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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 18 - Bear-san Receives Payment (For Sales)

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Chapter 18 – Bear-san Receives Payment (For Sales)

I left the guild and went to the monster material purchasing counter in the adjacent building.

There were three counters, and two of them were currently serving guests. Naturally, I headed towards the open counter.

「Yo, Bear Missy! Are you selling wolves again」

Gentz-san greeted me while laughing.

「I have other demons too.」

「Oh, is that so! The guild will buy anything you have for sale.」

For now, I took out ten wolves from the Bear Box.

The adventurers in the room became a little noisy.

Because a single person had brought ten wolves.

「Its a large amount today, too.」

Gentz-san called out instructions to the staff members that were further inside to carry the wolves.

Two people came out from the back to take the wolves.

When the counter was empty again, I took out ten horned rabbits.

The clamor from the already noisy adventurers in the room became even louder.

Incidentally, the horned rabbit was roughly one meter long.

Its appearance was pretty cute, but its jumping power was strong, so a jump attack from the front was dangerous.

It was quite possible for an adventurer who was equipped with weak armor to be gored at a bad angle and die.

「Whats this, you also have horned rabbits Were these defeated just recently」

Once again, Gentz-san called out instructions for the horned rabbits to be carried inside.

「As usual, you dont skin them.」

「I dont know how to do it, and its troublesome.」

「Well, from the guilds perspective, an increase in work is a good thing, but adventurers who dont learn it will receive less money.」

「Ill learn it eventually.」

For appearances sake, I answered properly, but for now, I dont have any intention to learn.

It might be more correct to say that its impossible.

I have just managed to become accustomed to the corpses of the demons.

As for skinning, that level is still too high for me.

While I was talking with Gentz-san, all the horned rabbits on the counter were carried away.

「Well then, ten wolves and ten horned rabbits for today, right」

「Not yet, I still have the request from the guild master.」

「From the guild master」

One orc body was taken out.

「Hey, hey, you even have orcs Wait a minute, dont tell me you also have ten orc bodies」

The height of an average orc ranged from two to three meters tall.

Forget carrying it by myself, even putting it on the counter was a problem.

When I took out the orc, the adventurers began to make noise again.

「That thing about an orc must be a joke!」

「But, theres no doubt that thats an orc.」

「Did you take it down by yourself」

The adventurers were making a lot of noise, but I ignored them and answered Gentz-sans question.

「I did.」

「Just a minute, although I have doubts about your item bag, itll be quite a problem if you take out ten orcs here. Please come to the freezer warehouse in the back.」

With Gentz-sans permission, I went towards the warehouse behind the counter.

As I walked, I heard the voices of the adventurers.

「Ten bodies is a lie!」

「How is it possible to defeat that many orcs anyways」

「Because its the Bear」

「If its the Bloody Bear, then it might be possible.」

「As expected of the Bloody Bear.」

「No wonder, its the Bloody Bear.」

「You didnt know...」

What is it, that Bloody Bear

I wanted to listen to the conversation the adventurers were having, but since Gentz-san had already gone ahead, it couldnt be helped.

As expected, I couldnt hear the voices of the adventurers anymore.

When I entered the warehouse, it was really chilly and cold, since it used an ice magic stone.

「After entering, please close the door. Otherwise, the temperature in the warehouse will rise.」

Once inside, I closed the door.

Many dismantled monster materials, as well as meat, were piled up inside.

The wolves and rabbits I had brought out a little while ago were carried here.

The guild staff members were working very hard.

「Its cold, but please bear with it. If its warm, the meat will rot.」

Gentz-san headed towards a large table at the very back.

Even so, there was only enough space to fit one orc.

「Im sorry, but please place one on top of the table. You can place the rest on the floor nearby.」

I took out the bodies from the Bear Box as instructed.

「Thanks, really. As expected, carrying the orcs is seriously difficult. But, is it okay If we skin them, the purchase price will fall.」

「I cant skin them, so its fine. Im not worried about money either.」

「Well, it makes sense when you sell this much. Changing the subject, Bear Missy, what is your rank now」

「It became D rank today, just a little while ago.」

「D rank. Of course thats the case, after defeating all these orcs. Then, can you listen to a small favor of mine」


「Bear Missy, youre not good at skinning or dismantling, right」


「If so, can you leave the skinning work to one of the young people who comes by my place」

「Then a source of income for the guild will decrease.」

「If its just Bear Missys sales that disappear, itll be fine, since youre one person. There are hundreds of adventurers who work here.」

Thats certainly true.

Even before I showed up, the guild was operating properly. Thats why, even if only my portion disappeared, it shouldnt be a problem.

「But, why that person」

「Ah, its because shes a minor, so shes not a guild staff member yet. Shes also a girl, you know.」

「Are you talking about Fina」

There was only one underage girl among my acquaintances.

「Bear Missy also knows, right About that girls family.」

I nodded.

Her father was gone, her mother is sick, and she had a sister three years younger than her.

「I also give her work, but its typically only when theres too much work at the guild to go around. Usually, the guild staff members can handle everything.」

「In other words, you want me to pass on work to Fina」

「Thats right. Shes very skilled at skinning and dismantling so you can expect her to not damage the materials.」

「Thats not a problem, but I dont know when I will leave this town.」

I havent decided yet, but Id like to go to the imperial capital.

I also want to go see the other countries.

「Even so, I dont mind. Its fine if its just when Bear Missy is in town. I just want to give her work.」

「By the way, how much should I pay her I dont know the market price for dismantling and skinning.」

「The guild takes twenty percent. Thats why, it should be fine if you just give her ten percent of the proceeds.」

「Is ten percent fine」

「Even that is a lot, you know. If you think thats too high, its fine to lower it.」

「I understand.」

「In that case, Ill call Fina over, so please wait for a bit.」

Gentz-san happily headed into the back room.

As I was thinking about entering the back room, Fina was brought over.

「Big sis Yuna!」

She came running over towards me and hugged me tightly.

Un, shes cute.

Ill pat her head.

But, arent you a little bloody

「Are you doing well, Fina」

「Yes! Is it true that Big sis Yuna is going to give me work」

「Yes, its true. Please take care of skinning the monsters Ive brought.」

「Thank you very much!」

She gave me a pleasant smile.

「Thats why, Fina, you dont have to come here for a while.」


「There was a lot of work brought over here recently, because this miss doesnt skin them. If she gives the work to Fina, there will be less work in the guild. But, Ill still give you work properly today, so dont worry. Even today, this miss brought over wolves, horned rabbits, and orcs. Ten bodies of each one.」

「That much!」

「So then, what should I do starting tomorrow」

「Can I go over to the inn Big sis Yuna is staying at」


「Then, Ill come around seven in the morning.」

I thought that it was early, but the residents of this world began working when the sun rose.

On the other hand, when the sun went down, work was over.

There were magic stones used for light, but there wasnt anyone who used it for work.

I made a promise with Fina for tomorrow and left the warehouse.

It was warm outside the warehouse, unlike inside.

I got the money for the monster materials today from Gentz-san and returned to the inn.


Yuna: Then, the question corner will continue!

Fina: We didnt receive any questions though.

Yuna: Okay, please read the next question.

Fina: Is this really okay Why doesnt the bear use the different worlds language and characters

Yuna: Because then it would be impossible to have a “girls talk” in the bath.

Fina: Because of that!

Yuna: Because of that. Its for the authors convenience. Once the bear is taken off, talking will be impossible, so the girls talk in the bath wont happen. Its really important, so I said it twice.


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