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Chapter 4

Satisfied with the delicious meal, I was guided to a room on the second floor.

I had to thank Fina. She had guided me from the forest to the city and had showed me an inn with great food.

She was my benefactor.

「The bath is vacant now, so its okay to enter. However, please dont stay in there for too long. There are a lot of people waiting.」


「Also, breakfast is from 6am to 8am. You wont get any if you are late so please be careful.」

Elena left after her brief explanation.

I, who was left alone, stepped into the room.

It was a single room, so it wasnt that wide.

It was only big enough to fit a bed and a small desk.

I had an item box, so my luggage wouldnt get in the way. If it was just for sleeping then this room was sufficient.

When I looked around the room, I noticed a mirror on the wall.

I confirmed my appearance once more.



It was Bear-san, without a doubt.

Girls sometimes wore these Bear clothes as pajamas at home.

I went outside dressed like this. Mou, Im too embarrassed to show my face outside again.

When I gathered enough strength to look at the mirror again, I noticed something strange.

「My real face...」

The face reflected in the mirror was my real face.

The outline was the same as the in-game face, but my hairstyle and hair color were different.

I had silver-colored twintails in the game.

The mirror showed long, straight black hair that had grown to the waist. I was a hikikomori, so I didnt go to troublesome places like beauty salons. Because of that, my hair had gradually grown long.

Since having a hairstyle was also troublesome, it had remained straight.

My real face, hair color, and hairstyle were reflected in the mirror.

My in-game height had also been raised by approximately 10cm from my real height. However, when I checked my height, it was, without a doubt, my real height.

Im not short.

Im just a little shorter than average.

Its true.

Even though I didnt like it, with this I was convinced that this wasnt a game world.

Somewhere in my heart I had wished for this to be a game world, so when I came to the conclusion that this was a real world I was momentarily shocked. At least, until I noticed that there was no reason to be shocked.

My parents were good-for-nothings, I didnt have any friends, and, of course, I didnt have a best friend.

The only thing I had left in Japan was the money I had gained through stocks. However, according to Gods letter, all of that money had been converted into this worlds currency.

The only things I regretted leaving in Japan were the entertainment and food.

However, there was probably a lot of entertaining things to do in this world, and the food in this inn was delicious.

I could stay indoor if I wanted to, but this world unfortunately had no internet or television.

Oh well. If I think of this world as a game, its probably better to travel to various places and enjoy it.

I felt happy while thinking about it.

「Okay. I will prepare for tomorrow, take a bath, and go to bed.」

I asked Elena how to use the bathroom, since I may have shamed myself if I didnt ask.

It was better to ask about things you werent sure about.

I was surprised by a jewel-like magic stone that produced hot water, but, aside from that, there was no real difference when compared to an ordinary bathroom.

After Elena left the bathroom, I started undressing in the changing room. I removed the bear gloves and the bear suit.


After taking off the bear clothes, I was in my underwear.

I was only dressed in panties and a bra...

I walked around the city like this.

At least give me a shirt.

That reminded me, I need to buy spare underwear.

After taking off the bear clothes, I removed my panties.


I saw something worrisome.

I slowly spread the panties.

「What the hell is this...」

There was a picture of a bear on the panties.

Moreover, there were two bears; a white bear and a black bear.

Was this the taste of this worlds God

「Lets not think about it too much.」

My fatigue subsided after entering the bath.

A long bath was prohibited, so I finished up quickly.

I didnt have a change of clothes, so I put on the bear-san panties and clothes again.

「I will go shopping tomorrow.」

I remembered something when I put on the bear clothes.

I remembered that if you wore the clothes inside out, the white bear would grant stamina regeneration.

When I tried wearing the white bear, I felt like I was being healed.

「Oo, this is surprisingly good.」

When I returned to my room, I quickly laid down on the bed to recover from todays fatigue.


「Good night~」

After saying my farewell that only I could hear, I fell asleep.

