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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 30 - Finas Perspective 4

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Chapter 30 – Finas Perspective 4

Authors note: A month has passed since I started writing.

I returned to the Bear House safely, thanks to Hugging Bear.

The medicinal herbs for my mother were gathered without incident.

Next, I have to do the dismantling work.

Thats my job.

Hugging Bear stayed outside as I headed towards the warehouse.

I brought the wolf out of the warehouse freezer.

Compared to other monsters, the wolf was small, but it was still big to me.

I did my best to carry the wolf over to the table top.

Big sis Yuna prepared a stepstool for me, so I was tall enough to work with the wolf on top of the table.

I stripped off the pelt with a skinning knife.

I then divided the meat into sections.

I also took out the magic stone and placed it separately.

After I had finished dismantling several wolves, the warehouse door opened.

Big sis Yuna had come back.

Eh, did she already defeat the Tiger Wolf

Im not even finished with the dismantling work.

Big sis told me that she wanted the magic stones extracted from the Tiger Wolves.

Of course I accepted, since it was my job.

The Tiger Wolves she took out were so large that they surprised me.

To be able to defeat such large monsters, Big sis Yuna is really amazing.

I immediately started working on removing the magic stones.

I cut open a section of their bellies.

The Tiger Wolf was the same type of monster as the wolf, so it was likely that the magic stones location was the same.

The magic stone came out from the middle of its stomach.

The Tiger Wolfs magic stone was nearly twice as large as a wolfs.

I washed them with water and handed them to Big Sis Yuna.

Afterwards, I ate lunch and continued dismantling monsters.

Big sis Yuna seemed sleepy.

Did fighting the Tiger Wolves exhaust her

Ill also do my best.

I worked hard, and soon the dismantling was finished.

Ill go wake Big sis Yuna up.

I climbed up to the second floor.

Which room is she sleeping in

For now, Ill check them one by one, starting from this side.

I knocked on the first room and went inside.

There she is.

She was sleeping on the bed.

I shook Big sis Yuna to wake her up.

「Big sis Yuna, Big sis Yuna!」

Big sis Yuna woke up.

The Big sis Yuna that got off the bed was white.

She was white, as if she were imitating Hugging Bear.

The black bear suit was cute, but the white bear suit was also cute.

Apparently, the black bear would switch with the white bear when the outfit was reversed.

When I told her that I was finished dismantling, we decided to head back.

Big sis Yuna made the bear house vanish.

Magic is amazing.

I rode Swaying Bear on the way back.

Apparently, paying attention to only one of them would put the other one in a bad mood.

I think I understand that feeling.

I returned to town while riding on top of Swaying Bear.

The soldiers at the gate were surprised.

I think anyone would be surprised when they see these bears.

But, the bears are cute.

The next day, I went over to Big sis Yunas place.

There didnt seem to be any place to do the dismantling though.

Certainly, it was troublesome to go out of the city every time.

Big sis Yuna headed to the guild. It seemed like she wanted to rent some land.

Was it really okay to do all that, just so I could do my dismantling work

We decided to head over to the Commerce Guild, introduced by the Adventurers Guild.

After Big sis Yuna went to the Commerce Guild, she ended up making a decision on the spot.

We were guided to the plot of land.

The bear house was constructed on that plot of land.

No matter how many times I see it, its still amazing.

I entered the warehouse and worked on dismantling the Tiger Wolves.

The process was the same as with the wolves, but I was nervous.

Even I knew that this was an expensive fur.

Ill do my best though.

I finished todays dismantling work without any incident.

For several days after that, I commuted to Big sis Yunas house every day.

Suddenly, I became dizzy while dismantling.

“Oh no,” crossed my mind as I collapsed

Moreover it was unlucky that I was seen just then by Big sis Yuna.

Big sis Yuna came running up to me.

I was surprised when I looked at my hand.

Blood was flowing out of my hand.

It seems that when I fell, I cut my hand a bit with the knife.

It hurts a little.

Big sis Yuna touched the part that was bleeding.

Is she going to use magic

While I thought that, my hand warmed up, the pain had vanished and the wound had also disappeared.

Its amazing.

Big sis Yuna removed her bear gloves and felt my forehead with her hand.

Apparently, I had a fever.

I was told to sleep on a bed in a room on the second floor for the time being.

As I was lying on the bed, my forehead was touched again.

This time it was the bear hand.

It was soft and pleasant.

I gradually felt better and fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was evening.

Because a meal had already been prepared for me, I was told to bring it home to eat with my family.

After that, I was told to rest for a day.

Two days after I had collapsed, I went to Big sis Yunas house.

I was told that from now on, there would be three days of dismantling work followed by one day of rest.

I was also told that if I did other jobs on the rest-day, then I wouldnt be given any more dismantling work.

This was something that Big sis Yuna told me out of concern for my health, so I obediently listened.


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