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“Teacher Park! Teacher Park, its Han Luo! Han Luo is on the phone!”

Teacher Park looked up from his table with shock written over his face. Did this boy just say Han Luo! He has been trying to get through to Han Luo for these three weeks and hasnt even gotten one conversation from him! He couldnt lose this opportunity!

“Give me the phone quick!”

Teacher Park took the phone and cleared his throat before answering.

“Hello This is Teacher Park”

Han pretended like he didnt hear everything that happened on the other side of the phone and began talking.

“This is Han Luo. I am a trader from your company”

“Yes, I know. Ive been trying to get through to you for a long time”

Han laughed nervously. He knew they had tried to call him before but he didnt pick up. He needed all his time to focus on trading and didnt think about it. It was fortunate they picked up.

“I have a favor to ask. Will you help me”

Teacher Park sat up straight. This was the moment he had been waiting for all this time! He can finally do something for Han Luo and make their relationship closer! He would not miss this opportunity at all!

“What is it Anything for our best trader!”

“House number 13 on the west side of City C. Can you find out how much it is”

Teacher Park rose a brow at the simple question. He quickly searched up the house and found it was worth only $150,000. He told this to Han and Han looked at the landlord with a glare.

The next words he spoke shocked both Teacher Park and the landlord.

“How can I buy this house”

The landlord immediately stomped his feet. Did this man think he could come here and make him lose face!

“I wont sell this building to you no matter what! You can go back to wherever you came from! This building is not for sale!”

Han glared at him and he flinched. He would not sell this place no matter how much they intimidated him. How can he lose face like this! If Ping brought this rich man to buy her then he will make sure she never got what she wanted.

Han was already thinking of killing this man. How can a man go back on his words like this Did he not have any dignity

Teacher Park heard the exclamation over the phone and his disgust for the landlord grew as well. He immediately remembered something else that could help Han with this situation. It would even give him more face with him!

“Mr. Han Luo. I do not know who that man is, but I know someone who can overrule his authority with that house. He is the owner of the entire estate.”

Hans eyes widened in shock. Was he hearing properly from this man This was great news.

*Can you talk to this person and finalize everything”

“One moment”

Teacher Park put Han on hold and immediately called a friend of his. He told him the problem and his friend was ecstatic to help! He had been looking for a way to do something like this for a long time now!

When Teacher Park came back to Han he cleared his throat and spoke in the best time he could.

“He will do it, but it will cost you 1.5 million dollars.”

He thought Han would be out off by the price but Han didnt even bat an eye at it. This amount was small when his sisters happiness was concerned! He would burn the entire world if it meant she could smile!

Han looked into the landlords eyes with the coldest look he had ever given anyone.

“Thank you, Teacher Park. Tell your friend that I will buy the entire estate for 1.5 million dollars*

Teacher Park laughed.

“There is no need for such a thing between friends! I will talk to you later, Mr. Han Luo”

“Of course,”

Han ended the call and looked down at the landlord. The man was white as a sheet! He looked like he would fall over from a small breeze!

The landlord thought he was dreaming. Who was this man that could throw away that much money for such a small problem Did he really deal with the wrong person Was this man bigger than him

A call came through his phone and the landlord immediately picked it up when he saw it was the owner of the estate. As he heard the man talk he just got paler and paler, till his head looked like white paper. This was really happening This man bought the entire estate!

“Two days,” Han said coldly, “Ill give you two days to pack your things and get out of here. I dont want to see you anywhere near this estate again.”

The landlord watched silently as Han Luo walked out of the room and shut it behind him. Who is this man!

Outside the room, Ping and Rina waited nervously for Han to come out again. Ping was especially worried because Han did not look very strong. What if the landlord decided to attack him. How will he protect himself!

She shouldnt have called him here for him to get involved. She would have just dropped out of college and gone back home. She did not want to cause problems for anyone!

The door to the room opened and Rina jolted up.

“Han-Oppa! Youre okay! I was so worried!”

Han smiled at Rin and allowed her to hug him. This girl was too spoiled, look how she was crying for something so small! He turned towards the other girl. The one with the bountiful breasts. Her name was Ping, right

“What happened Did he agree Please tell me he agreed,”

Ping was hopeful that the landlord agreed. She did not know this Han very much but he was the only one that could help her when no one else agreed to. He was her last hope!

Han smiled at her!

“He not only agreed, but he was also so happy that he said you can take any room in the entire building for yourself!”

Pings eyes widened astronomically. Did this man take her for a fool! How can that man agree to something like this when he did not even want to reduce the rent before! She immediately thought Han bullied the landlord and didnt know how to feel about it. It was wrong to bully people, but was it wrong to do it to a bad person

Han knew that the girl would not believe him. Even Rina was looking at him like he grew a second head. This was the reaction he expected from them!

“Dont worry. I just paid for the new room you will take. I did not bully him. He agreed by himself”

Han saw how Ping relaxed once he said that and he smiled. Rina immediately jumped up and down.

“Did you win a lottery Han-Oppa! Did you win something big!”

Han laughed while his eyes followed her breasts bouncing up and down. This girl was not self-conscious at all!!

After a while, Han left the two of them to choose any room they wanted and went to the bank to finally clear his debt. He got to the meeting with the banker and they both sat opposite each other.

The banker was smiling broadly but Han could see the challenge in his face. He thought there was no way Han could have made thirty thousand in three weeks. Who does this man think he is A god!

Han gave the man the transcript of his trading account and the man opened the envelope quickly. Once he saw the value in it his entire body shook

“1.5 million!!!”

The entire bank building echoed with his shout and people all stopped and stared at his office with wide eyes. The bank manager didnt care about them at all His eyes were only focused on the numbers in front of him. This had to be alive! There was no way someone could make this much from nothing but trading!

He quickly grabbed his phone and called the trading company to inquire about the account. Once they confirmed it he felt his heart rate increase drastically.

This man was a god!!


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