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Han and Ping were on the move again the next morning. Immediately Han lost the men chasing him, he ran back to the building they stayed in and told Ping to get ready to move. They went on the road yesterday and they have been on the run all day.

By mid-afternoon Han and Ping found a quiet spot near the back of a small building and decided to rest. Han sat against the wall while Ping dragged a zombie behind him. Ping was very worried for Han. He hadnt said anything to her since they started this journey and he kept on having this calculative look in his eyes every time she saw him look at her. Did something happen to him yesterday when he went to find food

Han, meanwhile, was using his skill [Critical Thinking] to the very extreme. He had memorized the image from yesterday with his [Photographic Memory] and played it over and over in his mind, but no matter how many times he did that he still couldnt find a reason for her to beg him like that.

‘She apologized like she did something terrible to my past self. Did we not sign the contract after everything


Hans stomach growled and he sighed. He did not manage to find any food yesterday and he was still very hungry. He saw Ping looking at him worriedly before she looked at the zombie in her hand and then back at him. Han shook his head. He couldnt eat a zombie even if he was about to die!


That was the sound of stones hitting the floor a few meters away from the two scavengers and they were immediately in guard! Han shot up to his feet and activated [Eyes of Horos]. He looked around and cursed when three red outlines came into his view. To think he would let them sneak up on him like this! How tired was he!

“Come out! I know youre there!”

Han said this while waving Ping towards him. In case these were Rin Woos men again, then he needed to make sure she did not get in the way.

Footsteps told him that the people were coming into the open and Han narrowed his eyes as a man walked out with his hands up. He wore combat pants with a tight black shirt and he looked built. The mask on his face showed made them think that he was a regular human but Han was still cautious.

“We dont want to hurt you.”

“Then why are you hiding”

The man sighed and waved his hand. Three figures immediately showed themselves crouched on top of rocks and looking down at Han. They also wore combat pants with black shirts. One was a woman with black hair and the other two were men.

“We are from the resistance. We couldnt help but notice that girl behind you doesnt have a mask on”

Ping moved further behind Han and hid herself. Han nodded and the man smiled and motioned to one of the men. The man took his mask off and showed his sharp teeth.

Hans eyes flew open. These are the people Ping spoke about!

“We arent your enemy! We just want to talk”

Han looked back at Ping and saw her nod to him. He finally sighed and relaxed his shoulders. He was ready to destroy all of them if they made even a single dangerous move, but now he knew he could trust them.

“Im glad we finally found you. My name is Han Luo and this is Ping Suo. We will have to bother you for some time”

After Hans introduction evéryine in the house was quiet. Not even a single pin drop could be heard. The woman crouching on top of one of the rocks stood up and jumped down. Her eyes were wide and she looked like she was seeing a ghost.

“Han You said your name was Han Like the Han Luo that owns HR investment firm”

Han was surprised that the woman knew about the firm. That means he already launched it in the past! But how did she know him He never met her before. Han nodded this head and the woman launched herself at him while bawling her eyes out.

“I… I thought you were dead!!! Where did you go, Han!”

Han stumbled back in shock. What was happening here! Han was about to push her away from him, but then he felt her chest press into him and he stilled! His brain activated and kicked into high gear! This softness! This shape and size! This perfection could only be one person!

“Miss Kim!”

Miss Kim looked up at Han with tears in her eyes. She couldnt believe she found him here! After she left City C, she thought he was killed by the zombies or maybe he even became one of them. She couldnt believe he was still alive!

Han slowly pushed Miss Kim back and took a good look at her. She did not have long hair anymore like before. Her hair was short and only came down to her shoulder. She had a long scar running down her left shoulder and there was a scar peeking out from her mask, like something slashed across her face before.

Miss Kim looked away from Han when she saw him staring at her scar. She knew she was no longer beautiful but she did not want him to think that too.

“Sorry to interrupt your budding reunion but we have to go. The CCU will be here any moment now and we still need to introduce them to the boss”

Miss Kim nodded and quickly took Hans hand to lead him away. Han did not object and let himself be dragged by Miss Kim.

Behind them, Ping pouted as she followed. She couldnt believe this woman knew Han. How can she just come and take him away when they have been traveling together all this time. Did she not have any courtesy!

The group were led out of the house and deeper into the city. Han was surprised by the amount of agility they showed while running across the city. The carnivores were already strong, so he expected this from them, but the humans were also very agile. Even Miss Kim was running across alleys and jumping over fences like she was a part of the streets! This was another hardcore Miss Kim!

“Were here!”

The leader in front said this while stopping in a back alley. He knocked on a metal door and a small peephole opened.


“Do you want to collect a beating Open up you rascal!”

“Password accepted”

Han blinked in surprise at the strange password. Was it actually a password

“Ryu Long likes to do that a lot. He is the younger brother of the boss so he thinks he can just come up with any rule for people to follow. There is no password because the CCU will probably never find this place. If they do, then well be ready”

Miss Kim said this before dragging Han inside as the door opened. She had been holding onto him since they stopped running and Han was growing a bit worried by the attachment. Did she think he would run away

The six of them walked through the base and into a room at the end of a hallway. There were two men also in cargo pants and black shirts standing in front of the door. Once they saw the leader of the group, they gave him a nod and then let them inside.

The three people in the room turned to the six of them as they entered and the leader greeted the man standing by the window.

“Boss Tao Long, we found more scavengers and one carnivore. We brought them to greet you first. this is Ping Suo and Han Luo”

The boss nodded his head and looked towards the scavengers. Only for his eyes to fly wide open once he saw Han staring directly at him. This man again!

Han looked at the boss and sensed that he knew him. The hairstyle he had was different, and the way he carried himself seemed more prideful, but was this not Tao Long!

“Tao Long, you prick!! How long are you going to just stand there!”

Han shouted this angrily and Tao Long immediately bowed to Han. He couldnt believe this man was still alive! Just how strong was he to survive alone even in the apocalypse!

The other people in the room were all shocked to see their boss bow to Han. Even Miss Kim had never seen the boss bow before!

“Boss Han! I-I didnt know you survived!”

Han narrowed his eyes at Tao Long. He was still angry for what Tao Long did to his sister in the past but it was obvious the man had changed. If even Miss Kim was following him then he was now a better person than before.

“Get up quickly. We need to talk about what we have to do next”

Tao Long stood and immediately chased everybody else out of the room. Miss Kim refused to leave and Han allowed her to stay too. He put his hands in his pocket and walked up to the window with Tao Long beside him. The ground below was teeming with zombies.

“Tell me everything exactly as it happened,” Han said.


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