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Ping was scared! Very scared! She was not used to swimming and she had no control of her body inside the ocean. Her eyes were closed because she was too afraid to open them and her cheeks were puffed because she was trying to keep the air inside.

Was she going to die here Where was Han She couldnt see anything! Ping was about to try opening her eyes to look around, but a soft sensation suddenly engulfed her mouth and she relaxed. She was now confused instead of scared. She was breathing, right But how

Han squeezed his eyes tightly as he kept his lips locked on Pings. He knew she was going to waste all the air in her lungs before they even got close to the east so this was the only way. His stamina was enough to keep him swimming for a long time and every now and then he would put his mask back on and take a puff of oxygen to share.

After they swam for a long time they finally reached a wooden pier and Han dragged them both onto the shore. Han immediately put his mask back on. He had no intention of knowing what happens if he took in this virus.

Ping finally opened her eyes and coughed out some water. She then touched her lips and blushed crimson! This Han did not even look flustered at all! He just kissed her!

Han turned to see Ping glaring at him and he blinked in curiosity. Now, what did he do again Dont tell me this girl was mad about the shared breathing! Did she want to die or something!

Ping saw the look Han was giving her and glared harder! Did this man think she did not know what he did! He could have just shared the mask with her instead of kissing her! He just wanted to kiss her, didnt he

Han sat up and stretched his hand out to Ping and Ping quickly took it. She may be angry with him but she knew he saved her. She was grateful for his kindness.

“We need to find new clothes to wear. These ones are ruined. Is there any place where they used to sell clothes around here”

Han mumbled to himself as he began looking around for anywhere to get a new pair of clothes. He did not think they would make it all the way here with so much ease. But now that they were here they did not know where to go anymore. He automatically thought back to his three necessities. Food, water, and shelter. He needed to get these three things first.

Ping looked around cautiously while tying her scarf around her lower face again. She was going to have to find somewhere to get a mask to protect her identity, but for now, this would have to do. The place they were was the port of the east. It was a large area where four or five big ships could enter easily. But right now, it was empty.

Han began moving deeper inside the port. If they couldnt find any clothes here then he just had to dry these ones. There would surely be a raiding store deeper in the city where they can find some clothes to size them. His next thoughts were about Ping and why she wanted to come to the east so badly. This area seemed to be just as abandoned as the main City C if not even more. Why would Ping risk her identity to come here

Han asked Ping this and she smiled while saying.

“I heard there was a nest here that was friendly to humans. It was even in the news once and I was able to get information that the carnivores in that nest did not eat humans either! I want to join them!”

Han nodded in understanding. So it was for protection But what sort of nest would not even eat humans at all In every basket, there would always be bad eggs. Han would see these people and judge them by himself.

The two scavengers made their way into the city and Han sighed when he saw the streets. There were zombies everywhere!

They moved around like unrelenting phantoms, making their stupid growling noises and banging their heads on poles and house walls. Han looked back at Ping and he wondered how he was going to get her across as well


Only for her stomach to suddenly release a loud growling sound. Han almost laughed at himself! He had been thinking about how to protect her when this woman was their natural predator!!

“Lets move!”

Han shouted this before he and Ping jumped out of cover and dashed into the city. The zombies saw them coming and immediately started moving towards them at great speeds. It has been so long since they saw any living creatures! This was their first meal in a long time!

But these living creatures were not just ordinary.

[[Blood Lust] has been activated]

The two of them fell into the army of zombies like a hurricane. Slashes, kicks, bites. They tore up the numbers and made a beeline for the inner city.

Han was using the combat knife he envisioned in the void to fight, but even now he didnt get anything much from these zombies! They were just ants to him! He spent most of his time watching Ping take them down. She was like a feral animal to him. Her hands were strong. Very strong! Han did not know who would be the winner between her and the first carnivore he met. It was possible she would win if it was not a fight to the death. That womans survival instincts were stronger than Pings.

But Ping was still very strong for a carnivore and every time a zombie came close to her she showed it. She did not bother eating any of them now as they made their way deeper into the city. It was when they finally found an alleyway to hide in that Han saw her dragging a zombie behind her. He rose a brow at her and she blushed and turned her head away from him.

“I-Im hungry. Nothing else will do so please dont watch me.”

Han turned his head away and gave her some privacy. Inside of him, he was raving in anger! How could that REACH do something like this to a beautiful girl like Ping!! Reducing her to a zombie-eating monster! He was going to find whoever did this and he was going to gut them like a fish!

The sound of Ping eating finally stopped and Han saw her crouching beside him again. And with a nod, they were off.

This was how things went for the majority of the time until they reached a suitable place to rest. City C was much larger than the east so the choices for shelter were greatly reduced here. The place they found was a run-down apartment on the highest floor of a five-story building. Han and Ping made their way up there, killed whatever zombie was inside before barricading the door and finally managing to catch their breaths.

Han sat down against the wall of the room tiredly as it was already dark and he had been fighting since this morning. Even with his stamina, he was still a little tired.

His only joy was that some of his attributes leveled up.

[You have defeated 406 Regular Zombies. You have gained 2 strength. You have gained 3 free points]

[You have defeated 120 Advanced Zombies. You have gained 5 free points]

Name – Han Luo

Level – 15

Strength – 53

Stamina – 33

Agility – 20

Intelligence – 51

Free Points – 26

Skills – [Critical Hit – 30] [Crowd Control – 25] [Critical thinking – 15] [Blood Lust – 15] [Eyes of Horos – 10] [Photographic Memory – 20] [Berserker – 1]

[Critical Hit] and [Crowd Control] that hadnt leveled up at all since he went back to the past finally leveled up now that he was doing more than just physical exercise. He took a look at his free points again and wondered if he should use them.

‘No. I dont think its a good idea. Not when I could run into people like Rin Woo later. That woman is far stronger than the carnivore in the former future. If we fight then I will need all the help I can get

Han didnt know that in the time he had been thinking Ping had already started a fire in the center of the room. He looked back at the orange flames and his eyes bulged when he saw clothes lying on the floor!. Pings clothes!!

Ping turned to Han and her breasts swung with the motion. Han held a hand up to his mask but the blood that came down still leaked through his fingers! That shape! The suppleness! The perkiness! Was this the legendary [Perfect Peak]!!!

“If you dont take off your clothes youll catch a cold. We need to dry them before you wear them back”

Han nodded at her in a daze. He has almost forgotten that this world did not care about modesty! What was modesty when you were faced with the end of the world! Han did not like the lack of mystery!! He did not like it at all!

But he still loves breasts!!!! And Pings breasts were a work of art!

Han stood up and looked away from Pings beautiful chest. He couldnt do anything while she was exposed like this! He found a drape on the other side of the room and he threw it on Pings head. This girl needed to have more respect for herself.

Han saw her wrap the drape around her body before he took off his shirt and trousers. He saw Ping blush when she saw his physique and he smiled smugly. Yes, woman! Respect the pectorals! This is the result of unrelenting hard work!

Ping blushed when she saw Hans body but it was for an entirely different reason than what that pervert was thinking.

‘He smells so good!!!!


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