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Han Lou woke up beside a fire and sat up in haste. He looked around and noticed that he was back in Miss Kims shelter. How did he get here Did she carry him back

“Youre awake,”

Han turned around and saw Miss Kim coming in with a bowl of water in her hand. She knelt beside him and put the bowl on the ground. There was a cloth inside and she soaked it before looking back at him.

“Turn around. Im going to wash you”

Hans eyes widened. What did this woman just say! He didnt need anyone to wash him. He wasnt lame!

Han then suddenly remembered his hand. He looked down and saw that it was in some sort of splinted bandage. The arm was still swollen and when he tried to move it a horrible pain shot through him. Han wasnt a doctor, but he could easily tell that he wouldnt be able to use the arm properly for at least a week. This was going to be difficult for him. He needed to go out there to get stronger. How can he fight when he cannot even move his arm!

“Let me help you. You already did so much for me when I am only able to run away. At least let me help you this once”

Han swallowed thickly. This woman was still Miss Kim and he still hated her, but no matter how he looked at it she was still hot. Was this going to be safe

Han turned around and allowed Miss Kim to take off his shirt. He then felt her trace a line along his back ad he shivered.

“What are you doing”


Miss Kim had gotten distracted by his muscles. He might not look it, but he was toned under his shirt… Those clothes were hiding very nice muscles underneath. Miss Kim began to wash his back, and as she did, she also began telling him what happened before he woke up.

She found him after coming out from hiding inside the base. She managed to carry him using one of Tao Longs cars and brought him back to the school. That was yesterday. She also told him that she found the radio in the base, but it was already destroyed. She suspected that carnivores did it to prevent anyone from getting out from the city.

Han Lou nodded along with her while secretly not even listening to anything she was saying. He was trying to think of how to fix his hand quickly. was there a hospital nearby He had to find a way to get there soo.

“Let me wash your front,”

Miss Kim whispered this in Han Lous ear and little Han jerked in surprise. This woman was going to be the end of him, wasnt she He didnt even care that he was injured, if he got his chance then he would break her! He was still a man with his libido intact, you know.

Miss Kim came around and began washing Hans front also, but then she noticed that his little buddy was on full alert.

Miss Kims eyes traveled down to it before she blushed and looked away. She had to understand! He was a grown man and he could have this sort of reaction as well! Didnt this mean that he saw her as a woman Yes, she didnt have to be embarrassed by it!

She finished washing him in record time and immediately left to drop the bowl of water.

Han lay back down and began thinking of the previous day. His first worry was that he didnt feel anything after killing someone. Wasnt he supposed to at last feel a little depressed! he didnt even feel like he did anything. He only felt a little tired. Well, If he didnt care enough about it then he wasnt going to let it disturb his peace of mind. He would just have to get used to the fact that he didnt mind killing anymore.

The next thought was about the Carnivore. He was shocked when he saw her the first time and then he was even more shocked by her strength. How did something like this exist in this world And didnt she say that she was just one of many carnivores. Now that he killed her wouldnt the rest of them come for him Han was becoming a bit scared. If ten of her strength came here, then what chance did he have to fight back He would be dead before he even fought at all!

The only thing he could think of was to escape. He had to leave this place where they were vulnerable. And he was sure Tao Longs people wont let them rest now that their boss was dead.

“You need to sleep. You dont have enough energy to still be awake.”

Miss Kim came into the room and said this suddenly. She sat beside his bed and decided to make sure he slept. She couldnt believe he was even awake now. Anybody that fought a Carnivore usually ended up dead, but this man managed to kill one with only a broken forearm to show that he was even in a battle at all. This man was more than extraordinary!

Didnt he say he once worked at her company Miss Kim was going to find out who he was no matter what!

Han was in bed for two days and on the third day, he told Miss Kim that they had to leave the shelter. Miss Kim agreed and the two of them set off the next morning for a new place that Miss Kim said she knew.

Hans hand was now halfway healed and he didnt even need the bandages anymore. He could move it around and use it for lifting light objects. It was good that only his left hand was injured and not his right. He could still fight if he needed to.

As well as other things… hehe…

As they went towards the new shelter, Han made sure to kill as many Zombies as possible. He was now aware of the dangers in this world and there was no way he could survive with the strength he had now.

Name – Han Luo

Level – 11

Strength – 38

Stamina – 33

Agility – 20

Intelligence – 30

Free Points – 5

Skills – [Critical Hit – 15] [Crowd Control – 5] [Critical thinking – 8] [Blood Lust – 1]

He was also very interested in the new skill he had. This one was not like the other ones, it was an active skill instead of a passive one. Han understood that this means he had to activate it himself before he could use it. The system would not be in charge of it anymore.

This meant he could level it up as quickly as possible without having to wait to use it. Han immediately turned on the skill and Miss Kim stiffened beside him. She turned towards him with wide eyes. What was this sensation she was feeling Did this man want to attack her now Did she do something wrong

Han noticed her change and quickly deactivated the skill. So the skill didnt have a target and just attacked anybody around him. He would have to be careful while using this skill.

The two scavengers continued their walk in silence for a long time. Han wanted to ask Miss Kim where they were going but she kept on telling him that it was somewhere she was sure he would recognize. Han didnt know why, but he had the feeling that she was trying to be cheeky! Did this woman want to play a prank on him!

He kept on killing zombies as this thought stayed in his head. The zombies were now like a small disturbance to Han. He didnt even get any more notifications whenever he killed one. They were now ants that didnt even measure up to him!

“Were here,”

Miss Kim said this after a long time of walking and they stopped in front of a tall building. Han was in shock. He didnt think she would have the nerve to come back to this place, but he must have misjudged her.

They were in front of the H&C advertisement building


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