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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 22 - Finas Perspective 2

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Chapter 22 – Finas Perspective 2

Now then, lets wake up and prepare breakfast for my mom and younger sister today as well.

Moms physical condition looked good today.

My younger sister rubbed her eyes and woke up.

I waited for the two of them to finish eating their meal before heading to the guild.

To my delight, when I arrived at the guild, there was a large number of wolves that needed to be skinned and dismantled.

It seems like Ill be able to get work today.

I headed towards the freezer warehouse inside of the guild.

The cold storage room is really cold.

It cant be helped, since its used to prevent the meat from rotting.

But, Ill be borrowing the work coats, which are made from wolf furs!

I cant do anything about it being a little too big for me, since its for the guild staff to use.

Its warm though.

When I entered the cold storage room, there was a giant pile of wolves.

One of them was lying on the table.

The table was a little too tall for me, so I used a footstool, which was made just for me.

This way, it was easier to skin the wolf.

I cut through the wolfs stomach with a knife and skillfully stripped off its hide.

This sure was a beautiful wolf pelt.

The value of the wolf pelt changed based on whether it was full of sword wounds or killed in a single hit. These wolves looked like they were defeated in a single blow.

It seemed like these were defeated by an excellent adventurer.

In that case, I could understand bringing them here without skinning them.

Unskilled adventurers would perform the skinning themselves, to avoid the skinning fee.

On the other hand, there werent many skilled adventurers who would go out of their way to learn how to skin just to avoid paying the fee.

It was a good thing for me, so Im thankful.

After cutting off the pelt, I separated the meat into sections.

The meat was sold to inns, restaurants, and normal households.

It was possible to receive the leftover scraps that couldnt be sold.

We might be able to eat meat for dinner tonight.

Im grateful to the guild.

Recently, every time I went to the guild, there was skinning work.

Im happy.

The other day, there was a Goblin King.

As expected, the Goblin King wasnt dismantled yet.

For learning purposes, I was allowed to watch my guild seniors work.

The Goblin King seemed very durable.

The knife couldnt cut it easily.

Nevertheless, the Goblin King had numerous wounds carved into its body.

What kind of attack did the person who defeated it use

The front of its body was extremely damaged, but the back was spotless.

Did they fight it head on

The adventurer must have been really strong, too.

There was wolf skinning work today as well.

It seems to be the same adventurer who brings them.

That person was apparently a girl who looked like a bear.

It was Big sis Yuna.

It looks like Big sis Yuna has been helping me indirectly.

When I went today, it looked like there were horned rabbits too.

Their fur was fluffy, so it felt really nice.

I overheard that the horn could be used to create some kind of medicine.

Im not a professional though, so I didnt really understand the details.

My job was to skin and dismantle them.

I separated the fur, the horn, and the meat.

I wanted to make clothes for my younger sister with this fur.

I wanted it, but there was no way I was going to steal it.

It would be a betrayal of the trust from Uncle Gentz, who gives me work.

Theres work today as well.

Im as happy as I can be.

While I was skinning a wolf, several guild staff members were called, and they headed out of the warehouse.

As I listened to their conversation, a large number of unskinned monsters were carried in.

Its probably Big sis Yuna.

I wanted to go and confirm it, but there was no way I could leave the warehouse in the middle of work.

As I skinned and dismantled the wolf in front of me, Uncle Gentz came over to me.

Apparently, Big sis Yuna was hiring a dedicated employee to skin monsters for her.

Although I was in the middle of work, I was still taken to where Big sis Yuna was.

It was decided that, while Big sis Yuna was staying in this city, she would be giving work to me.

Im happy that Ill be receiving steady work.

I still had work to do, so I made a promise to meet her tomorrow before heading back.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning and headed over to the inn that Big sis Yuna was staying in at the promised time.

Im grateful to be able to receive work.

When I arrived at the inn, Big sis Yuna was still eating breakfast.

Did I arrive too early, perhaps

Big sis Yuna ordered me a fruit juice.

It was very delicious.

Then, we talked about todays schedule.

I was asked whether I would like to come along or stay in the city.

If she was heading into the forest, I wanted to come along.

I might be able to find medical herbs for my mom.

But, if it was troublesome, that was fine.

When I said that, Big sis Yuna told me that she could protect me.

It was decided that I would go along with her.

Was this really okay

When we arrived at the guild, we headed towards the request boards.

In order to not be a disturbance, I stood a short distance away from Big sis Yuna and waited for her.

While I was doing that, Big sis Yuna got involved with some adventurers again.

As expected, is it because that bear appearance is really eye-catching

Today, however, nothing serious happened and the adventurers left.

Thank goodness.

Big sis Yuna seemed to have decided on a request and she headed towards the reception desk.

When I asked her what kind of request she was doing, Big sis Yuna told me.

「Tiger Wolf subjugation.」

I was momentarily speechless.

I was surprised.

Although I wasnt really sure, was that really something that a D ranker could do alone

Everyone else seemed to be forming parties though.

I dont really understand.

Was it really okay for me to be coming along on that kind of request


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