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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 2 - Bear-san Meets a Girl

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Chapter 2 – Bear-san Meets a Girl

I opened my eyes.

It was not My home. (When you enter the game you are transferred to your home)

I was inside an unknown forest.

The equipment was the bear.

Both hands, both feet, the dress.

Its the Bear set I got from the campaign.

Its suddenly equipped, whats this punishment game.

But, its unexpectedly comfortable to wear..

When I look at my hand, I see a bear puppet glove.

I try to move its mouth.

Its unexpectedly cute.

I look around, but nobody is here.

For the time being, Im relieved that no one is here to see me in this embarrassing appearance.

「Lets change my clothes first」

Its not possible to change equipment while not being in My home.

I try to take out items out of item box, but the item box doesnt open.

A bug

Its troublesome, but lets try relogging.


Logout screen does not appear.

I was trying to contact the few friends in my little Friend list, but the screen does not appear.

For now, in order to figure out my location, lets open the Map screen.


The Map screen doesnt appear.

「Hey, what is going on」

I try the status screen.

This appeared.

Name: Yuna

Level: 1

Skills: Different world language, Different world character

「Whats this~~~」

Update errors

「Oi, administrators what is happening. The character I raised for one year is now level 1, I want a compensation」

Nope, I return my original character, I dont need money.

I hearChirorn sound

Its the sound of receiving a mail.

I thought it was theWe are sorry mail from the administration, so I try to look at email screen, but it does not appear.

「How do I read this」

An email screen opened before my eyes when I thought so.

Sender: God

Yuna-chan, congratulations.

As a result of the survey, you were selected.

clap clap clap clap

The place you are in is not the game world.

Its the world that I manage.

In other words, a different world.

I will have you live in this world.

Of course, because it would be bad to leave you naked, I gave you a bear outfit as a present.

There are also other gifts, good luck looking for them.

「Is this a new event」

First, lets look for other players because I dont understand.

Different world, what novel is this from.

In reality, something like that cant happen.

Which delusional perverts work is this

The problem is that I dont know my current location.

Im level 1, if Im attacked by a monster I will die.

If I die, will I return to My home

For now, lets leave the forest.

However, being without a weapon is troubling.

The only thing I got is a bear puppet that opens its mouth.

While walking in the forest for a while I found a Cypress wooden stick with a good length.

I hold it in bears mouth.

「I wonder if I can use this instead a weapon」

Its better than being empty-handed, I decided to take it.

I feel like a hero equipped with a stick.

While walking through the forest, looking like a bear with a stick in hands, a Wolfe has appeared.

Wolfe is a wolf-like monster that normally appears in the vicinity of newbie towns.

I wanted to confirm its status, but the status screen wont appear.

Wolfe differs with levels.

It should be weak, but Im not sure if I can take it down with my stick.

At least its only one animal and not a whole pack.

I hold the stick like a sword. Wolfe comes running and jumps straight at me.

I avoid sideways like I always do in the game and fling the stick the wooden stick into the side of the Wolfe.

It would be cut in half if I had a sword.

The Wolfe cried 『kyain』 in tearful voice and stopped moving.

It was unexpectedly defeated with a single blow.

Is this Cypress stick of the hero

I raise the stick to the sky.

Well, joking aside.


I watch the Wolfe, but theres no change.

Although I defeated it, it does not change into an item.

When a monster dies, it disappears and item drops.

Normally the Wolfe drops meat, fur or Magic stone if your luck is good. This Wolfe doesnt disappear. I poke it with the stick, it does not move.

Its dead without a doubt.

Is the email I got earlier for real

Is this really a different world

Lets leave from here for now.

Wolfes blood is in the air, other monsters may be attracted to its smell.

As youd expect I dont have the knowledge of dismantling Wolfe in reality.

Its unlikely that it would be possible with the game and novel knowledge.

I walked for a while since I defeated the Wolfe, but theres no end to this forest.

「Im hungry~」

Item box doesnt open so I cant get any food.

No, its possible that the food is not edible if its not a game world.

I need to find people before monsters kill me or I end up starving to death.

I walk a long distance in the forest, but theres no fatigue.

Is this thanks to the bear shoes

They are embarrassing, but convenient shoes.

「Somebody, help me...」

Its a persons voice.

It may be dangerous, but its the first time I hear another person. I head towards the voice aware of the danger.

In a while Im near the place.

A little girl fell down. Three wolves are chasing her.

The little girl loses strength in her legs and cant stand up.

I pick up three stones that lie on the ground while running.

