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Han waved the contract before putting it on the table in front of them. The contract was impressive but he was still not going to sign it yet. Not unless he had a good reason to trust this woman and her AeroDynamicity company.

“Why do you want to hand out appliances like that Will that not be bad for your company Are you not just starting”

Rin Woo smiled and became professional again. This was the time to impress Han and make him sign, she was going to make him realize they were not doing any bad thing.

“Our company is still young but we have already become one of the largest companies in the home appliance business. We have 10 million dollars in assets and this number will definitely grow to 20 million in future! We are only trying to make our name famous in the households of City C! It is a good thing!”

Hans face was blank externally, but on the inside, he was beyond shocked. Did this girl say they were worth only ten million and they were a major rising company! Then what would he be called when he came out with his net worth!

“Uhm… So when do you think your company will reach the fifty million mark in your net worth”

Rin Woo felt shocked at Hans words. Did this man think they were one of the bigger companies! They were just a small company that came around three years ago, they would need at least five more years to reach that mark if everything went well!

“We-We cannot say how long it will take. That is a very high target even for a big company”

Rin Woo was scared that Han would tell her to reach this target before he sign this contract. This would not be the first time some rich snob tried to make her lose face by setting an impossible task before her! She hated those type of people!

Han meanwhile was a bit sheepish. He just realized he was basically a walking talking company on his own! If he did not open that business account before then he would have many troubles now!

Han looked back at the document and decided he would take a closer look at it. He did not think he was in his best state of mind now to be making decisions like this.

“Can I have another look at this document and get back to you I dont want to inconvenience you because you look so tired so I will look through it at home,”

Once Han said this Rin Woo immediately became self-conscious. Did she look that tired! Han was a handsome rich man and no matter how you look at it he was desirable. Someone like this telling her she look tired was so embarrassing!

Rin Woo quickly nodded and the two of them shook hands again before Han left the office. He saw the manager outside and only offered him a small greeting before he left the building. He had other things to worry about.

[Departure time – 14:00:13]

That night Han sat down on his bed with a sigh and looked at the screen.

[Departure time – 00:30:00]

He fell back in bed and groaned. He still couldnt believe he had to go back to that future! What was there for him to do now that he already stopped REACH!

[Departure time – 00:15:00]

Han rolled over in bed. His mind then went back to the meeting he had today with that flat woman. Her offer was something he did not see as a bad thing. There was still a lot he had to learn about real estate, but he knew getting people to live in your estate was very important. If he signed this then he would be at the same level as all the other big bosses in the real estate industry. There was nothing bad about it!

But if only that woman was not so flat!

Han had grown up admiring the concept that was the female body. His very soul understood that the most trustworthy women all had large bountiful breasts!!!

How can he trust someone that was flat!

But Han then remembered something and he blushed at the image. That woman was very beautiful when she smiled at him.

And with that thought in his mind, Han went to sleep.

[Departure time – 00:03:00]

[Departure time – 00:02:00]

[Departure time – 00:00:30]

[Time of Departure reached. Host will now be transported]

Han opened his eyes in the empty void and sighed. He did not even need to look down to know that he was naked! He immediately thought of a shirt and trousers and they appeared on him. Han then had a thought about how he appeared in the previous world and realized that he usually appeared with whatever he had on him. he thought of a combat knife and one immediately showed up on his hand. It had a holster that he could tie around his leg and he happily tied it in!

“Fufufu~ Already playing with yourself Han Even in here, there is no limit to that perverted mind of yours!”

Han looked towards his current number one nemesis and he immediately felt blood rush to his head. This woman was wearing that red gown again! Did she do this to try and distract him! it was not going to work! But damn! Look at those legs!!

“Fufufu~ Well I just thought I wanted to look my best for my favorite time traveler. And you seemed so happy with me wearing this dress before that I couldnt help myself”

Han nodded along with her breast and sighed happily. He knew he was mad at her for bringing him here again but those breasts! They were like a balm to his wavering soul! They were like heavens gate opening up for a lonely celibate boy! Han could stay here forever!

The woman frowned before sighing sadly. Unfortunately, he couldnt stay here forever. No matter how much she wanted to keep him to herself. He was just so fun to be around and that mind of his never ceased to amuse her! But he had a job to do. Something that affects the rest of the world is far greater than her libido!

