans jump. He looked around him for anything to use as a weapon. This man was definitely not human.. The way he was looking at Han like a meal to be devoured was telling him that he had to protect himself no matter what.


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