I grab it firmly in black bears mouth.

I throw the stone to get their attention. Throw. Throw.


The stone hits the Wolfe.

A blood scatters from three wolves and they fell down.

I did not think it would hit.

I wonder if this bear corrected the trajectory

I move the bears mouth pakupaku.

The wolves died so I approach the girl.

「Are you okay」

I speak to a black-haired girl around the age of 10.

Such character cant be selected so she must be an NPC.

「Th, thank you very much」

「Why a question」

「Will you eat me」

「I wont eat you」

「Are you Bear-san」

I remember my appearance.

I take off the hoodie of the lovely bear suit.

「Now its alright」

「Ah, yes」

I tried to see the girls status, but the screen did not appear.

NPCs should have information about them but she does not, is this a bug or really a different world

When I see the wolves bloody corpses, the reality hits me.

Ill talk to the little girl for the time being.

「You alone」

「Ah, yes, Okaa-san is sick so I went to search for medicinal herbs」

「A small girl like you」

「I have no money. I cant afford to buy herbs in the city so I went to forest to get some. Then I was attacked by a Wolfe pack」

「If you came from the city, is there a city nearby」

Un, good information getto.

「Un, there is. Onee-chan didnt come from Kurimonia」

「I came from slightly far away. I will guard you to the city, wont you guide me there」

「Un, okay」

「Then, lets go」

When I was about to start walking.

「Onee-chan, you will leave the Wolfe corpses like this」

「I cant dismantle them and cant take them whole with me」

「Its a waste. Wolfe fur and meat is popular, magic stones too. Its quite cheap but it sells」

「You can dismantle」

「Un, I can」

「Then, please. We can divide the money equally. I would be saved too」

「Is that okay」

「Its okay. I cant dismantle and I will need money when I enter the city, it would be helpful」

「Un, understood」

The girl takes out a little knife and starts dismantling the corpses.

「You are quite good at this」

「Un, I sometimes help with work」

Shortly after three Wolfe bodies were dismantled by the hand of a little girl.

Fur, meat and magic stone were dismantled beautifully.

We divided the luggage between us.

Its hard without an item box.

Even though in the game it would be inserted in item box with just a touch.

「Is the city near」

「Un, its near. Thats why I went to get the herbs」

「So Did you find the herbs」

「I found them. I was attacked when I was returning」

「Then, shall we go...」

I tried to call her name but remembered that I havent asked her name yet.

「Its Fina」

「Im Yuna. Then Fina, lets go」

After walking for a while through the forest I could see town walls in the distance.

Oh, its unexpectedly large.

The height of these walls is so big that it could be seen from such a distance.

With those there, the monsters wouldnt attack.

While walking to the city I was able to ask Fina various things.

This city isnt the one of the cities from the game world I know.

This is not one of the resurrection points cities that players use.

There is possibility that this city was added in the new update, but the possibility that this is a game world

lowers while listening to Finas stories.

Lets believe that I can get some good information once I get in the city.

If there isnt even one player, I may be convinced that this is indeed a different world.

To enter the city an Identification or Guild card is necessary.

When I say that I dont have one, Fina lends me her Guild card.

But to enter the town, I must pay one Silver coin, they seem to check for criminal presence. She told me.

Because I havent committed a crime, it should be all right.

We are still quite far from the city entrance so I verify my status.

Oh, my level has risen.

Name: Yuna

Age: 15

Level: 3

Skills: Different world language, Different world letters, Dimensional box of the bear


Black Bears hand (Non-transferable)

White bears hand (Non-transferable)

Black bears foot (Non-transferable)

White bears foot (Non-transferable)

Bear suit (Non-transferable)


Theres a new skill.

I read the description.

Dimensional box of the bear

The space within the White bears mouth is infinite. It eats anything (you insert).

However, it cant eat living beings.

Time stops for eaten things.

It seems like Ive gotten myself something like an item box.

In the game when food is put in the item box, it doesnt rot.

If its like this, is this the game world after all

But this function is attached to the bear.


The item box is empty as I thought, but it seems like there is money.

It also contains a piece of paper.

I remove the paper from the mouth of the White bear and read.

(I brought you the money which you valued in your original world. Of course, because you cant use that money here, I exchanged it into this worlds currency -God)

Im grateful, but this tip the scales in favor of the different world.

If this is really a different world, money will be helpful.

Thats because the thing I believe the most in the world is money.

I confirm that there is an ungodly amount of money in my box.

But, with this amount couldnt I stay indoors for my whole life in this world too

Lets think about it after getting in the city.


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