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Chapter 30: Professional Player Experience Baby! Asking for a Recommendation Ticket

“Shut up! Everyone, be careful! This Priest is not simple!”

One of the shield-bearers frowned slightly and ordered in the team channel, “Help to make markings to show where the Priest is! The rest of you, prepare to control your skills. Once you find any traces of the Priest, forcefully control the focus fire and insta-kill him!”


The others replied. In the team, the Priest took out a True Sight Gemstone and placed it on the ground.

However, just as he put it down, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of him. He was so frightened that his legs trembled and he almost fell to the ground.


Lin Bei used the Discipline Spell and instantly killed the Priest. He picked up the True Sight Gemstone on the ground and disappeared into the shadows.


Seeing this, the leader of the shield-bearers cursed. What the f*ck was going on with this Priest He insta-killed someone with just a Discipline Spell Was there a mistake!

“Everyone, gather together! We cant let him take us down one by one!”

The shield-bearer shouted, and everyone quickly gathered together.

In the darkness, Lin Bei saw this and couldnt help but grin. They had actually gathered together The heavens were really helping him.

Lin Bei directly rushed up. The True Sight Gemstone could scan the surrounding 30 meters, and his figure was instantly revealed in the other partys line of sight!

“He has appeared! Insta-kill him with forceful control!”

The shield-bearers eyes lit up as he shouted.


The other team members perked up when they heard this and attacked Lin Bei with their skills.

-1! -1! -1! ...

A series of numbers floated above Lin Beis head. At the same time, various System notifications sounded in his ears.

[You have been slowed down. Movement speed -20%. Lasts for 10 seconds.]

[You have been poisoned. Health Points -20 per second for 10 seconds.]

[You have been weakened. Attack -50. Lasts for 10 seconds.]

[You are stunned and unable to move. Lasts for 3 seconds.]

[You are bound and cannot move. Lasts for 3 seconds.]


Lin Bei pursed his lips and did not feel anything. After three seconds, under everyones shocked gazes, he rushed towards the crowd.

“Holy Light Burst!”


A huge holy light energy shot out from Lin Beis Mithril Scepter and enveloped the dozen or so shield-bearers.

-3,000! -3,020! -6,100 (Critical Hit)! ...

Level 5 Holy Light Burst had a total of 200% magic damage bonus. Coupled with the double damage of the Holy Light Buff, with one move, there was a white light everywhere and they were all insta-killed!

In the distant forest, the players from another professional team who saw this scene were stunned.

What the hell

What was going on

Was that Priests skill Holy Light Burst

What kind of damage was that

Was he still human!

He lowered his head and looked at the attribute panel in his hand. His attack power was less than 200 points. His scalp immediately went numb.

Damn, those people from the Fighting Shark Empire didnt tell us that this Combat Priests stats were so awesome!

This Priests defense was ridiculously high. None of them could break through his defense at all. Moreover, he had cleared the area with a Holy Light Burst. His attack power was ridiculously high. They would have to use their heads to fight him!

Even if their maneuvers could keep up, their attributes could not.

“Captain, what should we do Are we still going forward”

Beside the Assassin, a Warrior asked with a frown.

“How could we go forward With our attributes, were just offering ourselves. Lets go, lets go. Were not taking this job anymore.”

“But ten thousand dollars-”

“Well take it! Damn it, this kid from the Fighting Shark Empire actually dares to make fun of me. Lets accept the money and post the video online to earn some profits.”

The Assassin cursed and raised his hand to go offline.

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Suddenly, an arrow flew over!

-300! (Critical Weakness Hit!)


The captain of the Assassins fell, and the others could not log off because they were in combat.

“Dont be in such a hurry to leave, experience babies.”

Lin Beis figure appeared in front of everyone. He smiled and raised the magic staff in his hand.

“Spread out! Be careful...”

“Holy Light Burst!”

However, before anyone could react, Lin Bei released the Holy Light Burst and cleared the field again!

In the rebirth point of the Holy Light Village, the captain of the Assassins was about to explode in anger. I didnt do anything!

However, just as he was about to ask his teammates about the situation, a white light flashed around him, and his teammates were all revived.

“You guys... died just like that How did you die”

The captain of the Assassins was dumbfounded.

“That Priest used the Holy Light Burst. Our brothers didnt disperse in time and died.”

“Damn, doesnt the Holy Light Burst have a very long cooldown period Its only been a few seconds, but its been released twice in a row”

The captain of the Assassins was even more confused.

“Maybe its a talent.”

His teammates shrugged.

“You guys died too”

At this moment, the captain of the first batch of shield-bearers who died came in front of the captain of the Assassins and said with a dark expression, “Damn you, Fighting Shark Empire. Such a difficult task, and they actually didnt explain it clearly to us in advance!”

