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He was the sort of person that people would never look at twice.

Han Luo was your average run-of-the-mill man with brown hair and black eyes. He had a dull face and an even duller atmosphere about him. He was the sort of person you could pass on the road and forget about immediately after. The kind of person people kept away from in high school because they were scared of being called uncool for hanging out with him.

He was a second-class existence.

“I only gave you this small assignment and you cant even do it right! Arent you useless!”

The person who shouted was his superior at the H&C advertising firm. A large advertisement company run by Kim Park. The most influential woman of the century.

Some people said that she had been given the company by her family to use in honing her management skills after college, and some just said they used it to keep her busy whenever she was bored.

But the company employees knew the truth. She was a hardworking woman who everyone admired for her skills. She had taken the small firm and made it into one of the most influential ones in City C.

“If you cant even do something like this, then Im going to fire you!”

Han immediately bowed.

“Im very sorry sir! Ill make sure I do it right this time!”

The boss looked down at Han with hatred in his eyes. He knew that this was not Hans fault. Han had been put in a team of people who all had skills surpassing his own and then they made him the leader to see him fail. It was just for the laughs and the members of the team were already having the time of their life watching Han beg.

“Well, I suppose Ill give you one more chance! Make sure you do it better or youre fired!”

“Whats going on here”

“Ah! Its miss Kim!” A random worker shouted.

Miss Kim Park. A beautiful woman who every man couldnt help but admire openly. She had a luscious figure and long legs that just went on for dayyyys. Her cold look coupled with her large breasts made her look like a cunning villainess. Han was sure her three sizes were at least 80-45-70. His guessing skills once won him a lottery for a free meal! He was confident in himself!

“I asked a question,”

Miss Kim waved her black hair to one side and looked down at both Han and his boss. The man gave a smile that looked like a lizard smiling. He rubbed his hands together and stood up.

“Miss Kim. This worker failed an assignment I gave him to do. I was just making him learn the right way to do things. didnt I o well”

Miss Kims gaze moved from the boss over to Han. She eyed him from top to bottom and found him lacking. It wasnt right to bully people, but she couldnt have anyone pulling her company down.

“If he cannot work then fire him. We have the RIGHTS group coming later today. Anybody that cannot work will be removed immediately!”

Han felt like his world was crashing down. Was he going to lose his job here He had only been following the advice of his seniors in his team. He thought they were giving him good advice since they were older and had been on this job for longer. How was he supposed to know that they were leading him to lose his job!

“Ah, Miss Kim, maybe we should give him another chance”

Han turned towards the newcomer. He was a handsome man with a brilliant smile and bright blonde hair. It was obvious from how he looked that he also fancied Miss Kim, but just like everyone else she never gave him face.

“Why is that, Jin Ham I will not allow such trash to remain in my company”

Jin threw one of his hands around Hans shoulder and Han frowned in distaste. Did this man not know the meaning of personal space

“I just dont think we should remove anyone now since we will need every hand on deck to handle the REACH group. Getting rid of him just removes one more worker when we can be using him!”

Miss Kim looked like she was thinking about it and Jin smirked. Now Miss Kim will definitely think he was a great person. Just look at how he came to this weaklings aid. Only one more step and he will take over H&C advertisement from her. She didnt deserve to run a company like this one. Didnt she know that a womans place is in the kitchen

‘Oh, look, Jin is even protecting that average-looking guy. Isnt he a great person.

‘Jin doesnt have to go that far for that man. Why doesnt that Han prostrate and beg for forgiveness instead of making Jin go this far for him,

These were some of the things Han could hear from the crowd around and he could only grit his teeth in anger. This always happened to him. He always became the victim of someones scheme when he was only trying to help. Was he not a good person Was he not just like everyone else Why would he be picked on like this

“Okay then,” Miss Kim said, “Until the REACH group leaves we will not fire him. But if anyone does anything to harm this meeting them there will be hell to pay! Not only your jobs but you will wish you lose your life. Do you hear me!”

“Yes maam!”

The entire company answered and Miss Kim turned and left. Han was left at the table clutching the file in his hands and staring at the floor. He walked over to his table and picked up his coat before walking out of the office building.

The sun was high in the sky above City C as Ha made his way towards his usual bar. He had first entered here when he lost his first job three years ago. He had been young and just out of school and none of the companies were willing to give him a chance beyond being an intern. The first company he got a job at was happy to have him until the son of a member of the company board of directors wanted the same position he had.

He was removed from there faster than the speed of light!

It was only after another year that a relative of his managed to find him a job at H&C advertisement company. He tried to keep his head down whenever he had to and didnt even make a fuss whenever someone belittled him in the company. But that only made him a target for even more bullying.

‘It seems life is the same no matter what stage you are. Everybody only wants whats best for themselves. Everybody else can die.

