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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 29 - Bear-san Mission Accomplished

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Chapter 29 – Bear-san, Mission Accomplished

Authors Note: Each chapter is written with about 2000-3000 words, but its unexpectedly short when I read it.

But, it takes over five sheets of the 400-character manuscript paper!

「Yuna-san, is an area thats about this big okay」

As expected of a lords garden.

It was very spacious.

I was told that, if needed, we could also use the soldiers practice area.

Right now, theres nobody there.

「Well then, Im going to summon them now. Come out! Swaying Bear! Hugging Bear!」

Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear came out from the Bear Hands.

The two of them stood up.

「Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, come here.」

The two bears came running up to me happily.

Their large size scared me at first, but now theyre just cute.

The people behind me, on the other hand, were surprised and raised a fuss.

「Its a bear! Its a bear-san! Yuna-san, is it okay if I touch them!」

「Lady Noire, its dangerous! Please fall back!」

「Its fine. If you dont hurt them, they wont do anything.」

「Please say something as well, Cliff-sama!」

「Well, itll be okay, I think.」


After being told that “It cant be helped,” by her master, Cliff, the maid-san stopped trying to detain her.

Noa, who had obtained freedom, slowly came closer to the bears.

「Is it really okay for me to touch them」

「Its fine. Try touching them softly.」

Noa gently touched Swaying Bear.

She pet Hugging Bear with her other hand.

The two bears narrowed their eyes in apparent pleasure.

「Its very warm. Its also soft.」

「Want to try riding one」

「Is it okay」

「Hugging Bear, is it okay」

Instead of answering, Hugging Bear lowered its waist to make it easier to get on.

「You wont fall, so dont worry.」

I lent a hand and gave her a lift onto its back.

Hugging Bear slowly stood up.

「Waa, its high.」

Noa seemed happy on top of Hugging Bear.

「Yuna-san, is it okay to take a walk Just around the house is fine!」

「Thats fine.」

Hugging Bear slowly walked away.


Maid-san panicked and ran after Hugging Bear.

「Sorry, but can I touch it too」

Cliff came over while looking embarrassed.

「Its fine, but...」

When I gave permission, he touched Swaying Bear.

「Ooo, the fur is nice. It also feels good to touch.」

While touching Swaying Bear, Cliff was also glancing at its back.

「Do you want to get on」

「Is it okay!」

「The same as Noa, just one lap around the house.」

「Ah, thank you.」

After Cliff got on Swaying Bear, he went off running after Noa.

A couple of minutes later, the two returned side-by-side.

「Yuna-san, thank you very much. It was fun.」

「Ah, you also let me have a very valuable experience today.」

A very tired looking maid-san appeared behind the bears.

She looked exhausted.

It wasnt my fault, so I didnt worry about it.

「Well then, Ill be returning to the house, so Ill leave Noa to you, Yuna. Please come to me when you plan on leaving.」

Cliff went back inside the house.

Noa really liked riding on top of Hugging Bear and didnt come down.

「Its comfortable.」

She was sprawled on top of Hugging Bear.

For a while, she patted Hugging Bear while sprawled on its back, but soon stopped.

When I noticed it had become quiet and took a glance, she was breathing calmly and sleeping quietly.

I told Hugging Bear to walk slowly as we moved under a tree.

As expected, falling asleep while sunbathing wasnt an option.

Maid-san was watching anxiously.

「Its fine. Lets let her sleep. Is there possibly something we can cover her with Since it would be a problem if she catches a cold.」

When I said that, maid-san quickly went back inside the house and came back carrying something that looked like a blanket.

However, because Hugging Bear was too tall, she couldnt place the blanket on Noa.

「Please lend a hand, Swaying Bear.」

Swaying Bear lifted the maid-san with both hands.

The maid-san obediently allowed herself to be lifted, and covered Noa with the blanket.

「Thank you very much, Swaying Bear-sama.」

Apparently, Maid-san was no longer afraid of Swaying Bear.

I took out a small barrel and two wooden cups from the Bear Box.

The barrel contained juice from an oren fruit, and it had a flavor that was similar to orange juice.

I poured ice and oren juice into a cup, and handed it to the maid-san.

Maid-san recieved the oren juice and drank it.


「Good to hear.」

「Thank you very much. Its cold and delicious.」

「Theres enough for a second helping, so drink as much as you want.」

「Even so, theyre rather obedient.」

We watched Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

「Well, its because theyre summoned beasts. They are different from wild bears, you know.」

「It seems so. The lady also seemed to be having fun, so thank you very much.」

「Its not necessary to thank me, since its my job.」

Maid-sans name was Amelia-san.

I heard that she had been employed at this mansion for five years.

She seemed to be an important existence, since she had been looking after Noa since Noa was five years old.

Therefore, she asked me not to worry her too much.

Even so, she thanked me for letting Noa have some fun.

While I was talking with Amelia, Noa, who was sleeping on top of Hugging Bear, began to fidget and move around.

「Good morning. You woke up.」

「Erm, where am I」

「On top of Hugging Bear. You fell asleep.」

「Oh, thats right. Hugging Bear was so comfortable that I fell asleep.」

「If you sleep outside for too long, you might catch a cold, so lets go inside.」

Noa didnt want to separate from the bears, but at this rate, there would be no end to this, so I sent Hugging Bear a signal.

「Hugging Bear is also tired, so wont you let them rest」

When I said so, Hugging Bear


...made a small cry and a sleepy gesture.

「Thats right, Noire-sama. Hugging Bear-sama kept you from falling while you slept. Please let Hugging Bear-sama rest as well.」

「Un, I understand. Sorry, Hugging Bear.」

Noa got down from Hugging Bear and gently patted its head.

「Ok then, Im letting them rest.」

「Lets play again sometime, Hugging Bear, Swaying Bear.」

I cancelled the summoning, and Hugging Bear and Swaying Bear went back into my hands.

「Well now, let us return to Noas room.」

「Im headed to where Cliff-san is.」

「Eh, Yuna-san, could it be that youre leaving already」

「My job here is already finished.」

Ive put up with Noas selfishness for a while already, this much work should be enough.

「Come on, lets eat dinner together!」

Noa grabbed onto the Bear Hand.

I tried to decline, but I was pulled into the house by the hand.

Cliff appeared right then and it became a talk about dinner.

In the end, because Cliff also invited me, it was decided that I would be staying for dinner.

I ate dinner. When I was leaving, they asked me to stop by next time. However, I courteously refused and returned to the Bear House.

「By all means, please come again!」

Noa sent me off at the gate with that request.


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