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Han woke up groggily and groaned as he sat up in bed. His first thought was that he had to get a better bed in future! This one made his back hurt!

He stood up and moved towards his bathroom while thinking. Why does he not just move now He had more than enough money for it and there was no reason for him to hide anymore. He has more money than most of the upper class in City C. There was no one that could go against him.

It wasnt until Han was standing in front of his mirror and about to start brushing his teeth that he finally saw his screen. His hand paused in the middle applying paste to his toothbrush.

[Departure time – 15:45:32]


His shout was like the battle cry people hear before protagonists jump into their deaths! It carried over City C and the old man meditating on the mountain and praying to the god of fertility and step-sibling incest looked up in shock!

Was it the god of chastity here to fight again! He was not going to let that bastard ruin his good times with the seven holy virgins of the nine heavens!!

He started meditating harder!


Han stumbled and grabbed into the sink. His grip was so tight that the sink cracked under his force! What sort of bull** was this! Departure time! Departure time! Why did he have to go back when he already fixed everything!

Han grabbed his hair and groaned in agony! This was not how he wanted his day to start!

Han heard his phone ringing inside the room and he sighed as he moved to get it. He hoped it was Rina! He needed some cute girl to give him comforting words now! He was in so much pain!

Han took the phone sloppily and looked at the caller ID. It wasnt Rina. FUCK!!

“Hello. Banker, what do you want from me this time You want me to come in Why! There is someone there to meet me! How did that person even know about me! Did you break your promise and run your bug mouth!”

On the other side of the phone, the banker bristled in shock. Han was not in a good mood today! He turned to the woman sitting beside him and laughed awkwardly. Hans voice was so loud that it carried through the phone!

“Mr. Han Luo, the woman here did not come because of that thing. She says she is here to talk to the owner of the estate on the west side of City C. At first, I was shocked but when she told me to call you I decided to try. Are you the one they need”

Han sighed in annoyance. He shouted at the wrong person.

“Yes, sorry. Please stall her for me I will be there in a few minutes”

The banker confirmed and then Han shut off the phone. Now he had to go to the bank as well His day was just **ty now! He was just grateful to himself for not being a lazy bum. He had ready seventy books on real estate management the night after he bought that estate.

At first, he was skeptical about it, thinking that he wasted money in the heat of the moment. He did not regret it but it was still a waste of money! But after a while of reading the books, Han realized that he had thought too soon! Real estate management was a **ing goldmine. He was so enamored by it that he had almost dropped his trading to enter real estate!

‘But nothing can give a man money faster than stealing it from others. I will just have to add real estate as a subsidiary of HR investments company

Han pushed off his table and went to take a bath. He just wanted all this to be over with.

The banker stood up once he saw Han walking into his office and Han shook his hand. The man had a nervous smile on his face as he pointed Han towards the woman sitting on the couch beside them. Han turned to her and he felt his entire body seize up!

What sorcery was this!

Han turned towards the banker and pulled him down. He whispered in his ear.

“You said it was a woman I was to meet right Not a man!”

The banker nodded and Hans eyes widened! Was this man trying to play tricks on him! He looked towards thewoman and saw her stand up to approach him. He couldnt believe that his day would get any worse! But this had to be the cruelest punishment of them all!!

This woman was so flat! Where did she hide her chest!

“Hello. My name is Rin Woo. Its a pleasure to finally meet you”

Han looked down at the hand and his face squeezed as he reluctantly took it. He thought this would be his reward for all his bad luck today! He thought he was going to meet another bountiful maiden of lust and debauchery!!

Han wanted to cry tears of blood!!!

“I-Im Han Luo. Its a pleasure. The banker told me you wanted to talk about my estate Is there a problem with it”

Rin Woo was pleasantly surprised with Han Luo. She thought he would just be another young master who got a lot of money from his inheritance and decided to buy any expensive thing with it, but it looked like he was a serious businessman.

She smiled at him and Han found himself stunned. She was very beautiful when she smiled!

‘Shut up you stupid brain! Dont you dare make me fall for a washboard or Ill cut off my little buddy myself!

Han was in undeniable denial.

Rin Woo looked towards the banker and the man nodded and left the two of them to talk alone. He knew how serious business was in this corporate world and he did not mind stepping out of his office for his biggest client to use it. Maybe he could even get more face with him later!

Rin Woo directed Han towards the couch and they both sat down. She tried to put on her best professional air now. She could not fail this task no matter what!

“I am from the new company AeroDynamicity in City C. We were just established three years ago and we have already begun making waves in the business industry. Our household appliances are the best that any home can have and our policy is to never lose a customer.”

Han nodded along to her while slowly growing more and more disinterested. Did this woman just call him here to pitch a business This was a waste of his time.

Rin Woo noticed that Han was losing interest and she immediately tried to get his interest back. She could not have him leave! He was the only estate owner left to agree to their proposal and she did not want to lose him!

She quickly brought out a file from her bag.

“The AeroDynamicity company is trying to give some houses in City C a free appliance! Preferably an air conditioner! We have been given a signature by every other estate owner and they agreed to allow us to advertise our company more in their estates! I am hoping you will also allow us!”

Han eyed the contract wearily. This man had now become wary of anything that required a signature! He had seen the evil that came from signatures and he decided that he did not trust them at all!

He even swore to never use his right hand to sign a contract again! That hand was only for his happy time now!

Han took the contract and opened it to read. His [Intelligence] and [Photographic Memory] allowed him to read one page in only five seconds. One minute later he closed the large contract and hummed.

Rin Woo felt shocked when she saw Han close the contract. Did this man just finish reading those twenty pages in one minute That writing was small and she could not even read a whole page in a minute! Was he trying to act cool or was it some sort of business tactic!

“This contract is very well made. Did you draft it yourself”

Han was surprisingly impressed with the contract and when Rin Woo nodded he became even more impressed. It was very difficult for him to not find any flaws in anything he reads, but there were no flaws in this one at all other than a few typographic errors. This washboard was impressive!

“Its very difficult to draft a contract. You did a good job. Other than the error on page 6 under clause 25 there is no problem with it. You should be proud!”

Rin Woos eyes widened and she immediately opened the pages of her own copy to take a look! Right there on page six, under clause 25 was the exact error Han had spoken about! How did this man notice this tiny thing! She has been going from estate owner to estate owner all day long and none of them even noticed it! Even when she was editing the document she still didnt notice it!

Was this man a genius!


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