“Hmph, thats right!”

The captain of the Assassins was also unhappy.

At this moment, Flying Dragon in the Sky, who had just logged in, received the news and rushed to the rebirth point of Holy Light Village. He glanced at everyone who had died and said coldly, “What are you guys doing There are a total of 40 professional players, and you cant even deal with a trash Priest How embarrassing!”

“Damn, refund the money!!!”

Flying Dragon in the Sky was about to explode in anger. In order to vent his anger, he had spent more than a million Ocean Blue coins!

But what happened

They had all gone down the drain!

Werent these people the big shots of the top ten teams in CWL In the end They were nothing!

“You are still scolding us!”

The captain of the shield-bearers was furious.

“So what if I scolded you A bunch of trash! To think that I thought you were all professional players. In the end, youre just a bunch of noobs!”

Flying Dragon in the Sky cursed in the sky, “Refund the money, or Ill sue you in court!”

“Sue my ass! Im already giving you face by not suing you! Brothers, attack and kill him until he reaches Level 1!”


Then, the 40 CWL professional players who had been suppressing their anger began to attack Flying Dragon in the Sky.

Generally speaking, players defense would be doubled in the safe zone. But so what With 40 people attacking together, even if Flying Dragon in the Skys defense increased by 10 times, it would still be a dead end for him!

Soon, under the overwhelming attacks, Flying Dragon in the Sky died.

However, not long after he was revived, he died again.

Again and again, he stood up and fell down again.

Many players noticed the abnormality here and recorded a video and posted it online.

“Haha, worthless captain of the Fighting Shark Empire, werent you very arrogant when you snatched my Iron sword previously Now youve suffered retribution! You deserve it!”

“These worthless guilds are too tyrannical! Solo players dont even have room to survive! Its good that theyre dead!”

“Good kill! Good kill! Kill till the Empire cries out!”

“Are you Flying Dragon in the Sky I think its a worm burrowing into the ground!”

“Hahaha, the person above is a genius! I like it!”


On the forums, everyone was cursing at the Fighting Shark Empire. Everyone was united against such a guild that bullied the market.

But soon, another post exploded on the forum.

Gloomy Jungle Lv40! Asura Priests Divine Might Instant Killed Top-Ten Teams!

The video was very short. It took less than a minute, but the clicks were increasing at a speed of tens of thousands per second!

In the video, the Combat Priest entered the darkness. Every time he attacked, he would end at least one persons life. He was like a Dark Night Asura, extremely domineering!

Coupled with the faint smile on his face, the audience watching the video could not help but shudder.

“How is this a damned Combat Priest This is an Asura Priest!”

“Are these people really professional players Why are they so lousy”

“Dont you see who posted this Its the official WeChat account of Gale World! The top ten teams of CWL! How can it be fake”

“Damn, wouldnt they feel embarrassed if they posted this video themselves”

“Whats wrong with that Youve seen that Priests damage. Anyone who goes up will be insta-killed. Moreover, his defense is ridiculously high. Although these people immediately controlled and focused fire, the damage was not enough. The attributes were too inferior! This is not something that can be achieved with maneuvers! With such a difference, even if the Sun Deity Apollo was present, he would have walked in, but be carried out when he left!”

“This Priests damage output is too explosive! Is this the correct opening way for a Priest No, I have to go to the new server to train with a Combat Priest!”


In Deity Gous livestream, he saw the scene at the rebirth point of the Holy Light Village. When he connected it to the video of the “Asura Priest Lv40 professional player” on the forum, he could not help but grin. This Inner Peace big shot was indeed awesome. He wanted to see if there was a chance to cooperate in the future. It seemed like it would increase his popularity a lot.


In the Azure Plume Guild, Unparalleled Plumes face was filled with excitement. She kept shaking Green Collars shoulders and said excitedly, “Have you seen the forums The Deity is amazing! He actually defeated 40 professional teams by himself! It would be a pity if he doesnt join our guild! I feel that with his performance, its definitely not too much to give him 20% shares!”

“Yes, I think so too, but hes asking for too much. Ive asked him a few times before, but he hasnt budged. He wants 51% of our shares.”

“Its fine, its fine. Just make a move and trap him.”



In the Windcloud Guild, Unparalleled Windcloud didnt say a word. He glanced at his teammates who were similarly silent and shook his head with a sigh.

Sigh, it would be great if such a talent could join our team.


Deep in Gloomy Jungle, Lin Bei, who was farming Minotaurs, suddenly received a System notification.

[You have obtained a share of the profits from Gloomy Jungle Lv40! It has been converted to 300 gold coins and transferred to your account.]

Lin Bei was speechless.



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