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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 9 - Finas Perspective 1

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Chapter 9 – Finas Perspective 1

Mothers medicine has run out.

We dont have money to buy more medicine.

I live with my mother and younger sister.

I dont have a father.

It seems he died while my mother was pregnant with my younger sister.

I dont remember him too much.

Mother cant work due to her illness.

Im working hard instead.

However, theres not much a 10 year old like me can do.

Sometimes, Uncle Gentz lets me help with skinning for the guild.

Uncle Gentz is my mothers acquaintance.

He is always kind.

He gave me the medicine last time, and the time before that as well.

I cant depend on him any more.

I have no other choice but to go outside of the city and pick herbs.

I saw the herbs in the guild a lot so I can recognize them.

I went out of the city and headed straight for the forest.

Monsters live deep inside the forest, so I decided to only look for the herbs near the entrance of the forest.

I have trouble finding them.

I will go a little deeper inside.

There it is!

I can give mother this for medicine.

I was fascinated with the herb and didnt notice I had been surrounded by three Wolfes.

I cant possibly defeat them, so I try to flee.

My legs are trembling, I collapsed.

Its no use.

「Somebody, help me...」

The Wolfes came closer.

Just when I thought it was already over, a Wolfe screamed and collapsed.

In an instant, all three Wolfes have collapsed.


A figure in black has come out.

It has a somewhat lovely appearance.

「Are you okay」

It spoke.

「Th, thank you very much」

「Why a question」

「Will you eat me」

「I wont eat you.」

「Are you Bear-san」

I started smiling, probably out of relief.

The person dressed as a bear is a woman called Yuna-san.

When she took off her hood, I saw a beautiful woman with black hair.

She was so beautiful that I was surprised.

I have never seen a person as beautiful as her.

It seems that Big Sis Yuna came from the countryside and lost her way in the forest.

Thank you for being lost.

Apparently I can show her my thanks by guiding her to the city.

If she requested money, I wouldnt have been able to pay her. I dont have any money.

Im glad she is a good person.

Big Sis Yuna ignores the Wolfe corpses and walks away.

Please wait.

You can sell Wolfe meat and fur.

Meat ——– is delicious.

When I explain, she says that she cant do it.

Probably some young miss.

If you look at the beauty hidden under the bear, its understandable.

I receive Big Sis Yunas permission and start working on the Wolfe.

Furthermore, it seems that I will receive half of the money its sold for.

It will be enough to pay for food for a few days.

Im very happy.

I go back to the city after skinning them.

It seems that Big Sis Yuna doesnt know a lot of things.

She asks many questions.

She may be the daughter of some noble after all.

We enter the city and go to the guild to sell the Wolfe materials.

Uncle Gentz was angry.

I made him worry, so it was inevitable.

The Wolfe materials were sold, with a little left for me to take.

Of course, I got Big Sis Yunas permission to take it.

We can finally eat meat, after such a long time.

Im thankful to Big Sis Yuna.

I hand half of the money to Big Sis Yuna but she asks me to guide her to an Inn instead of taking it.

I show her my gratitude and guide her to an Inn.

Its a place between my home and the guild.

A good aroma always comes out of there when its time for a meal.

It has a good reputation so I decide to guide her there.

When we arrive at the Inn, everyone turns their attention to us.

Its probably because Big Sis Yuna is dressed in unusual clothes.

If I met Big Sis Yuna in the city, I would also definitely stop and look.

Its a little embarrassing, but its a request from my benefactor.

This much attention is nothing.

After guiding her to the Inn, I thank her and return home.

I make medicine from the herbs.

I cant make high quality medicine, because Im not an expert, but it was able to ease mothers sickness a little.

Its nutritious meat for the first time in a while.

I also earned money.

I will be able to buy something nutritious tomorrow too.

Im thankful to Big Sis Yuna.

I wake up early in the morning the next day.

This is the usual routine.

Its in order to look for work at the guild.

The Inn I guided Big Sis Yuna to is on the way.

I want to give my thanks again.

Big Sis Yuna is going to the guild to get an identification card. Since Im going there too, we go together.

I wanted to hold hands, but I endure it.

That Bear-san looks so soft. Id like to hold it at some point.

When we arrive at the guild, we separate because Im meeting Uncle Gentz.

Unfortunately, there wasnt any work for me.

I wanted to give up and go back home, but the guild suddenly became noisy.

When I went to find out what had happened, I heard that Big Sis Yuna is fighting with the adventurers.

I wonder why it happened.

I hurry up and run to the practice field.

When I arrived, Big Sis Yuna ran over to me while smiling.

She wanted me to lend her my knife, so I give it to her.

There isnt a reason to decline.

The match was held.

It was Big Sis Yunas overwhelming victory.

The Bear punch was awesome.

There was no need for the knife.

When the match is over, she gave the knife back to me.

Big Sis Yuna went back inside to make the guild card.

Im worried, so I wait outside the guild.

This time, she comes out without trouble.

Im glad.

I hadnt found a job today, so Big Sis Yuna asked me to guide her around town.

It seems that I will be rewarded.

Geez, because of Big Sis Yuna, my feet hurt so much that I wont be able to sleep anymore.

After returning home, I go directly to bed.

First, we went to the weapon shop.

Big Sis Yuna bought a sword, 100 throwing knives, and a skinning knife.

She seems to be rich.

Also, the Bear-san is an item bag.

Im surprised.

We went to the clothes store afterwards.

Does Big Sis Yuna have no sense of fashion

I was asked to choose clothes for her.

I think that the Bear-san clothes are really cute. I wonder if she wont wear them anymore

Next was lunch.

She asked me to choose a place to eat, so I recommended the Inn she was staying at.

It was very delicious.

She even ordered dinner for my entire family.

After lunch, we went to the bookstore.

After ordering several books, todays guidance ended.

It was over unexpectedly fast.

Big Sis Yuna wanted to read the books at the Inn.

I have a free afternoon.

I decided to get the meals from the Inn and go home early.

Mother and younger sister were really happy.

I hope tomorrow will also be as good.


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