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The new shelter was a run-down apartment building east of City C. Han recognized the area as one of the wealthiest ones around five years ago. Only the rich and influential could even get a room here for one night! If you wanted to stay here then you should be ready to pay $250,000 a month!

But now, Han was disgusted by it.

The houses were broken and dirty. Most of them were black like they had been on fire once and the roads were littered with dirt and sand.

Was this not one of the richest places in City C Han wondered if there was a riot here or did the zombies do all this

Those zombies really liked good things!

“My former house is somewhere around here. Just down that corner”

Miss Kim said this while pointing ahead and Han nodded along. So she also lived here before Han was not surprised at all. Her firm was one of the largest advertisement firms in City C so she was making more than enough money, and even if that was not enough then her family could just buy the entire estate for her as a birthday gift if she wanted. Her family was more than rich enough for that!

They turned the corner and Han immediately saw a large mansion in the distance. It was bigger than all the other houses in the area, but it was just as burnt and dirty as then. Miss Kim entered the house and Han immediately grabbed her hand. There was something wrong here.

Miss Kim looked back at Han in surprise. She was happy he grabbed her. Did this mean he wanted to talk But he was not even looking at her. Han was staring into the darkness of her house with a frown on his face.

“Is something wrong Do you not like the shelter”

Miss Kim was worried that Han didnt like it. She knew it was broken and burnt down but it was one of the safest places in the city. The zombies had all moved away from here a long time ago and she usually came back here whenever she needed another place to lay low for a while. There was no reason for him not to trust it.

“Is there someone else here”

Han asked this while letting go of her hand. Miss Kim frowned at this and shook her head. Nobody even knew she came here anymore. It was a dangerous journey that people wouldnt even think of taking without someone like Han present to get rid of all the zombies. The only reason she could come here easily was that she knew all the secret paths with the least zombies.

Han saw her shake her head and immediately knew there was something wrong here. He could feel something telling him that he was about to walk into danger. His senses were far sharper than before, and in a way, he could smell danger in the air.

Should he let her enter Or should they go back

This was a difficult situation!

“H-Hello! Hello is someone there”

Miss Kim and Han both became defensive when a voice echoed from inside the house. A small hand came out from the darkness of the house and a child came into view. She wore dirty rags and was very thin.

“P-Please help me! Please help me!!”

Miss Kim was about to run to the child to help her but Han suddenly stopped her.

“Wait. Look at her neck. What are those things on her neck Arent those bite marks”

Miss Kim had to stop glaring at Han and look back at the child. Just like Han said, her neck was full of bite marks. They traveled into her dress and then peeked out from her hand again What in the world was this Did someone use this child as a chew toy!

This wasnt right! This little girl looked like she was in great pain! Miss Kim dragged her hand away from Han and immediately ran up to the child. It didnt matter what Han said! She couldnt leave this girl like this!

“No, wait!”

Han shouted at Miss Kim, but Miss Kim was already kneeling in front of the small girl to check on her.

Han was so focused on her that he didnt notice the man that came up from behind him with a wide smile on his face. The man jumped in the air with a large metal bat in his hand. This was going to hurt like a bitch!


Han saw stars!!!!

Miss Kim turned around sharply at the sound to see Han stumbling before falling to his knees. A man was standing above him with a metal bar in his hand and she grew scared when she saw the wide smile on his face. This man was going to kill Han!

“Do you have time to worry about him, big sister!! You should be worried about yourself!”

The little girl that had been scared until this moment suddenly said this menacing thing, and before Miss Kim knew what was happening, she felt a sharp pain in her neck. The girl bit deep into her skin!!!

Miss Kim threw the girl away and held her neck in shock. Did this girl not need help! Was it all a trick from the beginning!

Miss Kim didnt have any more time to think about it before she fell to the ground unconscious.

Han opened his eyes groggily. Where was he What happened

Han pulled his hands apart and he felt something tear into two. Was this rope! Someone had tied him down with a thick rope, but he simply tore through it without thinking! Who would do something like this

“And wheres Miss Kim”

Han looked to his side when he heard someone move around and his eyes widened. Miss Kim was here and she was also tied up!

Her eyes fluttered open slowly and she tried to move her hands, but the ropes were too tight for her to remove them.

Han was seating down on a chair in the middle of a dark room, he couldnt see the other side of the room clearly but he could easily make out the shape of someone standing there. It was a good thing he didnt move around too much, it seems like the person still didnt suspect he was free. He could get the person to let his guard down easily!

Miss Kim looked towards Han in fear. She didnt know what was going on and she was scared that she would die here!

“I didnt think you would fall for it. To think that the only thing I needed to do was appeal to your humanity! I have been wasting time all this while and I never knew it!”

A new voice spoke up from the darkness and Han felt his entire body vibrate in anger. There were many things Han knew he would never forget in his life, and one of those things was this bastards voice.

“Jin Tam,”

Han snarled like a wolf as the silhouette finally came into view when light flooded the room. They were in a large room surrounded by many people who all wore torn and worn clothes. Jin Ham stood opposite the two of them with the small girl from before standing beside him.

“I didnt know if I should thank you or laugh! This is just too funny! I got two at the price of one!!”

Jin Tam was ecstatic. Today was Christmas come early! He had only put his plan in place to catch Miss Kim, but to think that she would also bring this idiot here for him! How was he going to thank her!

“Its been five years and you still havent changed. You still bring bad luck wherever you go like a cursed relic. I think you should change your name to ** so people will avoid you for their own good!” Jin Tam shouted before laughing at his own joke.

Han narrowed his eyes at Jin Tam. This man was the reason why they were here How did they even manage to capture him He was strong enough to withstand the blow from a normal man, so how did they knock him unconscious

“Jin Tam what is the meaning of this!” Miss Kim screamed, “Let me go right now!”

Jin Tam came forward and grabbed Miss Kim by the throat and Hans frown deepened. This man was going to lose that arm very soon!

“I dont even want you to say a word, you hear me. It is your fault that this happened. No matter how you look at it, none of this would be happening if you were just a little smarter with your actions!!”

Jin Tam smiled and his large shark teeth frightened Miss Kim. He was a carnivore!! What was the meaning of this! Miss Kim looked around the room and her heartbeat only continued increasing when she saw all the people in the room smiling to show their large shark teeth.

She couldnt believe he formed his own nest of carnivores! She heard only the strongest carnivores could band together with an entire colony like this. Doesnt that mean Jin Tam was very strong!

Jin Tam took a sniff of Miss Kim and his entire body shivered. Even after all these years, there was no other smell that could get him aroused like her own. In fact, she only became more sweet-smelling when she became fierce!

He was going to enjoy himself here~


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