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Chapter 16 – Bear-sans Rainy Day Off | Part 2

Author note: Sorry that its short.

Lets give up on muscle training. Since lunch time was almost over, I went downstairs to find another way to pass the time.

The dining room and the reception desk of the inn were on the first floor.

It was completely crowded, just like during lunchtime earlier.

Although right now, there wasnt a single person eating a meal.

Elena sat at the counter with a fatigued expression.

「Ah, Yuna-san, I apologize for earlier.」

「Theres nothing to worry about.」

「So, whats up」

「Just killing a little time.」

I sat at the counter.

「Even if I say that Im killing time, theres nothing to do. For now, can I get something to drink」

「Yes, just a moment.」

Elena went into the back and brought out a drink.

「Here you go, Miras Fruit Juice.」

There was a portion for herself as well. She sat in front of me and started drinking.

「Are you free」

「Im on my break. I was really busy earlier, so Im resting now. Even so, Im still tending to the store, so its not like Im slacking off!」

For the time being, I expressed my thanks as I received the juice.

The juice was a little bittersweet.

Its a shame that its lukewarm.


If its lukewarm, then it will be fine if I just cool it.

I touched the glass with the black bear.

I thought of an image of ice while inputting magic power.

With a popping sound, ice began floating in the middle of the glass.

「Hey, what are you doing」

「Just putting ice into the juice. I think it will be delicious when its cold.」

After saying that, I drank the juice.

Its deliciousness has gone up a few levels.

「I-I want some ice too, please!」

While I was savoring my drink, Elena held out her glass.

I wasnt really going to refuse, so I also dropped some ice into Elenas glass.

「Thank you very much.」

Elena skillfully spun her ice drink until it reached a suitable chill before drinking.

「Oh, delicious! Just chilling it makes it quite delicious. This would be great on hot days, but theres no space left in the fridge for chilling the juice.」

Even in this world, refrigerators existed.

They were made by using an ice magic stone.

The ice magic stone was difficult to obtain, so it was quite valuable in this town.

According to the Monster Guide Book, monsters who lived in the north yielded ice magic stones.

Well, to put it simply, monsters with ice magic stones couldnt be found around here.

However, that was only needed when creating a refrigerator with a freezer option.

For a normal refrigerator to chill food, even the no-attribute magic stones from the wolves could be utilized, once an ice magic element was inserted.

Therefore, having a freezer was a luxury.

Ordinary people generally used a refrigerator.

「If only the refrigerator was a little bigger...」

My iced juice made clinking sounds as I drank it.

「Elena isnt able to use magic」

「Of course, theres no way I could. Anyone who could use magic wouldnt be a simple innkeepers daughter. Im quite jealous of you, Yuna-san.」

Even if you say that youre envious, I cant use magic without the bear.

Basically, residents of this world all had magic power (according to Elena).

I was taught this when I was using the bath for the first time.

A water magic stone and a fire magic stone were used in the bath.

When magic power was poured into the magic stones, hot water came out.

When I was using the bath, I didnt think about using it, since I was naked, but normally, it could be used for relief.

Even the bears usage descriptions had “usage of magic power” written, so I understood that I also had magic power within me.

Still, I couldnt use magic without the bear costume.

Even Elena, who had magic power, still said that she couldnt use magic.

In short, in this world, the relationship of magic and magic power wasnt really understood.

It was likely that Id be the same as Elena without the bear.

Taking that into account, was there a chance that I could use magic, even when I wasnt wearing the bear

Though, its super convenient that just thinking of an image is enough to use magic when Im wearing the bear, so I dont want to think about it right now.

In the end, I ended up chatting with Elena until it was time for dinner.

I, who was just killing time, was fine, but Elena, who was seen as slacking off, received a furious scolding from her mother.


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