I woke up early, probably because I had gone to sleep early.

There was no fatigue; was this the effect of the white bear

It was becoming harder and harder to remove the bear clothes.

Maybe this was the equipments curse.

The skills were good, but it had the appearance of a bear. It would have been nice if it had at least looked cool.

It seemed like there was a little time before breakfast, so I called up the status screen.

Name: Yuna

Age: 15

Level: 3

Skills: Language from a Different World, Letters from a Different World, Dimensional Box of the Bear


Black Bears Hand (Non-transferable)

White Bears Hand (Non-transferable)

Black Bears Foot (Non-transferable)

White Bears Foot (Non-transferable)

Bear Suit (Non-transferable)

Bear Underwear (Non-transferable)

The number of strange equipment had increased.

Bear Underwear

Does not get dirty, no matter how dirty it becomes.

The smell of sweat is replaced by a more pleasant scent.

The size changes as the wearer grows.

The hikikomoris strongest equipment has appeared!!!

Nonono, this was bad for a 15-year-old maiden.

But, it maybe be a good thing that it grows with the wearer, though my chest looked like a board for now.

In the future, its necessary for me to have big breasts.

After all, I had been living without changing the size of my underwear until now.

When I went down to the first floor for breakfast, Elena was cleaning with a dustcloth.

「Good morning.」

「Morning. Can I eat」

「Yes, you can.」

Elena stared at me. *Jiro Jiro*


「Its white today. You look very nice.」

She said with a beautiful smile.

I had completely forgotten.

I was a White bear now.

It wasnt like I wasnt embarrassed because I wasnt a Black bear.

It was too troublesome to change, so I had breakfast in White bear form.

The bread and soup were delicious.

Since I had money, it might be good to live as a hikikomori.

When I returned to my room, I changed back into the Black bear.

I thought about todays schedule.

1. Buy a change of clothes (including underwear)

2. Get an identification card (at the adventurers guild)

3. Buy equipment (I wanted a sword)

4. Information gathering (at a library or a bookstore)

5. Grasp my own strength (using the Wolfe as a baseline)

I asked Elena for the location of the adventurers guild. Apparently it was the building adjacent to the building where I had sold the Wolfe material with Fina.

Since it would be a problem if I didnt have an identification card, I decided to go to the adventurers guild first.

「Big Sis Yuna, good morning.」

「Fina, whats the matter」

「I wanted to thank you again and ask what you thought about the inn.」

「Un, the inn is great. The food is delicious and there is also a bath so Im happy. For now Ive paid for 10 days.」

「Im glad you like it.」

Fina showed me a big smile.

「Was everything all right on your side, Fina」

「Yes, I was able to give mother her medicine properly. So, where are you going to, Big Sis Yuna」

「Im going to the guild to get an Identification card. I was thinking about strolling around the city after that.」

I explained todays plan.

「May I join you on your way to the guild」

「I dont mind, but Im only going there to get an identification card.」

「Im going to ask if they have any work for me.」


「I told you yesterday that Ive had a skinning job before, right It was Gentz-san that gave me the job.」


「Yes, the person who bought the materials from us yesterday. Sometimes adventurers bring monsters in large quantities without skinning them beforehand. When that happens, Im allowed to help. Therefore, I go to check every morning. Im happy to help at such times.」

「Ah yes, you said something like that yesterday.」

No wonder this 10-year-old girl was so good at skinning monsters.

I was convinced.

「So thats why Gentz-san cares so much for Fina, huh.」

「Im always under his care.」

Maybe he was a lolicon...

「It seems like Gentz-san likes my mother.」

Alright, I confirmed that my heart is dirty.

It was a bad modern disease. Instead of having thought of an adult male going after an adult female, I thought of an adult with a lolita complex.

As I listened to the story about Finas mother and Gentz-san, I noticed that I could already see the building where I had sold the materials yesterday.

Of course, I drew attention from all around me during the walk.


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