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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 5 - Bear-san Goes To The Adventurers Guild

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Chapter 5 – Bear-san Goes To The Adventurers Guild

When I arrived at the guild, there were a large number of adventurers inside.

Everyone either had a sword or a staff.

It seemed like the game world, except that there were no players around.

「Theres quite a lot of people in the morning.」

「Thats because low-rank adventurers struggle to find work. Everyone comes early so that they can get a good job.」

Indeed, you wouldnt be able to defeat strong monsters if you werent strong yourself.

Some adventurers can only take subjugation requests for weak monsters.

If the number of requests didnt match the number of adventurers, some people would struggle.

I split up with Fina at Gentz-sans place and entered the male-dominated guild building.

Many eyes turned to me when I entered.

Was I that eye-catching, or was a woman entering that unusual Everyone was staring at me.

As expected, even though it hadnt mattered if you were a woman or a man in the game, were there not that many female adventurers

When I looked around, I saw that there were indeed more men than women. The ratio was about 7 to 3.

I walked towards the lady receptionist, who looked about 20 years old, as I ignored the gazes on me.

「Its my first time here, but...」

「Ah, yes, are you joining the adventurers guild」

「I heard that I would get an identification card」

「Yes, the adventurers guild card can be used in any country.」

「Then, I will have to trouble you.」

I felt a gaze from behind me when I asked, so I turned around.

「Oioi, a weird-looking lass like you becoming an adventurer Are you looking down on adventurers The quality of adventurers is dropping because of people like you.」

A template

(Xant: A template is a jap term referring to a cliche, like big-tits receptionist and **.)

「I just asked for an identification card. There is no reason for you to say something like that to me.」

「Thats even more reason to say such things. We dont need adventurers who will not work.」

「I didnt say I that I wouldnt work. I will do what I can do.」

「Im telling you, thats why the quality drops.」

「Miss receptionist, is what this person saying true」

「There are no problems if you meet the minimum qualifications.」

「The minimum」

「You must be at least 13 years old and get to rank E within a year. If you do not reach the minimum requirements, you will be kicked out.」

「Rank E」

「Basically possessing the ability to subjugate low level monsters like Goblins or Wolfes.」

「Then there are no problems. I can defeat Wolfes.」

「Gyahahaha, dont lie. Theres no way a lass like you can defeat a Wolfe.」

「This persons rank is」

I asked the receptionist.

「He is Deborane-san, a rank D adventurer.」

「What about the people who are jeering and laughing behind me」

「Everyone is either rank D or rank E.」

「Fuh, this guild must be low quality for a D rank person to have an attitude like this.」

「What did you say」

「You said it yourself. Are you an idiot or a stupid fool If someone like me cant become an adventurer, then people like you, who cant win against me, would be worthless garbage who dont even deserve to live. For you to be unable to understand your own words, aah, Im sorry; are you perhaps a Goblin」

「You bitch...do you want to die」

「Youre annoying. Is there a place where we can have a match」

When I soloed in the game, stupid guys like this would appear once in awhile.

Still, they werent the type of opponents that a hikikomori would lose to.

However, people with time and money would eventually try to get revenge.

If I didnt crush this type of man, people like him would start popping up like pests.

「Yes, its in the back...」

「If you win, I will give up on being an adventurer and leave. If you lose, you will quit being an adventurer. What do you think about that」

「I wont go easy on you just because youre a woman. If I lose to a bitch like you, Ill quit! Isnt that right guys!」


The men in the back answered as such while grinning and laughing.

Dont be so amused.

「You heard that right, miss receptionist」

「Yes, but you should apologize...Deborane-sans behaviour is a problem, but he is definitely a rank D adventurer.」

With that, I made a promise with the receptionist.

I wont let them forget it.

I was guided by the receptionist to the practice field in the back of the guild.

There were about 15 adventurers who were following Deborane.

「Eeh, are you really doing it」

「Yes. If the quality of the guild drops because of the low quality adventurers, they should have to quit as soon as possible.」

「You bitch. Dont think about leaving here alive.」

「In other words, you have the resolution to kill. So its true that the smallest dog barks the loudest.」

「Oi, lets begin!」

Deborane took a stance with his sword.


I forgot that I had no weapons.

I didnt bring the Cypress stick.

「Whats wrong Hurry up and ready your weapon.」

When I looked around, not knowing what to do, I saw Fina coming.

What a good, timely child.

「Big Sis Yuna!」

It seemed that she had rushed over here after hearing the commotion.

How lovely.

「Fina, can I borrow your knife I will properly return it to you later.」

I approached Fina and asked her.

「Are you fighting, Big Sis Yuna」

「Somehow. Well, itll be okay, so just watch.」

I borrowed the knife from Fina and stood in front of Deborane.

「You bitch, are you going to fight with a weapon like that」

「Theres no need to use my weapon (Cypress stick) against a mere goblin.」

「I am going to kill you.」

「Ive said it many times, but you arent allowed to kill. Then, begin!」

Deborane started running while brandishing his large sword.

I stepped sideways, covering about 3 meters in a single step. It was easy to dodge, thanks to the Bear Foots skill.

I got next to Deborane with another step and hit his side with the Black Bears hand.

Secret technique, Bear-san punch.

Oh, although he wasnt blown away, his face got uglier. Was it because of the level difference

「You bitch...」

Deborane, who had gotten hit by the Bear-san punch, brandished his sword again.

Oioi, trying to brandish a sword during close quarters combat, what a PvP amateur.

There were a lot of PvP events in the game.

Some were based on differences in levels, weapons, magic, or armor.

In the events where level, weapons, and armor didnt matter, skill was the deciding factor.

I fought in such events.

People who only relied on brute strength couldnt defeat me.