Han saw the woman having an internal debate with herself and he wondered what was going on. Was he not supposed to be the one in distress right now! You brought me here you know! I want an explanation dammit!

The woman snapped out of her musing once she heard Hans shout echo through her mind. She almost forgot about the time limit! Han couldnt stay here for long unless there will be trouble!




Once she thought this a loud beeping sound suddenly echoed through the void and she rushed towards Han.

“You have to leave now! I wish you luck but make sure you save the future!”

“Wait! Dont just send me away like last time! Tell me something! Anything!”

The woman did not even look like she heard Han.

“Good luck!”

She only shouted this before Han felt the pull in his navel again and felt himself falling through space and time.

FU – !!!!!

The woman watched Han go with a sad smile on her face. She wished he could have stayed longer. It got boring here after so long!


Han cursed as he felt his eyes open and he immediately gasped for air. His throat tightened and his hand flew to his neck. What was going on He couldnt breathe at all! It was like there was no oxygen in the air! Han felt his strength leaving him and he was about to fall unconscious when something was put in front of his face and clicked into place around his nose and mouth.


Han sucked in oxygen like a dying man. He coughed into the strange device and felt his entire body shake.

“Not too deeply. Youll finish it faster if you take it all at once!”

Who was that Han blinked the tears out of his eyes and tried to make them focus. He couldnt believe he almost died from lack of air! What would he have done if that happened! Could he even go back if he dies here!

Han looked up and he saw a girl kneeling in front of him. She has black hair tied into a ponytail and had the lower part of her mouth covered with a scarf. Han nodded at her and tried to sit up.

“Dont move too much! The virus is still inside you so just take a few minutes to rest. How did you even come here! ou just fell out from nowhere!”

Han cursed that woman in his mind again while trying to take a look around him. The room he was in was made of metal and there were various pieces of baggage around him. Was he on some sort of transport

“Where am I”

Han asked this while looking the girl in the eye. He saw her eyes waver and he couldnt help but think he had seen her somewhere before. This girl looked very familiar to him!

“You… You are on the ship. Dont you remember boarding it We are going to the east”

Hans eyes narrowed. The east Wasnt that an island near City C Why would they need to go there It hasnt been hospitable for many years and the new government still had no plans of renovating it yet. Did they finally get down to it This was the future so did this boat carry survivors away from the main City C

Han looked towards the girl in front of him again and that feeling that he knew her from somewhere came back in full force. Half of her face was covered with a scarf and this sparked a fire of suspicion inside Han. Why did this girl want to hide her face from him There was no one else here, so there was no reason to hide!

“Who are you And why are you covering your face”

The girl reached up to her scarf and held it tightly. Han could tell she didnt even think before doing it. It mustve been a reflex action.

“I-I am no one. You dont know me”

Now Han was even more suspicious! What kind of creepy person would start an introduction like that!

Han reached his hand out and grabbed the scarf before dragging it off her face faster than she could react. The girl shrieked and Hans eyes widened when he saw the large shark teeth in her mouth.


Han immediately scrambled away from her while keeping his defense up. He couldnt believe he almost got close to a carnivore! What sort of trick was she trying to play on him!

“No! No wait! Han, its me! Please dont run away! Im not going to hurt you!”

Han narrowed his eyes when he saw the carnivore crying on her knees in front of him. What sort of carnivore was this Did he walk into something wired again!

“How do you know my name”

Han asked this to know who she was. This girl looked very familiar and for her to know his name meant they had been in conversation before.

The girl squeezed her hands together and sniffled before looking up at him with teary eyes.

“I didnt think I would see you here after five years. You helped me escape from that evil landlord and then you just disappeared! I… We all thought you were dead!”

Hans eyes widened. Ping! This was Ping! Han felt a great amount of distress fill him. What happened to her! Why did she become like this Why was she a carnivore

Ping looked at her hand and waited for Han to bring himself into order. She did not want to scare him away. She always did this to people. They were too scared to come close to her once they saw what she was even though she had never hurt anyone before!


Ping looked up in shock when she heard Han speak. What did he say

“Wheres Rina…”

A great pit of despair formed in Pings stomach, and then she began to cry!!!!


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