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The fight that happened wasnt even a fight to Han. It was more of a beating! He actually felt bad for bullying these children! They were probably just doing their jobs and it was only their bad luck that made them run into him. But he promised Ping that he would get her to the east and that was exactly what he would do!

He slammed the heel of his boot into the head of the last guard and watched as the man toppled to the ground like a sack of rocks.

[You have defeated three regular [Unchanged]. You have leveled up to level 15. You have gained 5 strength. You have gained 2 free points]

[Strength cap surpassed. You have unlocked the passive skill [Berserker]]

Name – Han Luo

Level – 15

Strength – 51

Stamina – 33

Agility – 20

Intelligence – 51

Free Points – 18

Skills – [Critical Hit – 25] [Crowd Control – 15] [Critical thinking – 15] [Blood Lust – 12] [Eyes of Horos – 10] [Photographic Memory – 20] [Berserker – 1]

Han felt like jumping for joy when he saw these notifications pop up in his vision. It had been so long since he saw them! He thought he would never get stronger again! All those months of working out did not even give him a single point in strength but these three [Unchanged] gave him five!

And what was this new passive skill he got Berserker It sounded dangerous in a way and Han did not feel good about his system handling the skill. What did it even do

But the most interesting thing he discovered was the caps. Every time he surpassed 50 points in an attribute, he got a skill related to that attribute as a reward! Intelligence gave him [Photographic Memory] and strength gave him [Berserker]. He wondered what the other attributes would give him. Stamina and agility were definitely going to give him great things as well!

Han was pulled out of his musing when he heard something shifting in the luggage behind him. Ping walked out from behind the luggages with wide eyes. What she just saw was amazing! It was better than any fight she had ever been in with the zombies! She did not know that Han was an [Unchanged]

But if he was an [Unchanged], then would he need the mask at all All [Unchanged] could breathe the air without being infected by it. If Han was one of them then he would not have needed the mask at all.

How suspicious.

Ping shrugged and decided if he wanted to tell her how he got his abilities then he would. She was not going to be suspicious of her savior.

“We have to leave before more guards come. They usually work in shifts and if these ones do not show up later then they will definitely come to search this place”

Han nodded to Pings reasoning. It would be best to go before more trouble came.





But before they could go, a strange sound started echoing across the entire room. Han looked around him in shock when the entire room darkened before a red light flooded it.

[Alert! Alert! Security breach on section 15. I repeat, security breach on section 15]

“Oh my god, thats here!” Ping shouted.

Han grabbed Ping by the hand and they ran out of the room quickly. What in the world alerted them to his presence! Was it one of the guards! Did they call in backup before attacking!

Han looked up and saw a camera in the hallway they were running through. The camera lens followed him across the hall until he disappeared into another hall where another camera was waiting for him.


In a room in the command center of the ship, a woman leaned over the shoulder of a man sitting in front of a tv screen. This was the commander of the ship and the head of the carnivore hunting unit.

“Zoom in,”

Her voice was cold and commanding and immediately she spoke the man in the seat zoomed in to view the two running.

The woman narrowed her eyes at the man when she saw his face. A spark of recognition flew across her face but she didnt fully know who he was. She turned her eyes to the woman and nodded.

“Carnivore spotted. Team! Move out!”

Behind her, an elite squad saluted!

“Yes maam!”

Han felt a shiver run down his spine all of a sudden! What was this! It felt like a lion was looking at its next prey! Who in the world was stupid enough to make him their target!

The shiver died down after a while but Han still felt like something was watching his every step. He and Ping burst through a door and he immediately had to squint when he was assaulted with bright daylight.

He blinked the pain out and looked around. It was a cargo ship with a few people sitting around the place. Han put his body in front of Ping and saw her lean into him closely. They did not need anyone finding out that she was a carnivore.

Well, that was true, but also… Nice breasts!!!!! Very nice!!!!

Hans face took on a stupid expression. When did all these little girls get so endowed!

“Hey, stop right there!”


Han cursed and quickly pulled Ping along as someone burst through the door behind them. They ran into the crowd of people and dodged around cargo containers as a wild goose chase began on the ship.

“Over there!”

“Hes over there!”

“Dont let him out of your sight!”

Han couldnt help but snicker at the confusion he was causing. He was pretty fast and most of the [Unchanged] couldnt keep up. He was surprised that Ping even managed to keep up more than them, although she was panting and wheezing behind him. She is a carnivore so this much was expected!

The chase came to an abrupt end when Han suddenly found himself standing in front of the railing of the ship. He turned around and saw a group of men and a woman standing behind him. He immediately knew that these people were not like the guards that were panting and wheezing before. They were not even slightly out of breath at all and their aura was fierce. If he called the other guards ants then these would be the lions.

“Hand over the carnivore and you wont get hurt! You are innocent and we wont attack you if you just hand her over!”

Ping retreated more behind Han to hide but Han was more focused on something else. This woman that just spoke. He almost didnt recognize her! In fact, if this was any other woman then he would have not recognized her at all! But this one was different!

Because this Rin Woo was still as flat as a board!!

How did that sweet shy woman who came to talk about her company turn into this lion! This doesnt make any sense. Han took a step back and Rin Woo drew a gun out from her holster faster than he could blink. That was impressive. Very impressive! If he had any doubts about her strength before then he did not anymore!

“Step away from the carnivore! I wont say it again! We are from the CCU and you are obstructing us! We will use force if necessary.”

It seemed Rin Woo didnt recognize Han because no matter how much he looked at her he did not see any form of recognition at all. He understood that it was a long time since they last met five years ago. And the mask definitely wasnt helping!

“She hasnt dont anything to anyone! She doesnt even eat humans!”

“I wont be asking again! The next time I talk it will be with a bullet to your head!”

Damn. Talk about intense! What happened to this woman! She was flat as a board and she dared to talk like this! The impudence!! Han sighed tiredly as he saw Rin Woo not backing down. The men behind her all looked dangerous and Han knew right then that this was a fight he will not win.

“Clench your teeth,”

This was the sentence Ping heard from Han and she looked to him in surprise only for him to suddenly turn around and tackle her right over the ship railing!!


“I said clench your teeth! Not shout!!!”


Rin Woo ran to the edge of the railing and she and her team unleashed bullets on the water. She couldnt believe she hesitated back there! There was a perfect opportunity to take out another one of these things and she hesitated because she thought she knew that man! What kind of soldier was she!

“Maam they disappeared!”

“I know that!!”

Rin shook her hair out of her face and turned her glare from the man beside her to the water. This carnivore wasnt going to escape no matter what.. There was only one place that they could go from here! She would find them in the east.


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