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Han saw the expression on the bankers face and he smirked. This man thought he wouldnt be able to do something like this. For some reason, watching the surprise on his face made Han very happy.

Maybe it was because he was only bad-luck before, but he felt very proud of himself at that moment!

He wondered what the banker would say if he knew Han made twice this amount before. Han laughed at the image in his mind!

The banker looked up at Han and gave a shaky smile. This man was not ordinary in his eyes anymore.

“I-Im very surprised by this. I did not think it was possible to do this”

Han waved away the compliment. He then told the banker to take away the money for his loan as well as the loan his parents owed the bank. He wanted a clean slate and this money is what he was going to use to rule this world! The banker quickly took the money away and then said something that shocked Han.

“Will you like to open a business account It is only open to our best customers and it will allow you to control your money without having to worry about government interference. I know you plan on having a business so why not start now”

The banker was adamant and Han knew exactly why. He saw Han as a gold mine! This customer came in here dead broke three weeks ago and now he was already worth 1.5 million He did not want Han to leave to any other bank!

Han knew all this and he smiled. He already planned on opening a business account with them and this would be an opportunity for him to start making his own business.

“Okay then. I will open the account with this bank”

The banker smiled and immediately produced the form. Once he was done filling up most of the empty areas he looked up at Han.

“What name will you like for the business”

Han smiled. “HR. I want it to be called HR investment company”

Han and Rina. The last of his family would be the rock he used to build his castle. And that was just the beginning.


Han told the banker to keep the existence of his company a secret. He didnt want anybody knowing about it until he was ready to unveil it to the world. The banker swore his secrecy and Han deposited all his money into the business account before he left the bank.

He was glad he was done with this. Now he would be able to begin the next stage of his plan. He swore that he would rule over the biggest players in this world and there was nothing that would stop him from doing just that!

Han then suddenly remembered that he was going to have to go to his trading company tomorrow to finalize the handing over of the estate into his name. He did not even know the first thing about handling an estate but he was going to read a couple of books today and he was sure he would be an expert by tomorrow! Books were the greatest thing that mankind ever created… after breast enlargement surgery!

That night Han bought a large box of pizza as he scrolled through his laptop in his rundown apartment. He was going through the news when he came across one that made him laugh out loud in surprise. They finally found the little present he left for Jin Tam!

‘Company worker forced to resign after being caught for fraud and money laundering

Han was shocked that Miss Kim was so kind. She only forced him to resign instead of firing him and taking him to prison, maybe he was rubbing off in her

Han chuckled. He would really like to rub off on her.

He went back to the news and read the accusations leveled against Jin. Everything was just the way he had arranged them in the logbook. And after finding a certain offshore account with a few hundred thousand in Jin Tams name there will be no reason for them not to remove him from the work force forever. Han was not a fan of leaving things to chance! If he was destroying someone then he would destroy that person till there was nothing left!

Once there was no more news to be read, Han went back to his trading and resolved himself to this life. Trade, eat, sleep, workout. Han had nothing else to do for now and so this was his new schedule. He was going to have to make as much money as possible on his own before he went out into the corporate world. They better watch out because a wave was coming to sweep them away!


In the trading office, a great debate had started about how much this new guru could make in a single month. The doubters who did not believe he could make three million in three weeks before were no longer doubting, instead, everyone wondered just how much he could make.

The situation had become so heated that Teacher Park was forced to set up a betting poll and make everyone place their bets in their on own choice for how much he could make in a month.

They set up a large screen in front of their office where Han Luos numbers were shown every second of every day. They were monitoring him like he was a wanted criminal and they were the CIA!

1.5 million.

4 million.

6.5 million

The numbers kept on rising like this and the people in the room only became more and more frenzied. Was this man getting better and better as time went on! It has only been two weeks and he made back another three million. Chaos ran across the room as people began changing their bets and increasing the amount they thought he could make

After three weeks.

25 million.

Teacher Park himself felt like this was too much. Now this Han Luo was making twenty million a week If he wasnt seeing this with his eyes then he would not believe it.

It was a quiet night in the office on the last day of the month when the bets were to be tallied. Everyone waited with quiet breaths as they watched the number increasing on the screen. Nobody wanted to talk. They were afraid that saying anything would break the spell!

30 million

35 million

40 million.

There was not even a single pin drop in the room. Teacher Park stood directly in front of the screen, watching his watch tick as the month was about to finish.




“Its gotten to 45 million!!”

Someone from the crowd shouted before he was smashed in the face with a paperweight. Nobody here was blind! They could all see it!

Teacher Park held his breath as the clock struck 12:00 and he looked up.

$51 million

One man began to clap from behind him before more and more people joined in as well. Before long, everybody was clapping and screaming.

Teacher Kim couldnt even believe his eyes. This man made five million in five minutes. That was a new record that beat the highest world record ever recorded! If he were to tell anybody about this would they even believe him! They would surely say he was just trying to boast!

But it was right in front of him here. And even he could not believe it!


Han sighed as he cracked his neck from the strain of sitting down for so long. He was completely oblivious to the chaos his actions just caused in his trading company. He only cares about sleep tight now because he had been sitting here for close to ten hours slaving away in front of his computer.

He looked at his screen and smiled at the amount there. Fifty-one million was not a small amount. Most small companies did not see this kind of money in a year, and he made it all in just one month!

Han smiled as he looked at the screen beside him.

Name – Han Luo

Level – 14

Strength – 46

Stamina – 33

Agility – 20

Intelligence – 51

Free Points – 16

Skills – [Critical Hit – 25] [Crowd Control – 15] [Critical thinking – 15] [Blood Lust – 10] [Eyes of Horos – 4] [Photographic Memory – 20]

His two main mental skills have risen by almost ten points each. His memory was now better and he could understand more things with [Critical Thinking]. Han looked at the rest of the stats and sighed when he saw they were still black. They havent moved at all and he was now sure he would never be able to use his free points. He wasnt greedy for it, but he just did not like the waste of skills.

Han shrugged and decided it was not important anymore. With the number of abilities he had, he could live comfortably here for the rest of his life! He climbed into his bed and closed his eyes to sleep and this made him miss the numbers that appeared on his screen.

[Departure time – 24:00:00]


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