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The atmosphere was pleasant and Miss Kim felt like this would be the start of a new chapter for her. After so long she was about to receive her first international contract. The advertisement would run for five years and make her company one of the most popular ones in the entire world instead of just City C. All she had to do was sign one more contract and the deal will be sealed.


The door burst open just before the contract could be complete and Miss Kim watched as Han entered the room without regard for anyone. She got to her feet immediately. How did this man enter the building! Where was security!

Han looked at the people gathered in the room. This was the moment he had to utilize all the skills he had. He snuck into the building just for this, so if he failed here then the world was doomed!

“Do you think you cannot still save face”

Han said this with confidence, but he wasnt talking to Miss Kim. Miss Kim was shocked when he saw Han looking towards the REACH representatives with a glare. Did this man intend to ruin her completely!

“Han! Get out right now!!”

Han ignored Miss Kim and walked up to the reach representatives, he slammed his hand on the desk and glared down at the man. He did not even know when his [Blood Lust] skill turned on because the man suddenly shivered.


Miss Kim took a step back from the man in front of her. This was not the same useless man she knew from yesterday. He was releasing an aura that just screamed murder. Was he going mad

“This contract. Can you swear that there is nothing implicating in it”

Han suddenly asked the representatives something that shocked everyone. Miss Kim looked from Han towards the man and saw the man nod his head. What was Han trying to prove here! Did he think he would get his job back just because he threatened this man!

Han grabbed the contract and opened the first page.

“In the business world there is nothing more important than a mans word. Large dynasties and conglomerates have been built on nothing but promises and larger businesses have crumbled because of the same reason. Miss Kim you heard from this man that he has nothing incriminating in here!”

Miss Kim could only watch the scene unfolding before her in silence. She was too afraid to even go near Han now! He had this cold look in his eyes that showed he was not joking around!

Han smiled when the representative nodded again. This was exactly what he needed. He had planned to plant something incriminating in the document before, but once he read through the document yesterday he realized that there was no need for that!

Han was sure he would have missed something so insignificant if he was still his former self! But with his current intelligence, he was able to pick out the loopholes that REACH planted in this document easily.

Not only did they intend from the beginning to take control of a large number of stocks in the company if it failed to provide enough exposure after a certain number of years, there was also a clause in there that would prevent Miss Han from backing out from it no matter what circumstance the world falls into. Like say, a zombie invasion.

That meant that even as that future was unfolding and Miss Kim was suffering her company was still advertising the same drink that made people into being zombies. It was barbaric.

Han began his systematic destruction.

“Page 13, clause 15b. Page 16, clause 17. Page 3, clause 2a. Miss Kim please read these clauses closely and focus on the wording used there. That should be enough for you to believe me”

Miss Kim was reluctant to listen to Han, but when she looked into his eyes she couldnt help but nod and pick up the contract.

These clauses were small ones that didnt seem important in the grand scale. They were put under larger articles that were beneficial to her company so she did not see a good reason to read them before. But as Miss Kim skimmed through the documents her eyes got wider and wider! This was part of the contract too! When did they put it in there!

If she had signed this contract then she was going to loose everything she ever worked hard for!

Her hands trembled in rage and her teeth clenched together tightly. Miss Kim looked at the representatives with hatred and shouted.


There was a great scramble from the representatives as they tried to get out but three security guards showed up and quickly grabbed them. Miss Kim would make sure these men did not get away with this! She was going to report them to the business administration court and make sure REACH is closed down for this!! How can they try to cheat her out of business! Did they have no shame!

Miss Kim growled and slammed the contract down in anger. She would have been signing her freedom away to people she did not even know! If not for Han then –


Miss Kim looked around the room for Han and she was shocked when she did not see him anymore. He was already gone.

Han pulled his coat tighter around his body and walked into the parking lot of the company. He was glad that he managed to do this without any problems. He could let his Miss Kim rest easy now that he saved her company. He was about to hail a cab when a voice shouted from behind him.

“Han! Han Luo wait!!”

Han turned around to see an out of breath Miss Kim standing behind him. He frowned when he saw how tired she was. The future Miss Kim would not even feel anything if she ran this far. Han shook his head, he had to stop comparing them to each other. That Miss Kim was dead and she was never coming back, there was nothing he could do to change that.

Miss Kim caught her breath and looked up at Han. He was staring at her with a calculative look and she couldnt help but think he was measuring her worth. She wasnt used to feeling like the submissive one in any confrontation and this feeling made her uneasy.

“Yes. Miss Kim You wanted to tell me something”

Miss Kim suddenly realized she had been standing silently for too long and she quickly tried to get her composure back. She was acting like a school girl with a silly crush!

“I want to thank you Han Luo. I dont know how you found about about REACH, but what you did saved my company. I dont know how I can repay you”

Han shook his head, “You dont have to repay me. And besides, I didnt do it for you, I did it for someone else”

Miss Kim frowned slightly. She didnt know why those words hurt her so much. Did it matter so much who he did it for! She just had to get this over with! This atmosphere was too uncomfortable!

“Well I think I need to do something in return. What you did for me was too great and I would lose face if I didnt do something in return. I will give you your job back and promote you to executive manager. You will never lack anything as long as you work with me”

Miss Kim was sure this was a very attractive offer. For someone like Han to jump from a simple labourer to an executive manager was not a small thing. He will surely agree and come work for her.

But her shock was enormous when she saw Han shake his head in the negative.

Was this man serious!

He was going to refuse her offer!

Han shook his head and looked Miss Kim in the eye. He could tell that her offer was genuine. To her, she was giving him something equivalent to saving her and her company. But to him this was not what he wanted. He already fulfilled his immediate goal, but he had more goals now! He was no longer the ordinary man that was here before! He promised himself that he would stand on top of this would and there was nothing that was going to stop him!

“Your offer is attractive and from a beautiful woman like you it is even more attractive. But I cannot come work for you anymore.”

Miss Kim blushed at his boldness but she could sense the seriousness in Han. She immediately thought she had lost favour with him because she slapped him before! Did he still hold that against her! She did not mean to embarrass him like she did, it just happened that way!

“Are you still angry with me, Han Luo Do not make a mistake now, you will never lack anything while working for me”

Han shook his head. This girl was definitely the Miss Kim he knew. Still as head strong as ever! He turned around and began walking away while giving her a few last words.

“Someone once told me to let go of the past if I wanted to move forward. This person is a great person in my heart. She said I should worry less and live more. There is more than enough time to gain the world. I will leave those words with you, maybe you can also gain something from them.”

Miss Kim stood there alone as Han walked down the street and disappeared. Those words right now struck her speechless. They made her think of old times when she was still slaving away in the corporate world, trying to make her company rise out from the shadow of her family.. This man, Han Luo. Just who is he


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