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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 13 - Bear-san Subjugates The Goblins

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Chapter 13 – Bear-san Subjugates The Goblins

I left with Rurina-san in order to subjugate the goblins.

「I will ask just in case, but Yuna-chan, are you planning on going dressed like that」

She looked at the bear and asked.


Geez, Ive already given up.

「Is that so」

She looked at my bear and sighed.

「By the way, where are the goblins located」

「They are near a mountain village, six hours east from here.」

「Six hours!」

「Yes, so its better if we leave soon. I want to arrive during the day.」

Why are you telling a hikikomori to walk for six hours

If it werent for the bear shoes, a distance like that would be forbidden.

「I have food and water, so it will be all right.」

Im not worried about that.

Incidentally, the place I had practiced magic was in the forest, near the west gate.

I sighed when I thought about the six hour walk.

If I had known the location, I would have refused.

Its too late now.

I walk away from the town feeling depressed.

「Umm, can I ask something 」

「If I can answer it.」

「Why are you dressed like that I dont know how strong you are, but isnt it a better idea for an adventurer to wear good protective equipment」

Someone actually asked the question I had thought of before.

Q. Why are you dressed like that

A1: Because I like this outfit.

(I dont intend to tell such a lie)

A2: I answer honestly and say that this is the strongest protective gear.

(Im not an idiot who would spill her own secret)

A3: I cant use magic if I dont wear this.

(Im not an idiot who would announce her own weakness)

A4: I lie and say that this is a keepsake from my mother.

(That isnt a reason to wear it all the time)

A5: I say that its ordinary protective armor.

(I wonder if this is safe)

「Thats because its stronger than common protective gear.」

「Is that so」

「Although I dont know the material its made from, the bear has good physical and magic defense. Also, this white bear is an item bag.」

I had already shown the bear box when I was shopping, so there was no reason to hide it.

I will just make her think that the bear is better than common protective gear.

「Then, that black bear is」

「Power enhancement It amplifies my power.」

I walked over towards the rock on the side of the road and hit it with a Bear Punch.

The rock shattered.

「I hit Deborane with this power, so its no wonder he has a swollen face.」

Rurina seemed to be persuaded after seeing this bit of information.

「Then, do those shoes also do something」

「Shoes ..........Yeah」

I just came up with a good idea.

I looked at the bear gloves and shoes.

I tried not to laugh and grinned.


「What...Those eyes...」

「Hey, do you want to get to the village a little early」

「What are you talking about」

She felt uneasy and took a little distance from me.

「Its bothersome to walk for 6 hours, so we will do this instead!」

I snuck behind Rurina-san and tapped her behind her knees. As soon as she collapsed, I caught her.

It was a girls dream.

Its the Princess Carry.

Its not something that Id want though.

「Hold on to me properly. It will be dangerous if you try to speak and bite your tongue.」

After saying that, I start running.

「Hey ーーーーーーーー」

Fast, fast.

「Yuna-chan! Please stopーーーーーー」

I ignored her words and kept running.

Shes light, thanks to the bear gloves.

Im fast, thanks to the bear shoes.

The bear shoes are also stopping me from getting tired, no matter how much I run.

We quickly arrived near the village.

「You are terrible, Yuna-chan. Even when I told you to stop so much. Even though it was my first time (Princess Carry)...I was scared.」

Rurina stared at me with teary eyes after laying down on the ground.

「But, we have arrived early right」

We arrived in 30 minutes, instead of walking for six hours.

「Did you perhaps like it」

「I did not. But still, I didnt expect to arrive so quickly.」

Its still morning, a long time before lunch.

「The truth is, I wanted to stay overnight at this village and hear the reports about the goblins.」

「Then, lets go subjugate the goblins right away」

「Lets see. If you are not tired, lets go hear about the goblins from the Mayor.」

We greeted the gatekeeper stationed at the entrance to the village.

「Whats with those clothes. Are you perhaps an adventurer」

He looked at me once before asking Rurina-san.

Whats with those clothes = me.

Adventurer = Rurina-san.

I guess.

「We have come to subjugate the goblins that have appeared in this neighborhood.」

「Only the two of you」

He looks uneasy.

Im not surprised.

There were a lot of goblins on the request, but only two women came.

Not to mention, one was dressed strangely.

He could only look uneasy.

「Yes. We want to hear the story, so could you arrange a meeting with the Mayor」

「I understand. Follow me.」

The soldier didnt get rid of us. Instead, he took us to a house in the middle of the village.

「Mayor, are you in!」

「What is it, Roy」

A man in his 50s came out.

「The adventurers came.」

「Oh, have you come to help us What a relief!」

When he saw me, his voice became lower.

「Umm, Im sorry, but only two people」

「Yes, only the two of us, but rest assured that we will complete the request.」

「Is that so」

He looked at me with the same uneasy look as the gatekeeper.

