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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 25 - Bear-san Looks For A Place For Dismantling

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Chapter 25 – Bear-san Looks For A Place For Dismantling

Authors note: The other day, I thought of making a correction about the magic stones after reading the story again.

I bought a hundred knives, but didnt use any.

I write everyday without paying attention to the plot, so its become like this.

Mistakes caused by spelling and writing ability Now thats normal.

Every time I reread, these thoughts plague me.

When we arrived at the guild entrance, Fina said shed wait outside, so I went in by myself.

Well, certainly, it wouldnt feel pleasant to walk into the midst of a group of sordid men.

There were also a lot of idiots who would come over and get involved when a child entered the guild.

「Ill be back soon, so wait for me.」

After I entered the guild, I headed towards Helen, who was at the reception desk.

There was nobody in line, so I went straight to her.

「Are you reporting about your request, Yuna-san」

「Un, because its finished.」

「Then please let me see your guild card.」

I handed over my guild card.

Helen confirmed the request that was registered on the guild card.

「Yuna-san, you received the request for the Tiger Wolf subjugation!」

「Thats right.」

「Moreover, you just received it today, yet youve already completed it!」

When Helen shouted, the adventurers in the room started a commotion.

「Yo, Helen said it was a Tiger Wolf.」

「She defeated a D rank monster by herself!」

「But the Tiger Wolves habitat is far away from here. Can you really come back in a day」

「What, you dont know」

「Know what」

「Its the bear.」

「Bear You mean that girls outfit」

「Thats not it. She called out a bear as a summoned beast, got on it, and left.」

「A summoned beast A bear」

「I saw it! There were even two of them, a black one and a white one.」

Another adventurer intruded into their conversation.

「Two of them!」

「Moreover, those bears were fast!」

The story had started in the back, but it soon spread over here.

「So then, Yuna-san, may I have the magic stone as the proof of subjugation」

I took out two magic stones from the Bear Box.

「Two stones」

「There were two of them.」

It became even noisier behind me because of my remark, but I ignored it.

Helen received the magic stones and placed them on the crystal plate.

「Yes, without a doubt, both of them were defeated today. Although the request only asked for one, I can increase your reward, would that be acceptable」

「Un, its fine. What happens if I decline」

「You will only receive the request reward for one Tiger Wolf, and only one subjugation will be registered in your guild card. One magic stone will be returned to you as well.」

「Un, I dont need a magic stone right now, so please register both wolves.」

「I understand. Two Tiger Wolf subjugations have been registered. Then, excuse me but, did you bring the Tiger Wolves raw materials with you」

Helens line of sight moved towards the bear box.

「I have them, but Im not selling them.」

「Is that so. It would be helpful if you sell them to the guild, though.」

「No way, I want the fur.」

Yes, I was thinking of having Fina strip off the Tiger Wolves furs so I could decorate the dreary Bear House with them.

They would look good regardless of whether I decorated the walls or covered the floors with them.

「I see, its a shame about the fur, but what are you going to do with the fangs, the claws, and the meat」

「I dont need those, so Ill bring them after the Tiger Wolves are dismantled.」

「Thank you very much. Here is your reward. I am also returning your guild card.」

The extremely heavy bag of money and the guild card were put away into the bear box.

I left Helen and met up with Fina, who had been waiting outside.

「Sorry to have kept you waiting. Then, shall we head back」

「Youre not going to sell the wolves and the horned rabbits」

「Its troublesome, so Ill sell them next time. I was properly paid, so you dont have to worry.」

It was because I had forgotten to put the dismantled materials into the Bear Box before I had put away the Bear House.

However, I couldnt afford to not pay Fina, who had worked hard dismantling today.

「Big sis Yuna.」

Fina was surprised to see the silver coin I handed to her.

「Its fine, just take it.」

I asked Gentz-san, who was buying raw monster materials, about the monsters market price.

I handed over just a little bit more than that.

「I may not be here forever, so save up your money.」

「Thank you, Big sis Yuna.」

Since Finas smiling widely, Ill pat her head.

The next day, Fina came to the inn early in the morning.

Id like to tell her that its fine to rest today, since we worked hard yesterday.

Although I also thought about resting today, it was my fault for not telling her yesterday.

Its also bothersome to head out every single time I need to do dismantling.

Is there a warehouse I can borrow somewhere

Even if there was, it would cost money.

It would be good if I could borrow the warehouse at the guild. For now, lets head to the guild and take a look.

Fina came along with me to the guild.

It was later than the usual departure time, so there were only a few adventurers in the guild.

I headed towards Helens reception desk, since she seemed like she had plenty of spare time.

「Good morning.」

「Are you looking for requests today as well」

「No, I have something Id like to ask.」

「What is it」

「Is there someplace I can borrow in order to dismantle monsters」

「For the Tiger Wolves」

「Theres that as well, but its because I have all sorts of monsters that also need to be dismantled. It would be nice if I could borrow the guilds warehouse.」

「Thats kind of impossible.」

「As I expected.」

「Also, you dont mean short-term, but long-term, right」

「Un, about that, I wouldnt know.」

「In that case, I can introduce you to other kinds of places instead.」

「...Thats right. Is there an empty plot of land」

「Land, huh」

「Right, an empty, wide open space.」

「I think there is, but the Adventurers Guild has no jurisdiction over land, so it may be better for you to consult with the Commerce Guild.」

「The Commerce Guild」

「Yes, the guild that handles the transaction of goods. Of course, they also handle land transactions, so Im thinking of sending you to them.」

「I understand, Ill go take a look.」

When I asked Fina if she knew where the Commerce Guild was located, she said she did,

so lets go take a look right away.


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