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A few seconds passed when finally, the solidification began; seeing that, I couldnt help but take a sigh of relief.

For a few seconds, when nothing had happened, I thought the isolation would disappear, and that would be a bad thing, but it had not happened.


I was in joy when suddenly, that joy on my face froze up; my core began to shake faintly as it continued to solidify.

Seeing that, my heart couldnt help but skin a beat.

I did not even have to think about the reason for this shaking; it was the energy, it had taken all this massive energy, and now it is having a hard time digesting it.

It made things difficult and also quite dangerous.

I wanted to act immediately, but I did not; it was just digesting the energy and having a little problem, which is a serious problem, but I shouldnt interfere, not yet, or I could make things even more dangerous and difficult than they already are.

I hope it is a problem that my core will solve itself.

If I took action, I might solve it, but it could also worsen it.

Seconds passed and turned into minutes; it was the fourth minute, and the core was still shakings.

Its shaking had not stopped, but it did not worsen either; it was still shaking at the same intensity as before.

In these three minutes, I have made a complete preparation; I will swoop in if I see things worsening.


Another minute passed, and the shaking continued when something unexpected happened.

The moon, which is revolving around the blob, started releasing a faint mist.

Its action had surprised me; it could be said that I had nearly forgotten about it since it had been silent for so long.

The last time it had done something when I practiced the new level of art, it had sucked energies and then showered its processed crystals, which easily merged with my core, improving its quality faintly.

Now, it is releasing the mist, and the semi-solid core is absorbing the mist, and to my surprise, the shaking begins to slow down.

It took me a while to calm myself from that, and I looked at the satellite; I still remember the day I got it.

I had leveled up to the Tyrant stage, and the world had given it to me as a form of acknowledgment, and since then, it has helped me many times.

One and a half minutes later, the shaking had stopped, but the satellite still continued to release the mist

I did not do anything about it as I did not see any problem; it had just stopped the shaking of the core while interfering with the method solidifying, which is still happening.


Another four minutes passed, and the core had solidified; the moment it was, I couldnt help but gasp, just like I did in the previous breakthrough when the core had solidified.

It is not the power of the core that shocked me but the beauty of it.

It had become even more beautiful, possessing even greater semblance to the real planet; I could not find any difference between it and the real planet; it seemed the same.

The blue and green color, with the white clouds and colorful landscape, looked mesmerizing.


I was looking at the beauty of the core when it shone, and the next second, runes released from it, runes brimming with so much power that, for a moment, I feared I might get injured by them.

Thousands of vine-like formations came out and began spreading through my body, reaching the further and deepest place of mine.

This time, the runes are getting deeper into me, and it is intentional; I do not want to leave the deepest part of me unguarded.

I had wanted to do that long ago; since I dealt with the curse, I did not have the ability to efficiently put them there, but now, I do.

Thousands and thousands of lines of runes kept coming out of the core and spreading into me; there was not a single part that was not getting imprinted by them.

To those who might have seen my breakthrough, it would have seemed underwhelming.

Hell, even Knights created a bigger effect during the breakthrough than I did.


It took less than a minute before the runes buzzed and blazed like a sun as they released the breakthrough energies.


A loud sound couldnt help but escape from my lips involuntarily; the energy came at me with a tidal wave.

It was gentle, but the sheer amount of it created a shock that couldnt help but give me hammering pain across my body.

The pain did not disappear, nor did I care about it; the only thing I cared about was the energies that were merging with me and increasing my strength at a pace that I had never felt before.

Even the strengthening from the Grimm with core did not increase my strength as fast as it is increasing right now, and as my strength increases, the pain I am feeling due to the strain is lessening.

Seeing the waves of energy coming from runes, a victorious smile couldnt help but appear on my face as I gently lay down.

Though I should maintain a serene cross-legged position in case someone sees me, I do not want to.

It is my moment, and I want to enjoy it the way I want to.

Speaking of someone else, even after more than eight hours, nobody had come.

It is quite a surprise to me as I thought someone would have solved the puzzle by now.

There are a lot of intelligent people among humans and Grimms, with numerous abilities provided by their bloodlines and inheritances.

In an hour or two, someone will solve the maze and come inside or might come in a few seconds.

I hope that does not happen, at least till I am finished with my breakthrough.

I wanted to get my hands on that first delicious ball of boost; it had been a long while since I had enjoyed the boost properly.

A few seconds passed, and another smile appeared on my face; my strength had crossed the invisible boundary and now began rising in the realm of the Grand Lord.


More than three minutes passed, and the runes were still releasing the energy, and my strength was still climbing when I suddenly noticed something in the energy.

“It did not disappear,” I said with a smile.

The breakthrough energy is not pure breakthrough energy; there is another energy mixed in it, the energy of the boost.

I had not noticed it earlier because it had been mixed with it so well, but now I did.

While my strength is rising, there is another change happening; my totem artifact, is also upgrading.

I did not have to provide any resources and energy; it was doing it independently.

It had really confused me, but I sensed how it was happening, and to be honest, the fact had a little scared me that even think about it further and focused back on my rising strength in the realm of the Grand Lord.

Finally, after more than half an hour, the runes stopped releasing the energy, and I formally entered the realm of Grandmaster, or should I say Grand Lord, given the strength I have.

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