After all, appearance is important, right~

A little girl who said she had come to complete a goblin extermination.

Even if I had been told that, I would also think that its impossible for a little girl.

「If possible, I want you to tell us the location of the goblins.」

Rurina-san realized the Mayors feelings and changed the topic so it would not get worse.

「The goblins came from those mountains. I often saw them while I was hunting.」

「I heard that there are 50 of them, can you confirm this」

「One person fell victim to them in the mountains. That was when we saw them.」

「Is that so. Then we will go take a look. If we dont return by tomorrow, please contact the guild.」

「I understand. Thank you in advance.」

We left the village and headed towards the mountains.

「Yuna-chan, are you really okay by yourself」

「Its okay. I have only one request for Rurina-san. Please get the proof of subjugation and do the skinning.」

「I dont mind.」

Pledge secured!

The proof of subjugation seems to be the Magic stone.

You have to cut the body open and take it out.

Un, Impossible!

Its even more troubling because the goblins cant be used as materials.

「Well then, lets go. I will walk in front, so follow me.」

I used my detection skill, the Observing Eyes of the Bear.

I see a lot of reactions in that direction.

Its inconvenient that there is no map, but its nice to know what direction to go.

There are dangerous reactions straight ahead.

I decided to go and defeat it, whatever it was.

「Umm, I dont mind following behind you, but please be more careful of the surroundings.」

「Its okay. Im using detection magic, and there are no monsters nearby.」

「Eh, you have such a magic!」

「Surprisingly, there are a lot of goblins.」

「A lot」

「About 100 of them.」

「Hey, 100! Is that true! Thats absolutely impossible for us.」

「Why There are only 100 Deboranes.」

「Are you really saying that」

「I am.」

She sighed in defeat.

「Im going to tell you now, if it gets dangerous, I will leave you and run.」

「I dont mind.」

Im faster anyways.

「Haa, is it really okay You may have made a wrong choice.」

We walked around in the forest for an hour.

In the meantime, we had met 20 goblins.

「That detection magic is convenient, letting you know the position of the goblins. Its too unfair to kill them with long range magic before they even notice you.」

「Get the stones properly.」

「I know.」

The goblin fell in front of Rurina, and she took out her knife to cut it. She got the stone and burned the corpse.

It was to keep the other animals and monsters away.

「It seems that the goblin nest is nearby.」

I concentrated the detection magic at one place.

I will approach slowly now.

It was the same in the game. When subjugating a crowd, a surprise attack was very effective.

Before I was noticed, I used my strongest magic and struck the first blow against the unsuspecting monsters.

If it was in the game, the subjugation would be a success.

「It looks like those are the caves.」

「Are you, by any chance, planning on entering those caves」

Even I dont want to enter a cave that has a crowd of goblins.

There were around five of them standing at the caves entrance.

Probably the guards.

「I want to confirm something, so wait here.」

I recited the chant for wind magic and unleashed it towards the cave.

The wind magic passed through every corner of the cave.

「Confirmation done. Apparently, the only entrance to the cave is over there. I will go now, so wait here」

「Wait, are you really going」

I cut off the heads of the five goblins before her voice reached me.

I then imagined a burning red bear.


A bear-shaped flame was thrown into the cave.

I followed it up with another spell.

「Bear Wall」

I sealed the entrance with a bear-shaped wall.

Its finished.

Now I only need to wait.

「Yuna-chan, what did you do」

「I shot hot flames into the cave, then sealed the entrance with a lid. Right now, the cave is burning hot and its also running out of oxygen, so they will start suffocating.」

「Oxygen Suffocating」

Was oxygen possibly not known about in this world

If so, explaining would be troublesome.

「Simply put, the inside of the cave is running out of air.」

「Is that so」

「Air disappears when lit on fire and sealed. Therefore, the goblins are now suffering from the lack of air. Nice and easy, right Or did you think I wanted to fight the goblins inside the cave」

Rurina-san shook her head.

「Theres time to spare and the goblins are busy, so lets have a lunch」

「You want to eat here」

Dont say that.

I wont eat at a place where goblins can attack at any moment.

Though, I have detection magic, so Im okay.

「We could also go back to the village, but isnt that too complicated」

「Yeah but...By the way, how long should we wait」

「Normally, just a few minutes I intend to wait until I can confirm that all the goblins have died by using the detection magic.」

For the time being, Rurina-san processed the goblins at the entrance of the cave.

She then took out lunch from the bag that was on her waist.

That was the item bag, huh.

「How much space does that bag have」

「This It cant take as much as your bear can. It only has enough space for about five wolfes.」

Only that much

If I think about it, this bear is a cheat item.

I ate the provided lunch, but it wasnt good.

It was dried meat and lukewarm water. Apparently, the item bag doesnt stop time.

I should have prepared a meal of my own.

After lunch, I used the detection magic.