Han thought this as he entered the bar and took a seat at his usual chair. He first came to this bar three years ago, but he only began frequenting it last year because someone close to him now worked here.

“Ah! Han-Oppa!”

The person who shouted was a beautiful girl with blond hair tied into two long ponytails on either side. She had large blue eyes and a huge bust.

“Youre late again, Han!”

The girl pouted and Han smiled nervously.

“Youre so beautiful Rina, have I ever told you how beautiful you are! I dont think I ever saw anybody as beautiful as you in the entire City C!”

The girl blushed and looked away. This was Rina Luo. Hans step-sister. She joined the family with her mother after Hans mother died and his father remarried. She was also terrible at receiving compliments.

It was just sad that both his father and her mother suddenly died in a tragic car crash a few years after their marriage, leaving Han to take care of them both alone.

Rina brought her pad up and struck a pose. She was an avid anime fan and Han was a little worried that a man would attack her with how cute she was always acting. Sure, he was a man as well, but they were siblings so she would never feel that way about him.

“What will it be, Oppa! Beer, beer or beer!”

Han chuckled, “Then beer please!”

Rina giggled and then wrote his order down before sliding a bottle of beer down the counter and into his hands. He smiled as he drank it. This was the one thing about his life that he cherished. These moments with his sister were everything to him. If anyone were to try taking it away, then he didnt know how far he would go for revenge. He had once heard that a man on a mission couldnt be stopped, not even by an entire army. He would make it his mission to destroy anything that threatened his sister no matter what.

“Hey, Oppa. What are you doing tomorrow”

Rina asked this while leaning forward and looking into Hans eyes. Han saw a man at the side trail his eyes down to her cleavage and he had to force himself to look away by sheer force when Han glared at him! God help him those things were huge!

“Wait let me think…. Oh, I have a meeting to attend tomorrow, with REACH groups. The entire company needs to be there, so I have to go,”

Rina pouted and slid back on the counter making the mans eyes slide forward as they followed her breasts. Han punched the drunk idiot subtly and he stumbled off his seat and to the ground. Rina looked towards the man in shock before shrugging and turning back to Han.

“I wanted us to go to an anime convection together. As Vegeta and Bulma”

“Sorry, I have to be at the meeting. But I dont have anything to do next tomorrow, maybe we can go then My treat”

Rinas eyes lit up like stars and a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

“Its a date!*

Han just shrugged.

“Yeah. Ill get you by 8, okay.”

Han threw some money on the counter with a very generous tip before saying goodbye to Rina and walking into the dark streets. He walked towards his home. A run-down apartment that didnt have water or constant electricity. He didnt have much money to move to a new place since he only started working at H&C last year. He was still a junior at the firm and his pay was very low.

‘And even if it wasnt, I still have my parents debt to pay off,

Han thought this while entering the bathroom. He couldnt believe it when a loan company came to his doorstep a year ago, telling him that his family had a large debt of $5000 to pay off. Apparently, his father and mother had secured the loan to buy a small farm outside town to use it in making some money for their family, but now that they were gone Han had no idea where they left the farm. He didnt even know that they had been trying to buy it in the first place, so how was he supposed to know the location.

If not for his parents signature on the contract Han would have thought the loan company was trying to cheat him!

He came out from the bath and fell on his bed with only his boxers on.

He thought back to how he had almost lost his job today and he felt angry again. This wasnt the first time something like this was happening. That boss and Jin were always trying to use Han as the scapegoat in order to make Jin look better in Miss Kims eye.

Even when he was a new employee, he could already tell that He was being singled out by the way Jin looked at him. Everyone knew Jin fancied Miss Kim, but why would he want to use Han for the scapegoat Had Han done anything bad to him in the past

‘Time of Departure – 24hrs

Han blinked and sat up in bed. There was a small screen floating in front of his face with a small timer at the bottom, counting down from 24:00:00. What in the world was this This cant possibly be a prank, right Han waved his hand across the screen and his hand passed through it like it was smoke and the screen reformed back.

Was this a hallucination He hadnt drunk that much so it cant be a dream. Han was thinking of the possibilities of him being drugged at some point in the day. Maybe when that Jin put his hand around his neck!

“But this is too real to be a hallucination. I can still feel my little junior and I can feel pain. Its impossible to feel pain in hallucination and everybody know your little junior doesnt follow you into weird dreams that dont involve beautiful girls,”

Han thought about what the blue screen could be for a while longer, but he couldnt come up with anything. All the screen did was show him the numbers counting down at the bottom.



“What will happen if it reached zero”

Han thought. Maybe its some sort of clock At this thought, Han looked towards the clock at his side and realized that he was late to bed. If he didnt sleep soon then he would be a zombie tomorrow morning.

“Ah, this thing isnt important. I can worry about it tomorrow. I need to go to sleep so I can wake up early for work tomorrow,”

Han quickly went to sleep and forgot about the screen.


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