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The next day, Han went to work and immediately began working on the project he had been given to handle. He decided he would simply do it on his own since his team was only being unhelpful.

Han had already forgotten about the screen that floated in front of his face. It was still there this morning, but just like the human eyes make the nose disappear since its always just there, Han also made the screen disappear from his vision.

He typed in the last sentence and exclaimed in glee. He was finished!

He grabbed the printout and moved to submit his work only for him to bump into someone on the way.

“Ah! Watch where youre going!”

“S-Sorry! Sorr – Tan woo”

Han looked up and his eyes widened. He knew who this was. It was Tan Woo. His first girlfriend in college who had left him a long time ago. She claimed the reason for leaving him was because her parents wanted a better life for her, but he knew she just wanted more money. And since he couldnt give her money, she left.

Tan Woo looked down at Han with a scowl. She couldnt believe she would run into him here. wasnt he working at some low-level publishing company What was he doing at H&C

“Ah! Tan Woo! What are you doing here! I thought you were already at the meeting!”

The person who spoke was Jin. He walked up to the pair and Tan Woos expression brightened immediately. She smiled at Jin and completely ignore Han. Jin took her by the waist and began leading her away.

“Youre a representative for REACH. You cant be seen talking to low lifes Tan Woo,”

Tan Woo giggled. Han squeezed his hands around the folder he was carrying as a wave of great anger rose in him. Was he invisible to these people Did they not see that he was standing right here! they were just talking about him right in front of him like he was an unimportant thing!

“Han, come here!”

Hans annoying team leader spoke up from down the hall and Han was forced to relax his posture and move to him. He didnt want any trouble in the company so he was going to just lay low and allow things to work out how they were. So what if his former girlfriend was now ignoring him and moving together with his enemy He would just ignore it. He couldnt lose his job no matter what.

“I need you to take this to the REACH meeting. The boss is still in there so she needs her nourishment,”

Han was handed a tray of drinks and the team leader took the folder. He then made his way towards the meeting room on the top floor of the company building. Outside the door of the meeting, Han saw Tan Woo standing with a small scowl on her face. She saw him coming and immediately looked away from him. Not even bothering to look at him.

Han ignored her and entered the room.

All eyes turned to him once he entered. There were about ten people in the room sitting around a round table, with Miss Kim standing in front of a projector board and advertising something to them.

Han bowed his head low ad placed the tray of drinks in the center of the table. He was about to leave when Miss Kim spoke up.

“Please share it. I dont think we have time to waste,”

Han reluctantly began sharing the drinks to the men who were seated around the table. Han could see that they were not even focusing on him at all. Like he was a ghostly presence instead of a human being. All their eyes were focused on Miss Kim. Probably because of the way her breast bounced each time she waved the stick in her hands. Perverts.

Well, Han could understand. Miss Kim was a scary beauty and also very smart. May men would gladly lose their little partner forever if it meant they could have her for just one night. But Han was different. He loved his little partner too much to lose it. He still hasnt gotten to use it, you know!

But that didnt mean he didnt want to f*ck her till his little partner got friction burns….


A shout echoed through the office and all of a sudden everyones focus was on Han. Han was standing very still. His hand was still outstretched and he was staring at the coffee stain on the representatives shirt, wondering if this was a dream.

“Cant you even watch where youre going!”

The man shouted while rising to his feet and pointing a finger at Han. Han took a step back. He hadnt meant to do that. He just stumbled!

Behind him, Jin Ham put a hand to his mouth and snickered. He couldnt believe this fool actually fell for his trap. All it took was a well-placed leg and he poured coffee all over the representative. Now time to come to his rescue and gain more points in Miss Kims eyes.

“Please, we are really sorry,”

Jin stood up and bowed to the man, surprising everybody in the office since they thought he was being polite for Hans benefit.

“My colleague was distracted and didnt see where he was going. Wont you please forgive him”

“This is a very expensive top! Can he even pay for the dry cleaning with how shabby he looks! He should watch where he is going next time or is this how you treat all visitors to your company!”

Murmurs broke out among the representatives in the room and Jin felt like he was losing their attention. It wouldnt be good if he made the company lose the contract. He just wanted to make Han lose face for his own benefit.

“We will surely compensate you for the dry cleaning”

Miss Kim said as she came to stand beside Jin and stretched a hand out to the representatives. Her mere presence was enough to make most of them keep quiet since they were of a lower rank than her.

‘But what was distracting this Han To think that he would cost my reputation with the representatives. Is he not full of bad luck! Miss Kim thought.

“I saw him looking at Miss Kims chest”

“Yeah, me too. I cant believe a virgin like this is allowed into the company!”

“They better fire him or else he could make them vomit blood soon. This man is bad luck”

These were some of the things being said by the other representatives and Miss Kim heard them all. She looked towards Han with anger in her eyes before turning back the man and giving them a small bow.

“I apologize for my employees mistake. Please, let us take a small break and continue once we are all settled,”

The representatives moved out of the room and Han knew he was in trouble. He hadnt meant to ruin the meeting. He felt something holding his leg back and he just fell.

“Miss Kim, I -”


The slap was so ferocious that it echoed throughout the entire city. A man on the mountain praying to the god of fertility and sex peeked an eye open from him ten thousand year mediation.

“It seems a man just **ed up. I will pray some more for his survival… OHHMMMMMM!!!”

Han stumbled back from the slap and held a hand up to his face. Miss Kim was looking at him with pure anger in her eyes and her hands were clenched tightly at her side. So this man was just staring at her chest How can he cosy her so much for that stupid reason

“Is this your plan all along! Ruin me slowly so you can laugh behind my back! You are bad luck and you just ruin everything around you and you think you can bring that to my company!”

Miss Kim grabbed the tray of drinks and threw it at Han.

“Get out! Get out and never come back! If I ever see your face here again, then I will make sure you are arrested!”

Han stumbled out from the room and walked to grab his things from the office, but before he could even do that, security officers came and threw him out to the street. He was left there and many passersby laughed at his sorry state.

“Is that man okay He looks like he was caught cheating and only managed to get away with this much”

“Is he the same one that was slapped Look how his face is red”

“I need a picture of this to show my husband, maybe this will make him remain faithful to me!”

Han picked himself off the ground and wiped the drinks off his face. He has never been so humiliated in his life. Not even when he was in school and had his uniform stolen in the boys locker room did he feel like crying as he did now.

He looked up at the large H&C logo on top of the building and at that moment he swore that he would get revenge on them all! Jin, Tan, even his boss, and team leader. He was going to own everything here and he was going to get his revenge!

But how was he going to do that He was still useless and a failure.

He was still a second-class existence.

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