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This Tao Long was lean and muscular. He had a bit of stubble on his chin and his eyes were no longer squinted. Han was too shocked to even say anything to him. He simply stood up and grabbed Rina in a bridal carry. Rina squeaked when he took her but she then buried her head in his chest with a blush. This girl was just too cute!

“If I ever see you doing something like this again then I will end you. Consider yourself lucky that my sister is such a kind person”

Tao Long was a little shocked by Hans tone. He didnt sound cold like he expected, instead, he sounded disappointed in him. Like Han had been expecting better from him. Tao Long swallowed and nodded. This man was a good person to have spared his life. He would not go against him!

Han turned around and disappeared down the street.

The walk home was embarrassing for Rina. She couldnt even say anything to Han until they got to his house. She was enjoying the fact that he was carrying her but it was just too embarrassing!! Thank God there was nobody on the street or else she would have died from embarrassment.

Han brought Rina into his apartment and lay her down on the bed. He took off his coat and hung it on the wall before he finally spoke.

“Im sorry,”

Rina was confused. What was he apologizing for

“I should have come earlier for the outing, maybe then you wouldnt have been attacked. I understand if youre angry at me, but -”

Rina scoffed and pouted at him. Was this brother of hers trying to sound cool now! He just saved her life and he began saying sorry! What a terrible brother!

Han heard Rina scoff and he became depressed. Was she too angry to forgive him! He is just a horrible brother isnt he!

A hand suddenly grabbed Han and dragged him forward. He fell on top of something soft and groaned.

Rina had a big blush on her face. She didnt think he would land straight in her breasts when she dragged him! But she did not push him away. She couldnt believe she was being so bold!

Rina brought a hand up and ran it through Hans hair slowly. Han looked up in surprise and saw her looking away from him with a huge blush on her face.

“Y-You were really cool today, Oppa”


Han immediately felt blood run down his nose! This girl was going to be the end of him. This stimulation was too much. He could feel her legs intertwined with his own. She was wearing a short gown and her smooth legs were cold against his body!

Rina heard Han exclaim and quickly looked down. She saw him bleeding from the nose and immediately became worried. Was he hurt! She tried to stand up. But that only made her breasts push deeper into Hans face. The blood increased!!

“Ah! Han are you hurt!”

Han mumbled something that even he couldnt hear. The only thought in his mind was that this girls breasts were amazing!! They werent as soft as Miss Kims, but they had a supple appeal to them that Han couldnt help but love! How amazing!

Hans hand twitched and he was about to raise them to stand when he heard a knock at the door. Han immediately cursed whoever that devil was!

He snarled as he forced himself off the bed and marched to the door. He grabbed it and tore it open.

Miss Kim stumbled back in shock at the force the door opened with. She saw Han standing there with a glare on his face and she immediately felt submissive again. This man was scary! And why was he bleeding from his nose!

Han blinked in surprise at the person there, “Miss Kim What is it Its very late”

Miss Kim quickly tried to get herself under control again. She had come here to talk to Han about what he said earlier today but this wasnt how she expected it to start! She needed to take control of the conversation again!

“Han. I wanted to talk to you about -”

“Who is it, Han”

Miss Kim immediately paused when she saw another woman come out from inside Hans room. The woman was wearing a ripped gown that she was holding up with one hand. Who was this woman! What was she doing in Hans house!

And why did she feel this sudden anger inside her!

The two women locked gazes and they immediately glared at each other. It was obvious they did not like the other person at all!

Rina turned to Han quickly, expecting an explanation. Han chuckled while rubbing the back of his head. This sister of his could be very scary when she glared at him!

“Rina, this is Miss Kim, my former boss. Miss Kim, this is Rina, my sister”

Miss Kims mouth made an ohh gesture. So this was his sister Then there was nothing to be worried about. But why was she even worried at all!

Rina huffed and stretched her hand out to Miss Kim.

“Its nice to meet you. Im Rina Luo, Hans STEP-SISTER”

The glare between the two women came back in full force. Miss Kim noticed the way this woman said the word step-sister and she did not like it!

Han did not notice it but the two women had begun squeezing each others hand unconsciously. They were like lions claiming territory!

Han turned to Miss Kim and asked a question.

“So why are you here, Miss Kim. Did you want to talk to me about something”

Miss Kim looked to Han in surprise and then winced as Rinas hand won their battle for dominance. Rinas smug smile made her blood boil.

“I will come back later when you are… Less busy. It is not that important”

Miss Kim said this before turning and leaving the house with a frown. She could not believe the nerve of that woman! She did not know what they just did but she knew she lost!

Miss Kim did not like to lose!

‘And my hands hurt so much! Is that woman a gorilla!

Han watched as Miss Kim walked away quickly. Didnt she say that what she wanted to talk about was important before How come it is no longer important now

He looked down at Rina and saw her pouting at him. She huffed and entered the house and Han tilted his head to one side in confusion. Did he do something wrong


In a dark room far away from City C a group of men sat around a round table and spoke in hushed voices.

“So it failed!!”

Well, maybe not so hushed. They were shouting in anger!

“Who dares make a fool of us! The reach soda was going to be the greatest drink of the century!”

An old-aged man with a long beard hummed. He was the only one at the table not shouting, but when he spoke everyone else kept quiet.

“The advertisement company found about about a clause in the document. Even we didnt know anything about it and only found out now. But this clause has destroyed our reputation with all the other advertisement companies, it is impossible to spread REACH far anymore”

At the head of the table, a bald man who wore glasses sighed and hung his head.

“We are finished,”


Inside City C, a man who worked at one of the stockbrokers trading companies noticed a notification stating that s certain person just finished an entire years course on stock brokerage in a single day.

The man spat out the coffee he was holding and leaned into his computer.

“Teacher Park! Look at this! This man finished the entire course in a day!”

An older man with a bald head came up to the computer and looked down at it. Once he saw the notification his eyes widened as well. Was this some sort of trick Who did something like this!

“Who was it! Who was the person!”

The man was hysterical and the boy immediately scrambled to find the name.

“One Mr. Han Luo. He lives here in City C and has never come into the stock exchange world till today!”

The boy was completely shocked. He has never heard of someone finishing all the courses and taking all the tests on stock exchange in a single day! The fact that he actually passed and got his trading license was completely shocking!

Mr. Han Luo Teacher Park tested this name in his mouth and made sure to never forget it. This could be the start of something great.

“Make sure you watch this mans progress on our site. No matter what do not let him leave here! No other company can have him!”

“Yes sir!”


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