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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 19 - Bear-sans Second Name Is Bloody Bear

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Chapter 19 – Bear-sans Second Name Is Bloody Bear

Authors note: As always, thank you very much

Breakfast at the inn was delicious as usual.

A life where you dont have to cook your own meals is wonderful.

While I was savoring hikikomori-flavored dreams, an energetic Fina entered the room.

「Big sis Yuna, good morning!」

「Good morning.」

I greeted Fina while drinking my soup.

Its warm and delicious.

「Wait just a moment, okay Im almost finished eating.」

「Yes, its fine.」

「Elena, please bring a drink for Fina.」

Elena, who was moving around in the store, nodded and headed towards the kitchen.

「Big sis Yuna」

「Its fine, so take a seat. I wanted to chat with you today, too.」

She obediently sat in the chair in front of me.

Soon after, Elena brought a drink over.

「To start with, Fina, there are a lot of things I dont know, so I hope you can teach me」


「What are the things that are necessary for skinning I dont know what they are, other than a knife.」

「Usually, just a knife is fine. If the sharpness is excellent, I can skin more cleanly. When its dull, the wolfs fur cant be cleanly stripped off. For high-ranking demons, its likely that a normal iron knife wont be able to cut into it.」

「What about Finas knife」

「Its an iron knife, but because Gordes-san made it, its a good one.」

「What else is necessary」

「Other than that, a place to perform the skinning, I guess Its best to do it at a place thats close to a water source.」

「Just that」

「There are a few other little things, like a grindstone or a place to preserve the dismantled raw materials, since the meat will rot after a while.」

「For the time being, a grindstone, a place to work, and a place to preserve raw materials. I also want to ask Fina one more thing.」


「What do you want to do while working on my request Do you want to come along with me Or do you want to wait here」

「I want to come along, but I might become a burden.」

「Why do you want to come with me」

「If I go with Big sis Yuna, I might be able to obtain some medical herbs for my mother.」

「Then, are you coming with me」

「Is it okay」

「If its protecting a single person like Fina, its no problem. Though, is it fine for Fina to stay overnight」

「Erm, if I tell my mom in advance, it will be okay. Shell worry if Im gone for a long time though.」

「Well then, lets go out on a day trip today. Can you tell your mother next time that it might become a two day and one night trip」

「Okay, Ill tell her properly.」

After eating breakfast, lets have a relaxing walk to the guild.

Well get a grindstone at the tool shop along the way.

When we entered the guild, Helen was busy corresponding with an adventurer at the reception desk.

I leisurely headed towards the D rank request board.

Fina followed behind me.

There werent many people in front of the D rank board.

There was a lot of people in front of the E rank board, though.

Today as well, there wasnt anyone who would call out to me.

Well, during this busy morning, everyone was scrambling for work, so its not like I was troubled about having a lot of free time or anything.

I arrived in front of the board and took a look, but there werent any interesting requests.

– Guard a merchant heading for the imperial capital.

– Orc subjugation, bring back the meat.

– [Onizaru] subjugation, because if my crops are destroyed, Ill be in trouble!

– Looking for a sword and a magic tutor, must be D rank or higher.

– Acquisition of [Meru Meru] grass.

– Investigate the cause of the abnormal outbreak of demons on Whale Mountain.

– Acquisition of iron ore from Whale Mountain.


「There are no interesting ones!」

「Big sis Yuna, are you choosing based on that」

「Thats right. If Im going to do it, it needs to be interesting.」

Next, I headed over to the C rank board.

There were only four other adventurers.

However, everyone looked like they were companions in the same party.

They were discussing and choosing work.

I looked at the board from a distance, so as not to be a disturbance.

– Obtain Wyvern materials.

– Subjugation of a group of orcs.

– Defend Fort Unicorn.

– Extermination of the Zamon bandit group.

– Obtain Ogre materials.


There are some interesting ones, but since I dont know where the monsters are located, the acquisition quests are just troublesome.

「Hey, the little lady with the weird outfit, this board is the C rank board!」

From the group of four, a guy who looked around 20 years old called out to me.

「I know, Im just looking at the C rank requests that are available. I wanted to know what kind of requests there were.」

「Isnt that child the rumored E rank Bear girl」

A woman wearing a mages outfit looked at me.

「I became D rank yesterday.」

For now, I corrected her.

「Youre rank D!」

「Even so, I only got that rank yesterday.」

「What about your other members It cant be. That little girl isnt even old enough yet!」

They looked at Fina and assumed that she was a party member, but noticed that she was still underage.

「Wait, didnt the rumor say that Bloody Bear was a solo adventurer」

「Whats that about, that Bloody Bear」

Ah, I want to know about that too.

Im curious after yesterday.

「What, Touya doesnt know」

A person who looked like the party leader jumped into the conversation.

「An adventurer who started a fight with a girl who had the appearance of a bear got assaulted nonstop until he was drenched in blood. She continued hitting him without mercy, even after he apologized. He was beaten until he collapsed. I heard that all the adventurers at the scene were also beaten until they were bloody.」

What, thats scary.

Which bear is that

「Moreover, recently there was a rumor that the bear girl, instead of skinning monsters, brings their bloody corpses to the guild every day.」

Obviously. If you cut it with a sword or defeat it with magic, of course there will be blood.

In addition, because theyre stowed away immediately, blood would come out when I took them out of the Bear Box.

「Shes called the Bloody Bear because of that appearance and behaviour.」

「I didnt know that such a bear existed.」

I didnt know such a bear existed either, you know.

「Well, its because you usually dont come to the guild when we choose a request.」

「So then, that Bear girl is famous」

「Well, the goblin pack subjugation, the Goblin King subjugation, and the orc subjugation were all completed by her, so shes famous in the guild.」

「Thats true. That appearance too. Since shes really strong, shes become famous, recently.」

「Do you know about Meru too」

「Gathering information is natural for adventurers, you know!」

「Is that so Sorry about that, Miss Bear. Because of that strange appearance, I thought you were a beginner.」

He doesnt seem like a bad person.

He just wanted to warn me that it was a different request board because he thought that I was a beginner who didnt know anything.

「Its fine, since it seems like you were worried about me.」

「Okay. Then, were heading out, so if theres anything you need, you can let us know.」

It seemed that their discussion on choosing a request had finished, so the four people took the request form to the reception desk.

I have also decided on a rank D request for our day trip, since they dont take too long.

「Big sis Yuna, have you decided」

「Yes, were also heading out.」


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