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Chapter 2973: Showing Off

After this experience, Yun Shishi learned her lesson and became more sedate.

However, days of nurturing the pregnancy were still boring.

Youyou found some radio, musicals, and even crosstalk broadcasts for her to kill time.

Life was considerably comfortable..

“Boss, did you know The Mu Group recently announced that Mu Yanchen is getting married to Song Enya.”

In the office, Lu Jinyu walked up to Mu Yazhes desk and handed him a red invitation card.

He had gotten hold of it through a friend working in the media.

It was said that Mu Yanchen and Song Enya would be holding a wedding banquet.

Furthermore, they had invited all sorts of celebrities and more than a hundred media outlets.

It seemed like they were determined to make this wedding a big and grand affair.

Mu Yazhe took the invitation and glanced at it expressionlessly.

On the invitation were the wedding photos of Song Enya and Mu Yanchen.

The time and place were clearly indicated.

He took a closer look.

Rather than calling it a wedding photo, it would be more accurate to say that it was not a traditional wedding photo.

It was a posed photograph against a white background, of Song Enya in a wedding gown, with her arm around Mu Yanchen, who was in a suit.

“Uh huh.”

Lu Jinyu smiled and asked, “Chief, are you going”

Mu Yazhe glanced at him.

“Why would I”

“To be part of the excitement.”


“How is it boring The Mu Group and the Song family have been going on and on about how this wedding had to be grand and proper.

At least, we should go and experience the grandness of the affair.

And Chief, you can use this event as a reference for your own wedding.

Our event definitely should not be any lesser!”

Mu Yazhe smiled playfully.

“A grand occasion Weddings arent just about being grand; they must be memorable.”

He had to put careful thoughts into it.

Jiang Shen, who was sitting by the side, snorted.

“The reason why the Mu Group is so lavish this time is because they want to use this wedding to revitalize the Mu Groups reputation.

Its just like how a down-and-out aristocrat has to resort to all ways and means to look noble.”

Lu Jinyu snapped his fingers.

“Simply put, its just posturing.”

“Bingo.” Jiang Shen agreed.

Mu Yazhe furrowed his brow.

“Although the Mu Group is in dire straits, a starving camel is still bigger than a horse.

After all, its power is still stable.

Dont let your guard down.”

Lu Jinyu asked, “Chief, arent you bent on monopolizing the Mu Groups medical industry”

“Thats right.”

Jiang Shen analyzed, “However, if we forcefully acquire the Mu Groups medical industry, it will definitely cause us to suffer great losses.

The Mu Group is now holding this business very close to their heart.

Although Mu Yanchen is the Mu familys patriarch in name, the real power of the Mu family is still in Mu Linfengs hands.

If not for Mu Linfengs persistence, what could a mere Mu Yanchen achieve”

Lu Jinyu said, “Mu Linfeng, that sly old fox is not a simple character and isnt easy to deal with.

However, with Mu Yanchens dabbler character, if Mu Linfeng really collapses, the Mu familys throne will also fall apart in an instant.

His position wont last much longer.

All these years, Mu Linfeng has been in ill health.

Such a situation gives us many options.”

“We have a good hand at dealing with Mu Linfeng now, so well just have to see how we play it.

But we have to keep our cool and not spoil our own game.”


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