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In no time at all three weeks passed like that. Han could be seen in his house with a box of pizza beside him and his new laptop lying on his lap. He had a swivel chair with a footrest and was focused on his computer.

Han clicked the button to close his latest trade and he smiled.


There were some things known as the wonders of the world in this world and Han was sure this account was the eighth wonder of the world. To take an account from ten thousand to one hundred thousand a man must be a guru with at least five years of trading under his belt. What Han did was far more than that. He took his account from ten thousand to three million! He was more than a guru!

He received a call the previous day from the banker telling him to come into the company for their meeting today and Han responded that he would be there. He could feel the shock on the bankers voice when he sounded confident over the phone. The man must have been expecting him to be afraid and saying he was not ready.

He was going to show the entire world not to underestimate Han Luo anymore!!

Hans phone rang and he picked it up to see that it was Rina. He answered.

“Oppa, sorry but I have to cancel our meeting today. I have a problem and I need to stay with my friend”

Han frowned. Did someone try to bully his sister again! Were the people in this world so afraid of living

“Where are you”

Han asked this seriously and Rina told him she was at her shared apartment near the west side of City C. Han took the next bus to the apartment and met her there.


Rina was shocked when she saw her brother come down from the bus. She already knew he was coming but the person she saw coming down from the bus was not the person she knew from three weeks ago! Who was this man!

Han came down from the bus and noticed Rina was looking at him in shock. Was there something wrong with his outfit Was it his hair Han then suddenly remembered that she hasnt seen him in three weeks and he knew why his appearance shocked her.

He promised himself to work out every day and had kept to it. His body was now defined and his face was now angular and smooth. He no longer had to worry about pimples and blemishes since he came back from the future and he even grew taller than before.

Han was no longer a second-class existence

“Han is that you What happened to you Did you find a beauty treatment that was cheap Why did you not tell me so I could go too!”

Han laughed at the pout Rina gave him. She really thought he joined a beauty program and became like this! What a cute girl!

“Rina, is this your Oppa He seems different from the last time I saw him”

The person who spoke was Ping Sou, Rinas classmate from college and her roommate. She was a beautiful girl with black hair and smooth skin. Han found his eyes immediately go to her breasts and he was very pleased! It was not as big as Rinas or Miss Kims but it was definitely on his top ten list of bountiful breasts!!!

“Her eyes are not down there Han!”

Rina fumed when she saw Han staring and Ping blushed. Han rubbed the back of his head and Rina huffed. This brother of hers still hasnt changed even after all this time. She was actually secretly pleased that he was still the same Han she knew. She did not want him to change that too!

Han took on a serious expression and turned to Rina. She called him here because there was a problem, didnt she

“Rina. What happened. Why do you suddenly need to leave your meeting today”

Rina and Ping both looked down. Rina did not want to tell! Han what the problem was before because it was not even her problem. The person who had the issue was Ping! And she did not know how Ping felt about her brother knowing. But Han had been very persuasive and now she just had to tell him since he came all the way over here.

“Let us go inside. There are too many people here.”

All of them entered the small apartment Ping shared with Rina and Rina finally told Han what the problem was.

“Ping has been harassed by the landlord of this house before. He increased the rent of the house suddenly and the money he is asking for is too much. If we do not pay by next week then he is going to throw us out. I still have the college dorm to go to and stay for a while but Ping doesnt have anywhere to go! She can only go to her parents in City A, but that is too far from the school!”

Han heard all this and he narrowed his eyes. What kind of man would throw out two girls and make them sleep on the street because of some money. She said that they needed money, it was no problem since it was just money. Right now money was not a problem for him!

“Where is the landlord”

Rinas eyes widened. What was Han going to do The money they needed was not something he could pay. She only told him so she will be able to cancel their outing that day, not so he can make himself involved!

“Han, what are you going to do!”

Han smiled at her and she immediately blushed. How did he become this handsome!

“Just tell me where the landlord is,”

Han turned to Ping and told her to lead the way and she reluctantly led him there. She had heard from Rina that her brother was not very rich, was he going to bully the landlord. Would that not make her situation worse

They reached the top floor of the apartment and knocked on the landlords door.

“What is it!”

A large man with a triple chin opened the door and shouted. He sneered at them and scratched his large bulging stomach through his singlet. This girls again Were they not tired of begging him! He would not reduce the rent no matter what! This Ping dared to refuse him when he wanted to court her! Well, then she will enjoy other men in the street!

Han faced the man with a smile.

“Hi. Im here to pay the rent for these two ladies. How much is it”

The landlord rose a disgusted brow. How dare this handsome man think he can just come here and say anything. Did he want death

“Who are you”

“I am their brother,”

Ping was shocked when Han called her his sister also. What was he planning

The landlord sneered and shouted at Han.

“This house will not collect rent from anyone except these two girls! They are my tenants, not you! If you want to pay for them then bring three hundred thousand and buy this building! Hahahahah!”

The landlord laughed loudly at Han. This man thought he could just come here and solve this problem because he was a little handsome He was surely trying to gain points with Ping and Rina. There was no way he was their brother! If he wanted to make a fool of himself then he will help him along the way! This man was going to swallow his words now!

Han grew angry at the landlord. He put his hand on the landlords chest and began pushing him backward.

“Stay here,”

He said this to Rina and Ping just before he pushed the landlord into his house and closed the door behind them.

The landlord stumbled back once he was inside the house. What was that He didnt even have a chance to fight back at all. He knew he was bigger than this man, so how did he push him so easily!

“What do you think youre doing! Do you want to die here Just know that if you try anything in my building then I will surely not let you go for free! You will go to court and defend yourself there!”

Han ignored the landlord and whipped out his phone. He speed-dialed one number and his stock company picked up.

“Hello, this is Han Luo. Can I speak to Teacher Park”


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