「Whats wrong」

「One survived.」

「One...no way.」

「Do you know something」

「Yuna-chan, you said that there were about 100 goblins, right」


「It may be the Goblin King.」

「Goblin King...」

Goblin King...the king of goblins, stronger and more intelligent than ordinary goblins.

「Un, its certainly possible, with 100 goblins around.」

「It does not look like it will die, so we have to fight it.」

「Impossible! The Goblin King is C-rank monster. Its a monster that needs a party of C-rank adventurers to take down.」

Even so, its a monster that cant use magic and its only a little strong.

It would be dangerous if it hits me, of course, but I have no intention of getting hit.

「We should return to the guild and call for support.」

「Un, it should be okay」

「Yuna-chan, please. Please do as I say this time.」

「Well then, I will go into the cave alone and fight. If I dont come back out, call the guild.」

「I wont send you to your death.」

「It will be fine. Im moving the rock.」


I removed the bear wall, ignoring Rurinas cries.

Hot air came out of the cave.

I dissipated the air using wind magic.

The entrance was still hot because of the bear flames.

「I cant go inside if its like this.」

「Its impossible, so lets return.」

「Un Apparently, the King himself is coming out.」

「You must be kidding...」

「Rurina, hide in the back.」

A huge goblin holding a red sword came out of the cave.

It saw me and roared.

This was the Goblin King.

I started the battle with Air Cutter.

The Goblin King waved his sword and cut through the spell.

I started running when it targeted me.


I took a sword out from the Bear Box and blocked the Goblin Kings sword.


My power was slightly higher than the goblins, so it was pushed back.

The Goblin King swung down at me with one hand.

I defended against it with the white bear, regained my balance, and prepared to use magic.

I wonder if my level is lower

If ordinary magic doesnt work, how about the bear magic

「Bear Cutter」

I imagine the sharp claws of a bear and shot them towards the Goblin King.

Three wind blades attacked the Goblin King.

He used his sword the same way as before and tried to destroy the magic.

However, the Bear Cutter did not disappear and hit the Goblin King.


It didnt fall.

The Goblin King took on three Bear Cutters, but it hadnt defeated him.


However, I knew that I had hurt it.

The Goblin King roared in frustration and glared at me.

I started running.

I think its almost time to settle this.

I used Earth magic to create a pothole in front of the goblin.

No matter how intelligent it was, it couldnt notice a hole right in front of it, especially if its head was full of rage.

The Goblin King can only see me.

He didnt watch his steps and fell into the hole.

It might extinguish the flame again, so I shot Bear Cutters towards the hole.

「Bear Cutter, Bear Cutter, Bear Cutter, Bear Cutter, Bear Cutter」

Its surprisingly tenacious.

I could hear screams from the hole.

It might have been trying to climb up, but the Bear Cutters had sent it back down.

I couldnt hear the screams anymore after shooting the Bear Cutters.

I used the detection magic and saw that the reaction of the Goblin King was gone.

When I stopped casting magic, Rurina came out from behind a tree.

「Is it over」

「Im not getting any response from the magic, so its okay.」

「I cant believe it, you really did defeat it.」

「It was unexpectedly tenacious, I was surprised. Well, Im going to confirm that its dead, so stay away from the hole.」

I raised the ground with Earth magic.

The Goblin Kings corpse came out of the hole.

It was dead, but its face still showed fear.

「It really is dead, right」


I shot another Bear Cutter to make sure, but the Goblin King didnt show any reaction.

「Then, lets do this.」

「Yuna-chan, can it fit into your item bag」

「It can.」

「Then, can I ask you to do it It would be enough to bring the stone, but lets bring the whole body, just in case.」

I put the Goblin King into the Bear Box.

I also picked up the sword.

「Now, only the goblins in the cave are left.」

「Then, lets go when it cools down.」

I cooled down the cave with water and wind magic.

「I think its okay to enter the cave now. After you.」

「Umm, just to confirm, is the cave really safe」

「Its safe. Only, so many goblins died, so skinning them all might be difficult.」

「Yuna-chan, help me...」

「I wont.」

Its not like I can just slice up a body and take the stone from it.

「Its dark in the cave, so be careful.」

「I have a lantern, so its okay.」

「Ah, then, please take this.」

I produced a light with light magic.

「Please take it.」

「I dont know why its shaped like a bear, but I will gladly take it.」

Rurina-san entered the cave alone.

There should be around 80 bodies in the cave. It takes one minute to take out the stone from a body, so it should take around 80 minutes just to gather the stones.

I think that it will take about two hours in total, with all the walking she will have to do in the cave.

I made a small house with earth magic and added a window for better ventilation.

I thought about the possibility of other monsters appearing and blocked the entrance.

They wouldnt be able to enter through the window because its small.

Finally, I made a bed of soil and laid down.

Its hard, but its not like I cant fall asleep.

I will buy blankets next time.

I was mentally tired, so I fell asleep immediately.


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