I hit the wrist that Deborane was using to hold his sword with a Bear punch.

The force behind the punch caused Deborane to lose his grip on his sword.

In the next instant, I had my knife placed on Deboranes throat.

「Its over.」

「Dont joke around!」

When I pulled the knife away from Deboranes throat, he swung his sword at me.

I avoided it by taking a step backwards.

These Bear Feet are too convenient.

「Miss receptionist, this match is my win.」

「Dont kid yourself! The match isnt over yet.」

The receptionist was confused, and didnt know what to do.

I wish you would judge properly.

「I understand. I will not only end this match, but I will also end your life. Dont think that I will stop the knife again.」

When I said that, the mans face twitched.

He should know the difference between us.

I dodged all of his attacks and I was faster than him. I hadnt used the knife when I Bear punched his waist, and when I attacked his neck, I would have pierced his throat if I had not restrained myself.

He would have already been stabbed twice.

「Is this knife that scary」

I swung the small knife around.

「Im sorry. Normally a person who uses such a thing doesnt qualify as an adventurer. It was childish of me.」

I threw the knife into the ground, near my foot.

「Look, theres nothing to be scared of now.」

I taunted him with the Bear Hands, making a “come on, come on” motion.

「Dont make a fool out of me!」

The fool rushed at me.

I dodged him with a single step, but his sword still chased me.

As expected, he wouldnt fall for the same trick twice in a row.

If one step didnt work, then I would take two steps, or even three.

The third step dodged, the fourth got me into his blind spot, and the fifth allowed me to hit him straight in the eye.

The Bear punch exploded in his face.

Deboranes big body collapsed.

Right, left, right, left, right, left; I kept attacking his face.

Bear punch, Bear punch, Bear punch, Bear punch, Bear punch, Bear punch, Bear punch. (Xant: Go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep)

As expected, the Black bear was more powerful.

Only his right cheek was big and swollen.

When I saw that he had stopped moving, I moved away.

The whites of his eyes were showing; he had passed out.

「Well then, who is the next opponent」

I asked the observing adventurers.

Nobody came forward.

「Seems like nobody. Then, Miss receptionist, please expel everyone here from the guild. It seems that they arent good enough to stay as adventurers.」

I smiled pleasantly.

「That is...」

「I mean, they said it themselves. A person with my skills doesnt qualify to become an adventurer. Does it make sense to let people weaker than me be adventurers Of course, the man lying on the ground and everyone else here wont complain. None of them can defeat me.」

I looked around while smiling.

It didnt look like the adventurers who saw the fight believed that they could win against me.

In the first place, Deborane should have been the strongest one among them. Since I had defeated him so easily, there would probably be no one foolish enough to challenge me.

「I didnt say that.」

One adventurer broke the silence.

「I didnt say that either.」

Another person said.

「Only Deborane said that.」


They intended to defend themselves after Deboranes loss.

「However, I said that if you guys win then I would give up being an adventurer and leave this place, but if you lose then you guys will quit. Then that guy said 『If I lose to a bitch like you, I will quit! Isnt that right guys!』, and you all replied with 『Oh!』. Then I confirmed with Miss receptionist.」

I looked at the receptionist.


She answered quietly.

The surrounding adventurers started to gather on the practice field.

「If youre going to go that far then youll have to defeat all of us.」

「Thats right. All of us will be your opponent.」

One, two, three people came up.

Apparently, they wanted to fight me together.

Still, if they were only as strong as Deborane, it should be okay.

The battle ended quickly.

I hadnt looked at my status because I thought nothing had changed, but my level had risen after defeating Deborane.

Bear step had become much smoother, and the power of Bear punch had risen greatly.

Everyone collapsed after a single Bear punch.

「Oi, what are you guys doing!」

A large, muscular man entered the arena.

「Oi, Helen. Explain whats happening!」

The man said, facing the receptionist.

Apparently, the receptionists name was Helen.

Helen did her best to explain what had happened.

After the explanation ended, the muscle man looked at me.

「Oi, the weird looking woman over there!」


「You did all of this」

「Im not at fault. I was almost raped, so I retaliated. You cant possibly say that Im at fault.」

「The guild is neutral in fights between adventurers.」

「Then that means that youre my ally」

「How did you come to that conclusion」

「I havent applied yet, so Im not an adventurer. Im an ordinary citizen. This ordinary citizen was attacked by adventurers, so its the guilds responsibility to take care of it. Surely you arent going to say that when an ordinary girl gets attacked by adventurers, its her fault」

「That is-」

「Then, youre my ally.」

Well, I wasnt a citizen of this town but...

The man seemed to be troubled as he scratched his head. *Pori Pori*

「What is it that you want, in the end」

「I want to register for the guild, and to have those guys expelled.」

「You can register, but I cant expel those guys.」

「Why You wont let them quit, even if they lower their heads and beg you because they arent good enough The guild doesnt allow such things」

「What You guys want to quit!」

He asked the adventurers who had managed to stay conscious.

The men didnt answer, and just stood there with ambiguous expressions on their faces.

「They said that someone as weak as me cant be an adventurer. They also said that if they lost to me, they would resign from the guild.」

「You guys said something like that」

Some of the adventurers nodded.

「These guys did something stupid.」

「I wasnt lying. Then, please accept our requests.」

「I will ask you again, do you guys want to quit If you dont want to answer, give up your guild cards and leave quietly.」

「「「「「I apologize!」」」」」

The injured adventurers lowered their heads.

「Could you please forgive these guys」

「There are some conditions.」

「Alright. Let me hear them.」

「Next time I enter the guild, I dont want anyone to bother me again. If anything troublesome happens, I want the guild to deal with it.」

「I understand. If any adventurers bother you, the guild will take responsibility.」

「Then, I have nothing else to say.」


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