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Han was now completely shocked. They were all carnivores How did this idiot manage to get all of them to follow him! Han saw Jin Tam was about to grab Miss Kim by the throat again and he decided he was done waiting! He was going to destroy all of them!

But then Jin Tam said something that made him stop.

“If only you didnt sign that contract! I would have taken the company from you and this wouldnt have happened! I always knew your place was the kitchen! Next time I will act faster!”

This was something that caught Hans attention. What contract was Jin talking about His mind was telling him that he already knew the contract, but Han didnt even want to entertain the thought! Too many bad things already happened because of that contract!

Miss Kim snarled at Jin Tam and struggled in her seat. What nonsense was this man talking about! Did he only know how to spew nonsense!

“You dont believe me”

Jin Tam grabbed Miss Kims jaw and turned her head around. He was going to break this woman and then make her his own. He would use any method necessary to break her resolve!

Miss Kim saw a man standing beside a water dispenser with a nozzle. From the side of the room, another man dragged out a tied-up man and threw him to the ground under the nozzle.

“W-wait! Wait, please! I havent done anything wrong!!”

The man was shouting at the top of his lungs, but the man with the nozzle didnt let him continue. He grabbed the nozzle and forced it into the mans mouth.

“Watch what your REACH soda does to people, Miss Kim!!”

The tap turned and the man on the floor began to shake as he was pumped full of the drink. He wiggled around like a worm and screamed but the man only choked him on more of the drink and forced it further down his throat. Until after a while he stopped moving at all.

Han held his breath as he waited for something to happen. Was what Jin said true There was no way that this drink was the cause of all of these problems! It had to.be a lie!!


The man on the floor suddenly roared as his eyes opened to reveal bleached white pupils. His skin grew pale and rough and his hand flew to his throat. He pulled out the nozzle and jumped to his feet.


“You see the fruit of your labor! This is what you created with your own hands, Miss Kim! This is the product of your reign as head of H&C advertisement!!”

Jin Tam laughed in glee as he saw the grief-stricken face of Miss Kim. Yes! This was exactly what he wanted! This would be more than enough to break her, he was sure of it! There was no one here that could go against him now!!

Han sighed as he stood up from the seat and began rubbing his sore wrists. Those chairs were uncomfortable. The Carnivores behind him looked at him in shock and Han eyes them all with a glare.

He activated [Blood Lust] and was glad when they all retreated. He was afraid it would be too small to scare them, but it was enough. Han turned towards Jin Ham with his glare still in place. This man has gotten on his last nerve!!

“Y-You How can you get up!” Jin Ham asked this while taking a step back as well.

He couldnt believe this useless man broke out from the rope they tied him with. That rope was strong enough to hold any of the carnivores here!

Han didnt answer him. He was already past talking. This man was a pain not only in the past but also in the future What sort of multidimensional prick was this!!

Han saw the zombie in the room begin attacking a carnivore at the side and he kept into action. The carnivores here were stronger than advanced zombies, but their strength was nothing like the carnivore he fought before. It was easy for Han to kill them with two or more direct hits each. Some of them managed to run away from the room, but Han didnt have any interest in them, once he had finished killing the ones left, he only had eyes for one man.

Jin Ham felt like he was going to go mad from anger. All his plans! All his preparations! Ruined by this trash!! How did this man full of bad luck get so strong! And now that he was focusing on him, Jin Tam couldnt help but salivate at Hans smell. He was a continental dish in the form of a human being!

Han grabbed the zombie that was still chewing on the neck of one of the carnivores. It was the small girl that had lured them in here. Han a! most felt pity for her, but he killed it faster than ever. She was already dead anyway. He squeezed his hand around the zombies head and he was greeted with a satisfying crack as the zombies head caved in.

[You have killed 7 Carnivores. You have leveled up to level 12. You have gained 10 free points. You have gained 8 Strength. You have gained 10 Intelligence.]

[You have killed 1 Advanced zombie. You have gained 1 Intelligence]

Name – Han Luo

Level – 12

Strength – 46

Stamina – 33

Agility – 20

Intelligence – 41

Free Points – 10

Skills – [Critical Hit – 25] [Crowd Control – 15] [Critical thinking – 8] [Blood Lust – 8]

He dropped it to the ground and then looked at Jin Ham. The man was pale as a sheet and Han feared he was going to ** himself soon.

Jin Tam looked around him before quickly grabbing Miss Kim from the chair and holding her in front of him. He was still in disbelief about the strength this trash showed, but he was going to protect himself no matter what.

“I didnt know you became an [Unchanged]. Im actually a little impressed. And this smell you have, its really something intoxicating, like cocaine! Why dont we make a deal You give yourself up and Ill let her go! Im now more interested in you!”

Hans face squeezed in disgust. To be wanted by Jin Tam was the lowest insult anyone has ever given him. Did this man think he was gay or was he blind

Han took a step forward and Jin Tam squeezed his hand tighter around Miss Kims neck making him stop in his tracks.

“If you come near me, then Ill kill her! You dont want your precious Miss Kim dead do you!”

“If you kill her then Ill kill you”

Hans voice was cold and it sent a shiver down Jin Tams back. There was no threat in his words, it was just a statement, a promise.

Jin Tam quickly threw Miss Kim to the ground and darted towards the fluid dispenser. He grabbed the hose, opened the tap, and poured the drink down his throat. He wasnt going to die here! He was going to kill this loser no matter what!

Han Luo watched Jin Tam pour the drink down his throat and be wondered what the idiot was up to. Did he think he could beat him as a zombie But he didnt turn into a zombie. Jin Tam grunted as he stumbled back from the dispenser. He put his hand on his head and screamed in pain.

Han became worried when he saw Jin Tams body begin to bulge and grow in size until he looked like a bodybuilder on steroids. Jin Tam looked up and roared at Han.


‘Okay, so he became a Super Saiyan”

Han was still calm even with the sudden change. He didnt know what happened to Jin Tam, but he could tell that it was not up to his strength. Jin Tam ran up to him and punched down at him. Han brought his hand up and caught the punch.



Han actually grunted at the strength. It seems Jin was stronger than he looked. Han grabbed him by the forearm and threw him into the wall, Jin created a deep circle as he got stuck in the wall before he dropped to the ground.

Han wited for Jin Tam to stand back up and he saw as he roared again before running in to attack. It seems like he got stronger but it was obvious that he was now even more of an idiot! Did he sacrifice his intelligence for strength! What a fool!

Han grabbed Jin Tam by the hand and threw him over his shoulder before he got on top of him and began to pummel his head.





Jin Tam tried to fight back but Han trapped his hands under his legs and there was no way for him to get it out. Every punch broke bone and tore skin and by the time Han was done with him his head was only a pulp on the floor.

Han wiped the blood on his face with a scowl. He stood up from the unmoving body and kicked it away from him.

[You have killed 1 Advanced Carnivore. You have leveled up to level 14. You have gained 6 Free points. You have gained 10 Intelligence. You have gained active skill [Eyes Of Horos]]

[Intelligence cap surpassed. You have gained passive skill [Photographic Memory]]

Han ignored all this, for the first time he was not more interested in something else. He turned and rushed towards Miss Kim. She was lying on the ground and Han quickly grabbed the ropes holding her hands and tore them apart.

She wasnt moving, but her chest was rising and falling, showing that she was alive.

“Han,” Miss Kims voice was very weak, “Han, I think they did something to my neck.”

Han quickly grabbed her head and turned it to the side and his eyes widened.. She was bitten.


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