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It was so shocking that for a time Han thought it was just a joke. Maybe he would blink and it would just disappear! No such luck!

Han felt anger rising in him and it greatly confused him. Why was he feeling anger when he could be going back to my time Was there really anything here for him The world was already ending!

And then he realized that it was Miss Kim he was reluctant to let go of. She was becoming attached to him and that was not a good thing. He would be gone soon and then what would she do He cant tell her how he will leave and he also cant tell her where he was going.

For a long time that night he sat alone, thinking of what to do about his situation and before he knew it eight hours had passed.

[Departure time – 16:00:05]

Han resolved himself to at least spend more time with her and make her happy.

But all of his resolve was for nothing. Because the next morning, Miss Kim died. What a cruel joke this was!! Han cried for a long time after he found her cold body. It had been so long since he cried. Not since he had to bury his parents twice over, but now he cried because of someone he hated.

She died with a smile on her face and there was never any doubt that she had no regrets. It was fine by him, he didnt have to care, he would be leaving this world soon anyway. It was for the best.

He buried Miss Kim in the backyard, but far away from the place he put the REACH. There was a small garden with only wild flowers and grasses growing in it.. But the grasses were greener than green and shone in the morning sun. That was where he buried her.

Han stood at the balcony of the house and popped open a can of alcohol.

[Departure time – 00:05:00]

This was it, right He was leaving. He wondered what he would do once he got back. His first thought was about Miss Kim and Han mentally kicked himself. Stop acting like a lovesick puppy!!

The first thing he had to do was stop the advertisment from ever happening. He needed to find a way to destroy REACH in the eyes of the company and make them drop the advert. This way he could prevent this world from ever happening.

He was no longer the person he was before. He would use this to his advantage and rise to the very top of the world so that when next he reaches this future he will not be the same useless man. He will be someone better!

[Departure time – 00:01:00]

[Departure time – 00:00:30]

Han finished the can of alcohol and threw it down from the balcony and he disappeared before it touched the ground.

He was in that void again and he was naked. Again!! Han quickly thought of his shirt and trousers and they appeared on him. Just wait till he got his hands in that sexy woman! She only knew how to make him naked!

“Fufufu! You never change do you~”

That same sultry laugh came from in front of Han and he narrowed his eyes at the woman. She wore the same outfit and stood there with a smile on her face.

So he was right after all, he came back to the void. Was he going back now

“Yes you are going back now. I hope you have a good life, Han”

Han eyed the woman suspiciously. What was this woman saying all of a sudden! Was he going to get killed or something! Dont play with me you sexy wench!

“Oh, nothing like that Han. I cant ask you about the specifics, but everything you gathered is now yours to keep. Be sure to love a good life now!”

Once she said that Han felt a pull on his naval and he immediately disappeared from the void. The woman sighed with a smile. What an interesting man.

Han gasped as he shot up from his bed. He was back in his run down apartment in the dirty side of City C. He immediately rushed to the window and looked outside and his eyes widened when he saw real people walking around. This was his own world! He really came back!

Han didnt have any time to waste and he rushed to his closet. He grabbed a black pair of trousers and a shirt and stepped out into the night. The first thing he needed to do was stop that contract from being signed. He couldnt let that future come to pass no matter what!

The H&C advertisment building was locked and security guards were standing around the perimeter. This would have been an issue for the previous Han, but this one didnt have that problem.

Name – Han Luo

Level – 14

Strength – 46

Stamina – 33

Agility – 20

Intelligence – 51

Free Points – 16

Skills – [Critical Hit – 25] [Crowd Control – 15] [Critical thinking – 8] [Blood Lust – 8] [Eyes of Horos – 2] [Photographic Memory – 1]

His active skill [Eyes of Horos] was his new favorite skill. It gave him advanced eye sight that even involved night vision. Now he saw the world like he was looking through night vision goggles with the guards around the building appearing like red hazy figures.

[Photographic memory] was not disappointing in the least, it only gave him the ability to remember anything he saw like he was looking at it a picture and that was already a great boon. But when he paired it together with [Eyes of Horos] and [Critical thinking] it became something otherworldly.

Every action, every twitch and every movement anybody around him can make, Han could decipher it and predict it. It was like he was watching a movie just seconds before it was released to the public. He found his favourite skills before he even knew it!

The guards around the building were making their normal rounds and they didnt even notice when a figure slipped through the small space between two of the guards. Han easily glided into the building and entered the main lobby. He knew that the meeting that took place today was only for H&C advertisement to show off what they could do for REACH and the original copy of the contract would be in the [CEO]s office so Miss Kim could go through it before they would sign it. He made his way to the door and was about to enter before he stopped in his tracks.

There was a red hazy outline of a person standing in front of the [CEO]s table. The person was hunched over and reading something. Was this Miss Kim Han looked closer and tried to tell the gender of the person, but his vision was too hazy, the skill want advanced enough for him to see gender yet! Han heard the person coming out and he quickly moved out of the way. He hid behind the door as it was opened and a man came out.

Jin Tam looked around cautiously before closing the door behind him and pulling up his hood. He didnt even notice Han hiding behind him as he moved away from the office and walked away. His job here was done.

Hans eyes followed after Jin Tam as he walked away. What was this man doing inside Miss Kims office. Just the sight of him was enough to bring back great anger in Han! No matter where he was this man could never be trusted!

Han entered the office and immediately opened the drawer that Jin had been looking through. The first thing he was the office file for Jin Tams team. Han immediately understood what had happened when he opened the file. That bastard!!

So he was the reason for the misunderstanding!

How can one man be the cause of so much trouble! Han began to wonder if Jin Tam was not the True bad luck in this world!

Jin Tam had branded the blacklist label over Hans face, making it so that he would never be able to get a job in an advertisment firm again. This was too much, even for your enemy!

Han growled in anger before he got a brilliant idea. He smiled as he went to work. Once he was finished with that, he finally found the contract that Miss Kim was to sign with REACH and worked on that as well.

A few minutes later, Han put the books back in the drawer and disappeared from the building.. No one will ever know he was there.


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